31 Creative Elf on the Shelf Arrival Gift Ideas for 2023

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The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about Elf on the Shelf arrival gifts! The Elf on the Shelf is a holiday tradition that has taken the world by storm. If you’re not familiar with it, the basic idea is that you have a little elf who comes to visit your family starting on December 1st.

The elf gets into all sorts of mischief during the month and then leaves on Christmas Eve. This popular tradition has become a family staple! If you’re looking for some Elf on-the-shelf arrival ideas, we’ve got you covered. The Elf’s arrival is a special and exciting time for the family at the beginning of the holiday season. We have many Elf on the Shelf ideas for you! Here are some of the best Elf on the Shelf arrival gifts for 2023:

31 creative elf on the shelf arrival gift ideas for December

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Here are 31 Shelf Return ideas that are sure to make the arrival day fun!

Whether you need last-minute fun elf-on-the-shelf arrival ideas or are looking for some need and fun ideas for your elf’s arrival, we are here to spark your creativity with these easy elf arrival ideas. Hopefully, your elf will be on his or her best behavior this year!

1. A nice, warm cup of cocoa. This is a great way to welcome your elf and let them know that they’re always welcome in your home. Plus, it’s a nice treat for the whole family!

2. A festive mug or glass. This is a great way to get your elf into the holiday spirit! It’s also a nice way to show them that you’re thinking of them. 

3. A plate of cookies. This is a classic arrival gift that never gets old. It’s also a great idea to show your elf how much you appreciate their visits. 

4. A box of chocolates. This is another classic arrival gift that is sure to please any sweet-toothed elf. Plus, it’s a great way to show your elf how much you care about them. 

5. A new outfit. This is a great way to show your elf that you’re excited about their visit and that you want them to feel comfortable while they’re here. Plus, it’s always fun to see what new outfit they’ll be wearing each day! 

6. A pair of shoes. This is another great way to show your elf that you’re excited about their visit and that you want them to feel comfortable while they’re here. Plus, it’s always fun to see what new shoes they’ll be wearing each day! 

fun elf on the shelf ideas elf on the shelf arrival ideas for kids

7. A book. This is a great way to show your elf that you value their intelligence and creativity. It’s also a great way to get them started on their Christmas reading list! 

8. A game. This is a great way to show your elf that you value their sense of fun and adventure. It’s also a great way to get the whole family involved in some quality time together! 

9. A personalized letter from Santa Claus himself. This is a fun way to get your child excited about the elf’s arrival. Be sure to include some specific details about their behavior that Santa has noticed. This will make the letter feel more personal and special. Plus, it’s a nice way to get them even more excited about Christmas! 

10. An Elf on the Shelf Starter Kit. This is a great way to make sure that your elf has everything they need for a successful month with your family. Plus, it’s a great way to get them started on their Elf on the Shelf journey!

11. A special breakfast. Start your child’s day off right with a festive breakfast. You can make elf-sized pancakes or waffles, or even decorate some regular-sized pancakes or waffles with elf-themed toppings. Either way, your child will love starting their day at the kitchen table with a little something extra special.

elf on the shelf gifts elf on the shelf ideas elf no the shelf arrival gifts

12. A fun activity. One of the best things about having an elf is that they can help you come up with all sorts of fun activities for your family to do together. Whether it’s making gingerbread houses, decorating cookies, or watching holiday movies, there’s sure to be an activity that everyone will enjoy. Just be sure to include a note from the elf explaining what they would like everyone to do together.

13. A festive treat. No matter what time of year it is, kids always love getting treats. Elves love sweets, so what better way to welcome them than with a special and very festive treat? You can bake some elf-sized cookies and leave it out for the elf (with a note, of course). Your child will be thrilled to find a little something sweet waiting for them when they wake up in the morning.

14. A pair of Christmas pajamas. Your elf will need something to wear while he or she is watching over your family, so why not get them a cute pair of pajamas for your child and for the elf? You might even find matching sets of pajamas. You can find some great options online or in stores.

15. A new book. Start off your elf’s visit by reading a new Christmas book together. This is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, encourage learning and reading with your child, and bond with your elf.

16. Some festive decorations. Help your elf decorate his or her new home by giving them some festive decorations. The clever elf could also bring Christmas decorations for your child’s bedroom. There are many fun and different ways to decorate for Christmas. You can find these at most stores that sell Christmas decorations.

17. A nice blanket or pillow. Your elf will appreciate having a comfortable place to rest while he or she is keeping watch over your family. Little gifts add up to big memories. You can find some great options online or in stores.

18. A set of clothes or costumes for dressing up. Elves love to dress up, so give yours a few different outfit options to choose from throughout their stay. You can find some great elf clothes online or in stores.

19. A camera. Elves like to take pictures of all the fun they’re having while they’re visiting, so be sure to give yours a camera! This way, you can put the camera to good use while recording all the mischief they get up to while you’re asleep. You can capture each new spot your adorable elf lands! Plus, you may end up capturing a classic family photo while using the camera.

20. A journal for writing down their adventures. Get your child a small journal for their elf to write down all of his or her adventures while they’re visiting your home! This is a great way for your child to keep track of everything that happens during their stay and look back on it for years to come.

21. Advent Calendars. Your elf could bring a family advent calendar to enjoy for the entire month of December. The Advent Calendar is a very special calendar used to count down the days until Christmas. You typically begin the calendar on December 1st and end on Christmas Day, December 25th. Advent calendars build up the excitement and anticipation as the family waits for Christmas to arrive.

22. Snow footprints to follow the Elf’s entrance. Using your own elf, you can draw his footprints as he enters your front door using elf-sized footprint stencils. When your family members see the footprints, they will know that they are in for lots of fun and excitement this month. The elf antics have arrived in their home from the North Pole and they will look forward to all of the creative ideas their favorite elf will bring leading up until Christmas.

23. A pretend Mailbox to hold letters to the North Pole A Christmas mailbox would be fun to find notes and other communications from your elf.

24. Build an Elf Fort. Get creative and have fun building a big fort for your new elf to hide while the kids look for him. They could leave the fort up for several days to play in.

25. Elf themed Scavenger hunt. This fun printable elf game would be the perfect way to introduce your official elf to the family on the first day of December. The family-friendly elf will encourage family time as you play games such as this scavenger hunt.

26. Pool Party Arrival. Get creative with water and let your elf arrive swimming. He has been cold in the North Pole all year and wants to work on his tan! Use small inflatables and set him up in the kitchen sink or in a bathtub floating as if he were swimming!

27. Elf arrival Puzzle. Buy a fun puzzle online that explains what the elf will be doing all month and gets the kids excited about the elf’s arrival. You can even find Personalized Elf puzzles.

28. Hot Air Balloon Arrival. Your elf could arrive in a fun paper hot-air balloon! This special delivery will arrive by air, and the kids will enjoy playing with the hot air balloon all month.

29. Elf Report Cards Begin the holiday season off right with these elf report cards. Let your child receive an elf report from the North Pole to add to the festive season. Kids will have fun sending their report cards to Santa. Will they be on the nice list or the naughty list? A bad report is sure to encourage good behavior.

30. Elf Airplane. Your elf could arrive in the air bringing a fun inflatable airplane with him! Swooping in for an exciting landing, this airplane will send your Scout Elf soaring.

31. Arrive wearing Mermaid Tail Dresses. Your elf has been cold all year in the North Pole, now they want to warm up and be a mermaid! Add some fun Christmas lights, candy canes, or a Christmas tree to the arrival scene and your family is sure to have a blast!

There are lots of great Elf on the Shelf arrival gifts that you can give your busy kids this year to make their Christmas season even more special! With a little help from your adorable elf, you can build up Christmas anticipation and excitement for your child as you count down the days until Christmas.

The thrill on your child’s face will make you a happy mom and the memories of this Christmas tradition will last for a lifetime! These are just a few ideas to get you started on your Elf on the Shelf arrival gifts for 2022. Remember to have fun and be creative! Your child is sure to love whatever you come up with. Merry Christmas! You can find a free printable Elf on the Shelf Arrival letter here.

33 Elf on the Shelf Arrival Ideas

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