Teaching Kids Random Acts of Kindness

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Random acts of kindness for kids  can be taught by the parent and will help others and give to others.  It  will also teach the child empathy and caring for other people. There are many ways to be kind to others. These random acts can make a difference in the lives of others, including those who are less fortunate. If you are not sure what types of activities teach kindness, try some of the ideas below.

family acts of kindness challenge

 Random Acts of Kindness for kids or adults shouldn’t be reserved for special times of the year such as the holidays.  The Bible says we are always to let our light shine before men!  As a family, may we make random acts of kindness something we work into our lives year round habit.  Teach kids to share God’s love through acts of kindness and service.


Some examples of Random Acts of Kindness for kids include:

Cut a Neighbor’s Grass

One of the best random acts of kindness for kids involves offering to help others who need it. If you have an elderly neighbor with overgrown grass on their lawn, you can ask the neighbor if they need help. If the neighbor agrees to allow your children to cut the grass, you can provide them with the supplies. Not only is it beneficial to the neighbor, but it teaches your children the importance of hard work. They will feel good about doing something for someone else.

Offer to Help a Neighbor With Their Groceries

Besides helping the neighbor by cutting their grass, you can have your children offer to help with groceries. If you see someone on your block struggling to carry their heavy items in, you and your children can assist that person. Lending a helping hand is a fantastic way to show kindness to another person. The person who receives help with their groceries will be glad to have someone there for them when they need it.

random acts of kindness sunbeam challenge for families and kids

Compliment Someone

It does not take much effort at all to compliment someone. You can talk to your children about compliments and how they make people feel. Telling someone you like their hair, outfit or smile are some of the ways to make them feel good about themselves.

random acts of kindness sunbeam challenge for families and kids

You can encourage this random act of kindness by having each child say one thing they like about their sibling. After each person has a turn, you can complement each of the kids to put a smile on their faces. You may then encourage them to compliment others at school.

Let your light shine before others

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Show your children that there is nothing wrong with helping those who are less unfortunate. You can sign up to volunteer at the homeless shelter with the kids. Your children will learn that not everyone has the same luxuries as others. They will feel good seeing how grateful people at the shelter are when they have a hot meal.

random acts of kindness list of ideas

If you do not feel comfortable having your children spend time at the homeless shelter, you can always bring them with you to donate food. You can go through the pantry, find items you do not need, and add them to a shopping bag. Bring the shopping bag with you to the homeless shelter and let your children drop it off. They will know that they have done a good deed for the day.

Family Random Acts of Kindness Free Printable

This FREE printable (See Download Link Below) includes family ACTS OF KINDNESS challenge that is available for you to print and use within your own family and local community.  Other Random Acts of Kindness that are mentioned on this Printable are:

Paint rocks, and write an inspirational message on each rock.  Leave kindness rocks around your neighborhood or park.

Leave water and snacks for your mail carrier or delivery driver and include a thank you note.

random acts of kindness list of ideas

Offer to clean or wash an elderly neighbor’s car or yard.

Use sidewalk chalk to weite inspirational messages and draw happy pictures on your driveway to encourage people who walk by your home.

Clean out your bookshelves and donate your gently used books to a children’s home.

Bake muffins/cookies for local community heroes such as firemen, nurses, bus drivers, and teachers and include a thank you card.

Donate gently used towels, blankets and newspapers to your local animal shelter.

sunbeam challenge random acts of kindness

If you don’t need the loose change lying around your home, donate it to a local cause/organization that is helping others.

Do a chore around the house without being asked.

Leave a note or handmade gift in a friend’s mailbox.

Buy flowers for someone who is sick, is going through a difficult time, or has lost a loved one.

Visit a local park or kids playground and help clean up the trash littered around.

Donate coloring books and crayons to a local children’s hospital.

Do a family member’s chore.

random acts of kindness challenge for kids and families

Help feed or clean up after your pet, without being asked.

Write notes, or make cards of love and appreciation for every member of your family.

Offer to make or buy a meal for a family with a newborn baby or for someone who is sick.

Purchase hygiene supplies for someone who is sick or homeless..

Donate gently used toys and games to a local women’s home or shelter.


Random acts of kindness for kids can teach empathy and understanding. If you want your children to care about others, you can show them random acts of kindness. Please encourage your children to do nice things for other people, such as volunteering or complimenting them. It will have a positive impact on them.  

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