Applying the Armor of God Prayer to Your Family (Free Printable)

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The Armor of God prayer for your family is a spiritual prayer based on the biblical passage from Ephesians 6:10-18. Christian families often use it as a way to seek God’s protection and strength in their daily lives.

The Armor of God is a set of spiritual tools and attributes that believers can “put on” to guard against spiritual challenges and adversity. We have included a free printable of the Armor of God that you can use as a family resource.


Armor of God Prayer Ephesians 6

The prayer focuses on putting on the whole armor of God, including the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. The prayer is a way for families to ask for God’s help in facing spiritual battles and challenges together.

While the context in Ephesians primarily addresses individual believers, the principles can certainly be applied to families as a unit.

Here’s a breakdown of the spiritual armor and how you can apply the armor of God prayer for families:

  1. Belt of Truth (Ephesians 6:14):
    • Family Application: Encourage honesty and transparency within the family. Cultivate an environment where open communication is valued, and family members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings truthfully.
  2. Breastplate of Righteousness (Ephesians 6:14):
    • Family Application: Promote moral integrity and righteousness within the family. Encourage and exemplify good character, ethical behavior, and adherence to values that align with your family’s beliefs.
  3. Shoes of Peace (Ephesians 6:15):
    • Family Application: Foster a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere at home. Encourage forgiveness, understanding, and the resolution of conflicts in a way that promotes unity within the family.
  4. Shield of Faith (Ephesians 6:16):
    • Family Application: Nurture a strong family faith. Encourage trust in God and each other, fostering a sense of security and protection that comes from shared beliefs and values.
  5. Helmet of Salvation (Ephesians 6:17):
    • Family Application: Emphasize the need for faith and salvation within the family. Help family members understand and embrace the core tenets of your faith, providing a foundation for their spiritual well-being.
  6. Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17):
    • Family Application: Equip family members with spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Encourage regular engagement with scriptures and spiritual teachings, helping them navigate life’s challenges with a strong foundation.
  7. Prayer (Ephesians 6:18):
    • Family Application: Foster a culture of prayer within the family. Encourage individual and collective prayers, seeking guidance, strength, and protection for each family member.

Free Printable Armor of God Worksheets:

The Full Armor of God Prayer for Kids

The Armor of God Prayer

The armor of God prayer printable Bible verse The full armor of God Prayer

How Can you Apply the Armor of God Prayer to your Family Life?

Using the Armor of God prayer in your family life can be a powerful way to foster spiritual growth, unity, and resilience. Here’s a guide on how you can incorporate this prayer into your family routine:

  1. Morning Rituals: Start the Day Right
    • Begin your day as a family by reciting the Armor of God prayer together. This can set a positive tone for the day ahead and remind everyone of the spiritual armor they carry.
  2. Family Devotions: Integrate Prayer into Discussions
    • During family devotional times or discussions, incorporate the different elements of the Armor of God. Reflect on how truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, and the Word of God apply to your family’s daily life.
  3. Mealtime Prayers: Express Gratitude and Seek Guidance
    • Use mealtime prayers as an opportunity to express gratitude for the spiritual protection provided by the Armor of God. Pray for strength and wisdom for each family member as they face daily challenges.
  4. Bedtime Routine: End the Day with Spiritual Reflection
    • Before bedtime, gather as a family to reflect on the day and offer a prayer of protection using the Armor of God. This can be a calming and spiritually grounding way to end the day.
  5. Special Family Events: Incorporate Spiritual Themes
    • During special family events, such as birthdays or holidays, consider incorporating elements of the Armor of God into your celebrations. This can be a meaningful way to connect these events to your family’s spiritual journey.
  6. Crisis or Challenging Times: Unite in Prayer
    • When your family faces challenges, come together in prayer, specifically invoking the Armor of God. Pray for strength, guidance, and protection during difficult times, emphasizing your family’s spiritual resources.
  7. Create Visual Reminders: Reinforce the Message
    • Create visual reminders of the Armor of God to display in your home. This could include artwork, posters, or even a creative family project. These visual cues constantly remind you of your family’s commitment to spiritual well-being.
  8. Individual Reflection: Encourage Personal Application
    • Encourage each family member to reflect on how they can personally apply the principles of the Armor of God in their daily lives. This fosters individual spiritual growth within the context of the family.

The Armor of God Prayer for Families

The armor of God prayer printable Bible verse The full armor of God Prayer

Prayer to Put on the Full Armor of God

Remember that the Armor of God prayer is a tool to strengthen and guide your family spiritually. Adapt it to your family’s unique needs and circumstances, and let it serve as a source of inspiration and unity.

By incorporating these principles into family life, you create a spiritual foundation that can help your family face challenges, grow together, and navigate life’s journey with strength and unity.

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