How to Build a LEGO Heart

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Everyone loves Legos and using them with kids during the Valentine’s Day season can reinforce learning with playtime.  So how do you build a Lego heart? I have written down each LEGO brick piece you will need to build this adorable Lego heart project.  

This Lego building craft project is easy to assemble for kids ages 3 and older.  Kids of all ages will love to make this Valentine’s building science project.  This LEGO heart could be given as a gift to a parent, teacher, sibling, or grandparent.  As with all Lego and stem projects, parental monitoring, and involvement is needed to ensure safety and fun for the child.

how to build a lego heart

Building different seasonal shapes and objects with bricks is one thing we enjoy in our home, and provides kids with fun and educational STEM activities each holiday season.  Here are the directions for building a Lego® Heart.

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Materials needed to build a Lego® Heart:

Supplies needed to build a Lego heart

1 baseplate

4 2×4 roof tiles with 45º angle

1 2×2 roof tile with 45º angle

4 1×3 bricks

8 2×4 bricks

2 2×2 bricks

Various 1×1 round plates, for edging

Next assemble all of your bricks, Lego® plate, and any decorative elements you may need to personalize your creation.

how to make a lego heart with your kids using a baseplate
Step by step instructions on how to build a Lego heart with your kids

Add the first 1 x 2 brick in the lower center of the baseplate. This will be the area where you work and build out your Lego® heart.

Steps on how to build a lego heart with your kids

Continue adding the red bricks and build up. Add three 2 x 4 bricks on top of the single brick at the bottom center.

How to build a lego heart with your kids

Add three rows that build on top of each other starting with one block, then three blocks, then five blocks using 2 x 4 bricks. This will continue to add thickness to the center of the heart.

How to build a lego heart with your kids
How to build a lego heart with your kids

The next step is to build two rows of seven blocks each using the 2 x 4 bricks. This will add width and thickness and will also shape the center of the heart.

How to build a lego heart with your kids

Add two 1 x 4 bricks to the top of the full rows using 1 x 4 bricks. You will need to leave a separation between the two bricks on this row.

How to build a lego heart on a baseplate

Next, add four 2 x 4 roof tiles to round off the top and the sides of the heart. This will add a three-dimensional look to your Lego® heart.

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Final Results of your Lego® Heart Project

Now you have a Lego® heart that you completed and I’m sure it looks great! I hope you enjoyed this building project. You could gift it to a friend, parent, grandparent, or teacher!

Picture of a Lego Heart
How to Build a Lego Heart

Building a LEGO heart can be a rewarding activity with various benefits for individuals of all ages. Here are some of the advantages of constructing a LEGO heart:

  1. Creativity: Building a LEGO heart allows individuals to express their creativity by arranging and assembling LEGO bricks into a unique and recognizable shape.
  2. Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating small LEGO pieces to create the heart helps improve fine motor skills, including hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.
  3. Problem-Solving: Constructing a LEGO heart involves problem-solving as individuals figure out how to fit the pieces together to achieve the desired shape.
  4. Patience and Focus: Completing a LEGO project, like a heart, requires patience and focused attention to detail, enhancing concentration and perseverance.
  5. Artistic Expression: Participants can customize their LEGO heart by choosing colors and adding decorative elements, encouraging artistic expression.
  6. Emotional Expression: Creating a LEGO heart can serve as a way to express emotions, sentiments, or messages of love and affection.
  7. Thematic Learning: Building a heart can be integrated into learning about themes related to love, friendship, or special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day.
  8. Bonding Activity: Building a LEGO heart can be a bonding activity for families, friends, or couples, providing an opportunity for shared creativity and interaction.
  9. Customization: Participants can personalize their LEGO heart by choosing their preferred LEGO colors and adding their unique touch to the design.
  10. Positive Reinforcement: Completing a LEGO project can provide a sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement, boosting self-esteem and confidence.
  11. Stress Relief: Engaging in creative and hands-on activities like LEGO building can have a calming and stress-relieving effect.
  12. Thematic Decorations: Finished LEGO hearts can be used as decorations for special events or celebrations, adding a personalized and festive touch.
  13. Environmental Considerations: Building LEGO hearts is an environmentally friendly activity that promotes reusable and sustainable play.
Lego Heart building instructions

Building a LEGO heart is a versatile and enjoyable activity that fosters creativity, fine motor skills, and emotional expression. It can serve as a bonding experience, a way to celebrate special occasions such as Valentine’s day, and a means of promoting positive emotional well-being.

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