Printable Mickey Mouse Pumpkin (Free Template)

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Are you ready to add a touch of Disney magic to your Halloween celebrations? Suppose your little one’s favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. In that case, we have a fantastic Halloween craft idea for you: a Printable Mickey Mouse Pumpkin that you can easily create using a Mickey Mouse pumpkin stencil. This fun and easy craft will bring your kids joy and make your front porch stand out during Halloween time.

Before starting your pumpkin carving adventure, ensure you have our free Mickey Mouse pumpkin template. Download the free printable template below at the end of the blog post and prepare to create your own Mickey Mouse pumpkin.

free printable pumpkin stencil template Mickey Mouse pumpkin carving

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How to carve a pumpkin that looks like Mickey Mouse?

To use the free printable Mickey Mouse pumpkin, follow these steps:

1. Get the free Mickey Mouse template. 

2. Print the template on a sheet of paper. You can use regular printer paper or any other type of paper.

3. Cut out the template along the dotted line using scissors.

4. Place the template on your pumpkin. You may need to adjust the template size to fit your pumpkin.

5. Trace the template onto the pumpkin using a pen or pencil. Press firmly to make a clear outline.

6. Remove the template and use a pumpkin carving tool to cut out the design. Be careful not to cut yourself or damage the pumpkin.

7. After carving the design, you can light a candle or LED light inside the pumpkin to make it glow.

Mickey Mouse Face Template Free Printable

mickey mouse face template free printable

Why Choose a Printable Pumpkin Stencil?

Choosing a printable pumpkin stencil is a smart and convenient option for carving real pumpkins, especially if you want to create intricate and detailed designs. Here’s why opting for a printable pumpkin stencil is a great choice:

  • Ease of Use
    Printable pumpkin stencils provide you with a clear and well-defined design to follow. This eliminates the need for artistic skills and makes the carving process much easier for beginners.
  • Accurate Design
    With a printable stencil, you get an accurate representation of the design you want to carve. This is particularly important for character-themed pumpkins like the Mickey Mouse pumpkin. You can be sure your pumpkin will resemble the character as closely as possible.
  • Time-Saving
    Hand-drawing a design onto a pumpkin can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for intricate designs. Printable stencils save you time and frustration by giving you a ready-to-use design.
  • Consistency
    Using a stencil ensures consistency in the design across multiple pumpkins if you’re creating a set of themed pumpkins. This is great for creating a cohesive and visually appealing display.
mickey mouse face template free printable pumpkin carving stencils printables

Understanding Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Templates

Mickey Mouse pumpkin crafts templates are a fun and easy way to add Main Street magic to your Halloween decorations. These templates are designed to help you carve or decorate your pumpkin to resemble your favorite character – Mickey Mouse!

The templates are printable PDF files you can download and print at home. Once you have the template, you can use it to guide your pumpkin carving or decorating process. The template will include a design for the eyes, nose, mouth, and other features of Mickey Mouse’s face.

Attach the free printable to the front of your Mickey Mouse Pumpkin to trace the stencil.  To add Mickey’s ears to the pumpkin, you could add smaller pumpkins on either side of the face – at the top of the pumpkin, or you could cut out the ears using black construction paper and attach them with a hot glue gun.

mickey mouse face template free printable pumpkin carving stencils printables

To use a Mickey Mouse pumpkin template, you will need a few basic supplies, including a pumpkin, a carving knife or other carving tools, and a printer to print out the template. You may also want additional supplies, such as tape, toothpicks, and markers, to help you with the carving or decorating process.

Mickey Mouse pumpkin templates are a great way to add Disney magic to your Halloween decorations. With creativity and some basic supplies, you can create a pumpkin that looks just like Mickey Mouse and will impress your friends and family.

Safety Precautions While Using Pumpkin Stencil Templates

When using printable templates for pumpkin carving, it is important to take certain safety precautions to avoid injury. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always supervise children when they are using carving tools or working with templates. Young children should not be allowed to use sharp tools without adult supervision.
  • Use a sturdy work surface to carve pumpkins on. This will help prevent the pumpkin from rolling or moving around while carving it.
  • Use sharp, serrated knives or pumpkin carving tools to make clean cuts. Dull knives can slip and cause injuries.
  • Be careful when carving intricate designs or patterns. Take your time and work slowly to avoid mistakes or accidents.
  • Never put your hand inside the pumpkin while carving it. Instead, use a scoop or spoon to remove the pulp and seeds.
  • If you use a template, ensure it is securely attached to the pumpkin before carving. Use tape or pins to hold the template in place.
  • Consider using battery-operated LED lights instead of candles to light your carved pumpkins. This will reduce the risk of fire and burns.
mickey mouse face template free printable pumpkin carving stencils printables

By following these safety precautions, you can enjoy carving pumpkins with printable templates without putting yourself or others at risk of injury.

More Disney World-Inspired Halloween Fun

For true Disney fans, you can also explore other Disney pumpkin carving ideas, like Minnie Mouse pumpkin, Disney villain pumpkin carving stencils, classic Disney pumpkin stencils, Disney princess pumpkin stencils, and even Star Wars and Marvel pumpkin stencils. Have a blast carving pumpkins that featured Donald Duck, Olaf & Kristoff, Jack Skellington Pumpkin, and even Disney princesses like Snow White and the Little Mermaid Ariel. The possibilities are endless!

Bring a little Disney magic to your home this Halloween season with a printable Mickey Mouse pumpkin craft. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your kids, enjoy the Halloween celebration, and show your creativity. Remember, this craft is all about having fun, so let your imagination run wild and carve out joy, not just Mickey’s face, but wonderful memories too.

pumpkin crafts pumpkin carving templates

So, gather your craft supplies, download the free template, and let the Halloween crafting begin! Have a great time creating your own Mickey Mouse Halloween pumpkin and adding a little of that Disney enchantment to your Halloween decor. Disney fans of all ages will love this pumpkin craft.  Happy crafting!

free printable pumpkin stencil template Mickey Mouse pumpkin carving

Printable Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Template

Yield: 1 pumpkin
Active Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: Free Printable

This carving template is great for making a cool holiday and fall Disney pumpkin!


  • 1 Pumpkin
  • A knife to carve
  • A pumpkin carving kit
  • A spoon to scoop out guts
  • The free template!
  • Scissors to cut out
  • A light to put inside the pumpkin


  1. Down load and print out the free template
  2. Cut out the shape of the template using your scissors
  3. Place your mickey pieces onto the pumpkin and trace the outline
  4. Carve out your mickey face!
  5. Place a light inside to illuminate your creation.

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