How to make

Summer Charcuterie Board

Rye bread, Maasdam cheese, blue corn chips, colored candy, prosciutto, cashews, cucumber, mini mozzarella, cocktail tomatoes, marshmallows, oranges, strawberries, spinach, parsley, fennel, chard, olive blossoms.


Cut cocktail tomatoes in half, remove seeds, place mini mozzarella inside. Add dots of mayo for mushroom spots.

Cut marshmallows into petal shapes, press edges together to form butterflies.

Use cookie cutters to create cheese flowers. Cut some cheese flowers in half for clouds.

Place bread slices at the bottom, blue chips at the top. Add cucumber slices near the bread.

Place mushrooms on cucumber slices. Arrange cheese clouds on blue chips.

Add orange and strawberry flowers.

Fill empty spaces with nuts and candy. Add prosciutto and herbs around the edges.

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