Pumpkin Life Cycle Printables

Pumpkin Life Cycle Printables combine learning and fun, making it a great addition to your fall lesson plans. Understanding the life cycle of the pumpkin is a fundamental concept and an easy way to teach it is through educational printables about the pumpkin life cycle.

As autumn approaches, pumpkin season comes alive, and with it comes an excellent opportunity to explore the life cycle of a pumpkin with young learners. Little pumpkins are more than just the main ingredient in a delicious pumpkin pie; they also have intriguing life cycles.

From a small seed to green pumpkins maturing on the vine, young children can learn about the correct order a pumpkin goes through to become the bright orange pumpkin we know and love.

pumpkin life cycle worksheets pumpkin printables

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What are the 6 life cycle stages of a pumpkin?


The life cycle of a pumpkin begins with small seeds. Planting pumpkin seeds in your garden or a pot is a great way to start your pumpkin journey. For younger students, you can use a simple printable book to introduce them to the concept of seeds and their importance in the natural world.


Once the seeds are planted, young learners can have much fun watching the sprouts emerge from the soil. It’s a wonderful way to connect them with the real-life process of germination and plant growth. You can also provide them with a pumpkin investigation worksheet to observe and document the changes in the sprouts over time.

pumpkin life cycle activity book pumpkin printables

Pumpkin Life Cycle Printables

Materials needed:


Printer Paper

MarkersCrayons, Pencils


As the sprouts grow into a pumpkin plant, engage students with different activities related to the pumpkin life cycle. From pumpkin worksheets focusing on plant anatomy to pumpkin crafts that celebrate the beauty of these plants, there are plenty of ways to make learning about pumpkins a fun activity.

pumpkin worksheets for preschool


During the plant stage, pumpkin flowers bloom, including both male and female flowers. This is a great opportunity to introduce emergent readers to the pumpkin vocabulary, including terms like “pollination” and “reproduction.” You can also use pumpkin life cycle activities like 3-part cards to teach them about the different parts of a pumpkin.

Green Pumpkin

As the flowers are pollinated, they develop into small green pumpkins. At this stage, you can have a pumpkin activity in your classroom or at a pumpkin farm, where students can explore the pumpkin patches and observe pumpkins at different stages of development.

pumpkin life cycle activity


Finally, the green pumpkins mature into bright orange pumpkins, and now it’s time for the most awaited part of the pumpkin life cycle – harvesting your very own pumpkin! You can create a pumpkin life cycle mini-book, including fun pumpkin activities and real-life pictures of pumpkins, to reinforce their understanding of the pumpkin’s life cycle.

free pumpkin worksheets life cycle of a pumpkin kindergarten

How long does it take pumpkin plants to produce pumpkins?

The life cycle of a pumpkin is a fun and fascinating journey from seed to harvest. Pumpkin plants typically take around 90 to 120 days to produce a mature plant. 

pumpkin worksheets for first grade

What are the Parts of a Pumpkin?

The parts of a pumpkin include the stem, skin, pulp, tendrils, leaves, seeds, and fibrous strands. The tendrils and leaves are part of the pumpkin plant itself, while the stem, skin, pulp, seeds, and fibrous strands are part of the fruit that grows from the plant.

parts of a pumpkin printable

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Pumpkin Life Cycle Diorama

The tendrils are the thin, curly vines that grow from the main stem of the pumpkin plant, and the leaves are the large, flat green structures that grow from the stems and help the plant produce energy through photosynthesis.

The fibrous strands are the stringy material that surrounds the seeds and pulp inside the pumpkin and are often removed before cooking or baking with the fruit.

parts of a pumpkin worksheets

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How to use this Life Cycle of a Pumpkin printable?

Print out the life cycle of a pumpkin printable. (I use this printer)

1. Start by introducing the concept of the life cycle of pumpkins to the students. Use the first page of the pumpkin life cycle printables set to provide a brief overview of the different parts of the pumpkin life cycle.

2. Read pumpkin books and their life cycle, one great book is the “Life of a Pumpkin” by Jeanne Titherington, to enhance students’ understanding and vocabulary words related to pumpkins.

parts of a pumpkin worksheets

3. Take the learning beyond the free pumpkin printables by conducting pumpkin science experiments. Explore the inside of a pumpkin, examine the seeds, and discuss the role of pollination in pumpkin growth.

4. Connect the lesson to social studies by exploring the cultural significance of pumpkins in different traditions and celebrations around the world. 

5. Use the “Printable Reader” section of the pack to assess students’ comprehension. Have them read the mini-book and answer questions about the pumpkin life cycle to reinforce their understanding.

life cycle of a pumpkin printable pumpkin life cycle printable

Teaching the life cycle of a pumpkin is a fun way to blend education with fun during this great time of year. By using the Pumpkin Life Cycle Printable Pack, educators, and parents can create an enriching learning experience for young learners. The combination of printable worksheets, and a hands-on pumpkin craft ensures that children have a well-rounded understanding of pumpkins and their life cycle.

life cycle of a pumpkin printable pumpkin life cycle printable

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