A Christmas Nutcracker Craft Tutorial + Printable

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If you would like to decorate your home with handmade Christmas items, try this Christmas Nutcracker Craft with the children. It is the perfect way to spend time with your little ones while creating adorable nutcrackers that you can hang all over the walls of your home.

Christmas Nutcracker Craft with Stage and Characters (and a free 1 page Printable)

When it starts getting colder outside and the holiday season begins to approach, you may get excited about decorating the home with different Christmas-themed items, including snowmen, elves, and Santa Claus decorations. However, you can also decorate your home with beautiful nutcrackers after completing this Christmas Nutcracker Craft. Nutcrackers have such a unique and classic appearance that makes them stand out in a home when used for decorative purposes. You will have a great time completing this stress-free craft with the children because of the end result.

Nutcracker craft for kids

If you like doing crafts, you may already have the supplies needed to complete this craft with your children. You can get creative and allow your children to use different colors to create custom Christmas nutcrackers that will look great when displayed throughout various rooms in the home. The craft is easy enough for your children to complete with help from you, and it will keep them entertained while allowing them to use their creative sides.

nutcracker Christmas craft

How to Display your Christmas Nutcracker Craft?

You can do several things with your finished Christmas Nutcracker Craft. You can gift it to your favorite grandparent or aunt, and you child will enjoy playing with their new Nutcracker toy. There is something more personal and unique about gifting handmade crafts.

Another idea is to display the nutcracker craft that your kids made in your home with the other Christmas decorations. It would make the perfect table top display and your child would be proud to show it off. This Nutcracker craft would be the perfect classroom activity when learning about the Nutcracker at Christmas time.

Complete this Christmas Nutcracker Craft with your children when you have the following supplies to use:

  • 7 sheets of Card stock paper – color printer
  • Popsicle sticks or unused straws as an alternative
  • Glue or Glue sticks
  • Scissors

Because most crafters have these items in their art supplies kits, there is a good chance that you already have what you need to make the Christmas Nutcracker Craft with your children. If you do not have popsicle sticks available, you can always replace them with unused straws to complete this craft. While glue sticks should work when putting the pieces together to create these handmade nutcrackers, you can still choose to use glue if you have any trouble getting the pieces to stick together.

How to Make Christmas Nutcracker Craft

nutcracker Christmas craft

nutcracker Christmas craft

Cut out front stage and the inside part of the stage. (Be sure to cut off all extra white at bottoms of all pieces.)

nutcracker stage Christmas craft

Fold the tabs along dotted lines. Cut out the sides of the stage front and bottom. Fold tab on the bottom piece along dotted lines. Glue sides and bottom to the front part of stage, using the tabs .

Cut out back of stage and fold tabs along dotted lines. Glue back sides and bottom piece to the stage back. You should have two main components of the stage now.

Position the front stage onto the back stage. Make sure front sides end up on the outside of stage.

Nutcracker Christmas craft

Glue at bottom and sides thoroughly to make sure your stage is sturdy. Cut out dancers leaving white space around each, as desired. Using craft glue, stick the dancers on the end of popsicle stick or straws. Allow bottom part of dancer to hang free. Cut out both stage scene backgrounds. Guide the backgrounds into stage box, hanging them using the cut out slots.