Gifts For Those Who Love Art and Bible Journaling

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Do you have a loved one who enjoys everything about art and bible journaling? When trying to choose a gift for this person, you might feel a bit stumped on what to get. An Art Kit is a great gift idea, but we also have listed here many great gift ideas that anyone who loves art will enjoy receiving from you. Check out this list of 10 different gifts and drawing kits that are sure to put a smile on the face of your loved one.

#1. Art Kit

This Art Kit is perfect for the artist for coloring and drawing and includes premium colored pencils that color, shade, and blend beautifully.There are a variety of coloring and painting mediums which include crayons, oil pastels, and watercolors. I purchased this art kit for my kids and they love it! This art kit comes in a deluxe wood carrying case that will keep your supplies organized.

#2. Bible Journaling Art Kit

One great gift for anyone who loves bible journaling and art is the BLIEVE Bible Journaling Kit. It comes with some of the essential items that any person who enjoys journaling would love to have, including gel highlighters in different colors, gel pens, and stencils. Your loved one can get as creative as they would like when using this journaling kit.

#3. Highlighters That Will Not Bleed Through Pages

Those who enjoy bible journaling will often spend a fair bit of time reading through the bible and highlighting different scriptures that mean the most to them. Unfortunately, sometimes highlighters bleed right through the pages of the bible, which is something no one wants to experience. You can make sure that your loved one can highlight scriptures without worry by purchasing the Mr. Pen No Bleed Gel Highlighters and giving them as a gift.

#4. Stickers of Scriptures

Journaling is all about getting creative, drawing different things, and adding color to pages to make them look more exciting. Another way to add more excitement to the pages of a bible journal is to use decorative scripture stickers. The Bites of Truth Sticky-Note Scriptures are a top choice that your gift recipient will love to use in their bible journal. They can stick these scriptures throughout the pages of their journals.

#5. Blessing Cards to Color and Hand Out

The Colorful Blessings Cards are a great gift idea. You can give these cards to your loved one to color and hold onto until they want or need to hand out cards to others, including family and friends. Rather than going out and purchasing cards for different occasions, they will have these beautiful blessing cards that they could customize before handing them out.

#6. Adult Paint by Number Set

The adult paint by number sets are a great gift idea for the artsy person who enjoys the bible. While there are dozens of different pieces available to paint, the MOEEY Religious Jesus Cross Lion Paint-By-Number Set is an excellent paint set. Your loved one can take their time painting this beautiful artwork by following the directions using different colors with different numbers. Once they complete the piece, they may want to hang it up inside their living room, bedroom, or somewhere else inside the home.

#7. Comfortable Artsy T-Shirt

You cannot go wrong with purchasing a comfortable artsy t-shirt for your loved one to wear. The Artsy T-Shirt is an excellent choice because it is available in quite a few different colors and sizes. It has an adorable graphic design that show how how much you enjoy artist hobbies while getting in touch with their artistic side. It would be the perfect addition to your loved one’s closet because it is a modest yet fashionable and casual shirt to wear with any bottoms.

#8. Book on Bible Journaling and Art

When a person loves bible journaling, there may come a time when they are looking for some new and exciting ideas to try. The Bibling Journal For the Fine Artist is a great book to purchase for your loved one because it contains ideas for a prayer journal, lettering tutorials, arts and craft ideas, and so much more. It will keep your loved one entertained and busy while giving them plenty of creative and useful ideas to use when they are working in their journal each day.

#9. Christian Coloring Book

You are truly never too old to color. No matter the age of the person that you are shopping for, you should consider buying a Christian coloring book. The  Inspired to Grace: Color the Words of Jesus Coloring Book is a great adult coloring book. Not only is it perfect for religious people who enjoy art, but it is therapeutic and relaxing. Coloring helps to relieve stress and anxiousness on a bad day.

#10. Watercolor Paint Set

While spending time on journaling each day, your loved one may use an assortment of tools, including colored pencils, gel pens, and paint. You can purchase this person a new watercolor paint set, such as the ARTEZA Classic Watercolor Paint Set that comes with 36 different colors to use. Anyone who enjoys journaling knows how easy it is to go through a watercolor paint set, so having an extra one to use will be beneficial to them.

#11. Durable Leather Journal

Most people who enjoy journaling will go through quite a few journals in a year. Your loved one may be in need of a new one. Not sure which one is a good choice to get? The Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook is ideal because of its traditional appearance and its durable leather exterior. It also comes with 240 pages inside of it. The leather journal is just one of the many journals that your loved one might like to keep with them when jotting down scriptures or even writing a few details about their day.

Finding gifts for those who love art and bible journaling is a lot easier than it sounds. You can look for religious-themed gifts that include some sort of artistic expression in them, such as the religious paint by number set or the religious coloring book.

In addition to those options, you may want to select an artsy t-shirt, journaling kit, or even a durable leather journal to give to your loved one. The possibilities are endless. As soon as your loved one sees the gifts you have selected for them, they will be thankful for your decision to get them something that perfectly matches their hobbies and interests.