Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letter and Envelope (3 Versions)

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Remember the excitement of losing your first baby tooth? The anticipation of the tooth fairy’s first visit? That’s where our free printable tooth fairy letter and envelope come into play. These adorable letters and a mini envelope are the perfect way to celebrate this special event in your child’s life.

Whether it’s the first tooth or a subsequent one, these tooth fairy printables add an extra layer of magic to the tooth fairy tradition. And we have several different Free Tooth fairy printables to choose from at

Tooth fairy letter and envelope free printable letter free printable tooth fairy envelope

The Magic of the Tooth Fairy Tradition

The tradition of the tooth fairies is a cherished part of childhood. It’s a fun way to encourage children to take care of their teeth, and it turns the loss of their baby teeth into a special surprise.

Our tooth fairy printables help to make this moment even more memorable. With a cute free printable tooth fairy letter and a tiny envelope, you can create a full fairy mail experience for your little guy or little girl.

Tooth fairy letter and envelope free printable letter free printable tooth fairy envelope

Why Do You Need This Printable Tooth Fairy Letter?

Losing a child’s first tooth is a big deal. It’s a sign they are growing up. To make this time even more special, we have these free printable tooth fairy letters and a tooth fairy envelope. Imagine how excited your child will be to find a letter from the tooth fairy under their pillow! This makes the moment of losing a tooth fun and memorable.

Tooth fairy printables tooth fairy templates letters from the tooth fairy with envelope

These printables are easy to use. You just need to print them out and they are ready to go. They help keep the tooth fairy story alive. It’s a sweet tradition that makes losing teeth less scary and more fun. For parents, it’s a simple and great way to create a special surprise for your child.

And the best part? It’s free and you can choose from different styles. Each letter and envelope can be a new, exciting discovery for your child, making each loose tooth a special event.

How to Use These Printable Tooth Fairy Letter Templates?

Step 1: Download the Templates

Download the free printable tooth fairy letters. Once you’ve chosen your favorite version, download the file to your computer. These files are in PDF format, which is easy to open and print.

Tooth fairy printables tooth fairy templates letters from the tooth fairy with envelope

Step 2: Print the Template

After downloading, open the file and get ready to print. You can print the tooth fairy letter and envelope on regular paper, but using photo paper can give it a nicer look. Check your printer settings to make sure they are correct for the type of paper you’re using.

Step 3: Personalize the Letter

These templates let you add your child’s name or write a special message, making the letter feel more personal and special. Although the template is not editable, you can handwrite your child’s name and add a cute personal message from the tooth fairy.

Step 4: Cut and Assemble

Once printed, use scissors to cut out the letter and envelope. If the envelope needs to be folded, follow the lines provided in the template. You might need a glue stick to secure the edges of the envelope.

Step 5: Add a Small Gift

The tooth fairy often leaves a small gift, like a coin or a tiny toy, under the child’s pillow. You can place this gift inside the envelope with the letter, or just leave it alongside.

letter from the tooth fairy free printable pdf with free printable envelope

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Step 6: Place Under the Pillow

Finally, when your child goes to sleep, place the envelope with the tooth fairy letter and gift under their pillow. In the morning, they’ll find a special surprise waiting for them!

These free tooth fairy letter printables aren’t just for the child’s 1st tooth. They are perfect for every baby tooth your child loses. Plus, they can become a part of your family’s special occasions, much like waiting for the Easter bunny or hanging stockings for Christmas. Every tooth lost can be celebrated with its own tooth fairy note, adding to the collection of memorable moments.

Losing a tooth is a special event in a child’s life. With our fun printable tooth fairy letters and a cute envelope, you can add an extra layer of excitement and magic to this milestone. These free printables are a fun, easy, and creative way to celebrate each lost tooth, making them a cherished part of your child’s memories. Download your free version today and get ready to sprinkle some fairy dust!

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