Free Color by Number Printables for 2024

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Color-by-number printables are educational tools that engage children in enjoyable coloring and creative activities while developing essential skills. These printables typically consist of black-and-white images divided into numbered sections. Each number corresponds to a specific color, allowing children to fill in the sections accordingly.

Here at 24 Hour Family, we have many cute coloring pages that make the perfect activity for preschoolers and kindergarten learners to 3rd grade students.

free printable color by number activites for kids space color by number coloring pages

The purpose of color-by-number printables is to encourage children to have lots of fun while learning. These activities promote the development of fine motor skills as children manipulate coloring materials, such as crayons or colored pencils, to color within the designated sections. This activity requires precision and control, helping to refine their hand-eye coordination.

These coloring worksheets aid in number recognition for children. Children learn to identify numbers and match them to their corresponding sections by associating each number with a specific color. This not only enhances their mathematical abilities but also reinforces their cognitive skills.

Completing color-by-number printables encourages children to practice focus and perseverance. Since these worksheets for kids often consist of intricate designs, children must concentrate and stay engaged throughout the coloring process. As they progress, they develop the ability to persevere and see a task through to completion.

Color-by-number printables introduce children to basic color theory. Following the color guide, children learn about various colors and how they can be combined to create harmonious images. This helps them understand primary and secondary colors and the concept of color mixing.

Color-by-number printables offer numerous benefits to children. They improve fine motor skills, foster number recognition, enhance focus and perseverance, and introduce color theory. These printables provide a fun and educational activity that contributes to children’s development.

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Benefits of using color-by-number printables for cognitive development

Color-by-number printables provide several benefits for cognitive development. Firstly, these printables help improve fine motor skills. Children use their fingers to hold and manipulate coloring tools when coloring, strengthening their hand muscles and developing fine motor control.

Additionally, coloring with number printables introduces math concepts like number recognition. As children follow the assigned numbers, they learn to identify and associate the corresponding number with a particular color. This activity lays the foundation for early math skills and helps children comprehend numerical relationships.

Coloring by the number of printables increases focus and perseverance. Completing a coloring page requires concentration and attention to detail, encouraging children to stay engaged longer. This sustained focus helps develop their ability to concentrate on tasks and enhances their attention span.

Color-by-number printables teach color theory. Children learn about color combinations and how different hues work together by following the assigned numbers and colors. This activity expands their knowledge of colors and helps them understand basic color principles, such as primary and secondary colors.

Coloring by the number of printables offers numerous cognitive benefits. They foster fine motor skills, introduce number recognition, improve focus and perseverance, and teach color theory. These printables provide an engaging and educational tool for promoting cognitive development in children.

Planet color by number: Color by Number printables are a great way to help children develop various skills while having fun. One popular theme for these printables is “Planet Color by Number,” where children can color different planets and space-related objects based on the assigned numbers.

This particular set of printables enhances fine motor skills and number recognition and introduces children to our solar system’s wonders. 

Unicorn Color by Number: Another popular theme for color-by-number printables is “Unicorn Color by Number.” Children can enjoy coloring beautiful unicorns and magical scenes while practicing their number recognition skills. This theme encourages creativity and imagination, making it a delightful activity for kids of all ages.

Sonic the Hedgehog Color by number: Fans of the popular video game character Sonic the Hedgehog can enjoy color-by-number printables featuring images of Sonic and his friends. This theme provides a fun coloring activity and helps children improve their fine motor skills and focus. Children can bring their favorite characters to life while creatively practicing number recognition.

Back to School Color by Number: As elementary students prepare to head back to school, “Back to School Color by Number” printables can help them ease into the new academic year. These printables feature school-related images such as backpacks, pencils, books, and more. Children can have fun coloring while reinforcing their number recognition skills and getting excited for the upcoming school year.

Fourth of July Color by Number: Celebrate Independence Day with “Fourth of July Color by Number” printables featuring patriotic images like American flags, fireworks, and stars. Children can enjoy coloring while learning about the significance of this national holiday and practicing their number recognition skills. These printables are a fun way to engage children in festive activities while promoting cognitive development.

Memorial Day Color by Number: Honor the brave men and women who have served our country with “Memorial Day Color by Number” printables. These themed coloring pages feature patriotic symbols like flags, eagles, and monuments, providing a meaningful way for children to learn about the importance of Memorial Day while practicing their number recognition skills. 

Disney Princess Color by Number: For fans of Disney princesses, “Disney Princess Color by Number” printables are a perfect way to combine their love for these iconic characters with a fun and educational activity. Children can color their favorite princesses like Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle while strengthening their number recognition skills. This theme encourages creativity and imagination as children bring these beloved characters to life with vibrant colors.

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Minecraft Color by Number: Minecraft fans can enjoy “Minecraft Color by Number” printables featuring popular characters and elements from the game. Children can color pixelated blocks, tools, and creatures while improving their fine motor skills and number recognition. We have color-by-number Minecraft printables for Alex, Steve, and Creeper characters. This theme allows kids to express their creativity uniquely by coloring their favorite aspects of the Minecraft world.

Winter Color by Number: Embrace the winter season with “Winter Color by Number” printables featuring snowy scenes, snowmen, ice skates, and more. Children can enjoy coloring while learning about winter-themed objects and practicing their number recognition skills. This theme provides a fun and festive activity for kids to engage in during the colder months.

Sonic Tails Color by Number: Sonic the Hedgehog fans can enjoy coloring printables featuring Sonic’s loyal sidekick, Tails. “Sonic Tails Color by Number” printables allow children to bring this beloved character to life while practicing their number recognition skills. Kids can have fun coloring Tails and other characters from the Sonic universe in this exciting theme.

Mickey Mouse Color by Number: Disney fans can have a magical time with “Mickey Mouse Color by Number” printables featuring everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey! Children can color in images of Mickey and his friends, such as Minnie, Donald, and Goofy while enhancing their number recognition skills. This theme brings the magic of Disney to life through coloring and creativity.

Disney Color by Number: Dive into the wonderful world of Disney with “Disney Color by Number” printables featuring a variety of beloved characters and scenes. Children can enjoy coloring in images of classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Simba, and more while practicing their number recognition skills. This theme is perfect for Disney fans of all ages who want to add a touch of magic to their coloring activities.

Star Wars Color by Number: May the Force be with you as you enjoy “Star Wars Color by Number” printables featuring iconic characters and scenes from the beloved franchise. Children can color in images of Darth Vader, Yoda, R2-D2, and more while honing their number recognition skills. This theme allows kids to immerse themselves in the galaxy far, far away while having fun with coloring.

Fun Summer Color by Number: Get ready for fun in the sun with “Summer Color by Number” printable worksheets featuring ice cream cones, cupcakes, and more. Children can enjoy coloring while learning about summer-themed objects and practicing their number recognition skills. This theme provides a bright and cheerful activity for kids to enjoy during the sunny season.

Valentine Color by Number: Spread love and joy with “Valentine Color by Number” printables featuring hearts, cupid, and other romantic symbols. Children can enjoy coloring in images of love-themed objects while practicing their number recognition skills. This theme is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day and expressing affection through creative coloring activities.

Thanksgiving Color by Number: Give thanks with “Thanksgiving Color by Number” activity sheets featuring turkeys, pumpkins, and other festive symbols. Children can enjoy coloring in images of Thanksgiving-themed objects while practicing their number recognition skills. This theme is a great way to celebrate the gratitude and harvest holiday season through creative coloring activities.

Children can use primary colors and numbers to bring these themed printables to life using color matching and color identification. Whether they are fans of Disney princesses, Minecraft, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, or enjoy seasonal themes like winter and summer, there is a color-by-number printable for everyone to enjoy.  Happy Coloring!

Printable Color by Number Sheets


Printable Color by Number Sheets offers a fun and interactive way for children and adults alike to engage in coloring activities. These sheets typically feature various drawings segmented into numbered sections, with each number corresponding to a specific color.

By following the designated color scheme, individuals can bring these pictures to life while practicing number recognition and color coordination skills.

Printable Color by Number Sheets are available in various themes, including animals, landscapes, and popular characters, making them suitable for all ages and interests. Whether used as a creative outlet, a stress reliever, or a learning tool, these sheets offer a convenient and accessible means of enjoying the benefits of coloring. With various free and paid options available online, individuals can easily access and print their preferred designs, allowing for endless possibilities and countless hours of colorful entertainment.

Overview of different types of printable color-by-number sheets available

Printable coloring by number sheets is a popular form of art activity that combines coloring and numbers. They are widely used for educational purposes and also as a form of relaxation. There are different types of printable color-by-number sheets available, each varying in difficulty level, subject matter, and age appropriateness.

1. Easy Level: These color-by-number sheets are perfect for younger children and beginners. They usually have large, simple pictures with fewer color variations. The numbers are clearly labeled, making it easy for kids to match colors with the corresponding numbers. Common subjects include animals, fruits, and basic shapes.

2. Intermediate Level: These sheets are more challenging than the easy ones. They feature more detailed images and a wider range of color options. They are suitable for older children and teenagers with some coloring experience. Subjects can include landscapes, vehicles, and popular cartoon characters.

3. Advanced Level: These color-by-number sheets are designed for experienced colorers or adults looking for a more intricate and engaging activity. They have complex images with subtle color variations. The numbers might be smaller or not as clearly labeled, increasing the difficulty level. Subjects can range from intricate mandalas and abstract designs to famous artwork reproductions.

The key is to choose printable color-by-number sheets that are age-appropriate and match the desired difficulty level. This ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the colorers, whether children developing their fine motor skills or adults seeking a creative outlet.

Color by Letter Worksheets

Color-by-letter worksheets are a fantastic way to engage children in learning the alphabet while improving their color recognition skills. These worksheets typically feature a variety of pictures, each section labeled with a letter. The children then color each section based on its labeled letter.

This fun and interactive activity reinforces letter recognition and helps children practice following directions and fine motor skills. Additionally, as children color in each section, they can see how the letters form a complete picture, further reinforcing their understanding of the alphabet.

Color-by-letter worksheets provide a captivating and effective method of teaching and reinforcing letter recognition and color recognition skills in young children.

Benefits of using color-by-letter worksheets for learning letters and colors simultaneously

Color-by-letter worksheets offer a fantastic way of teaching children both letters and colors simultaneously. These worksheets have numerous benefits, making them popular among parents and educators.

One significant benefit of using color-by-letter worksheets is their ability to enhance fine motor skills. Children color in the pictures based on the corresponding letters, so they must precisely hold and maneuver their coloring tools. This activity helps strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers, promoting improved dexterity.

free printable color by number activites for kids space color by number coloring pages

These worksheets aid in developing letter recognition skills. By associating each letter with a specific color, children are encouraged to pay attention to the letters and their corresponding sounds. This can be particularly helpful for young learners just beginning to recognize and identify letters.

Color-by-letter worksheets help reinforce the color theory. Children learn to recognize different colors and how they relate to specific objects or letters. This can lay the groundwork for a deeper understanding of colors and their significance in various contexts.

Coloring and letter-learning activities in these worksheets promote focus and perseverance. As children work through each worksheet, they learn to concentrate on the letter and the corresponding color. This encourages them to stay focused on the task and develop a sense of perseverance as they work through each color-filled section.

Color-by-letter worksheets offer a creative and effective method of teaching letters and colors simultaneously. The combination of coloring and letter learning activities helps develop fine motor skills, enhances letter recognition, reinforces color theory, and promotes focus and perseverance in young learners. These worksheets provide an engaging and enjoyable way for children to learn and practice essential foundational skills.

Hidden Picture Color by Number

Hidden Picture Color by Number is an interactive and engaging activity that combines the thrill of finding hidden objects with the creativity of coloring. It is a fun and challenging way for children and adults to test their observation skills and bring vibrant scenes to life. This unique coloring experience takes ordinary color-by-number pictures to a new level by adding a hidden twist.

As you color each number according to the assigned color, a surprise image emerges, revealing a hidden picture. With a wide range of themes and designs, Hidden Picture Color by Number is a great way to relax and unwind and an excellent tool for improving concentration, focus, and attention to detail. So grab your coloring tools and get ready to uncover the hidden wonders that await!

Hidden picture coloring sheets are an excellent way to engage preschoolers, especially when reading aloud or during other activities. Children’s attention and participation are enhanced by keeping their hands busy and involving them in a captivating activity, leading to improved cognitive development and a more enjoyable learning experience.

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