Bible journaling is an activity that is growing in popularity among Christian believers. It allows you to dig deeper into the Word of God by engaging with it in a creative way. Instead of simply reading the scriptures, bible journaling encourages you to pause and reflect on what each passage means to you personally, and how it applies to your life. So what is bible Journaling and how do I get started?  Let’s explore further why bible journaling can be beneficial for your faith.

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What is Bible Journaling?

 Bible journaling is a practice of creatively engaging with scripture by writing down thoughts, meditations, and reflections on biblical passages. It is often done in conjunction with traditional devotional practices such as prayer and meditation. The goal is to connect more deeply with the Word of God by exploring it from a creative perspective.

How Can I get Started?

The great thing about bible journaling is that anyone can do it! All you need is a notebook, pens or pencils, and some creativity. You don’t even have to be an artist; just let your mind wander and see what comes out! Start by picking a passage that speaks to you, then spend some time thinking about it. What are the words saying? How does this passage make you feel? Once you have some ideas, start expressing them in your notebook through writing or drawing. You can also add colors and other embellishments if desired.

What are some of the Benefits of Bible Journaling?

There are numerous benefits associated with bible journaling. It helps us gain better understanding of scripture by allowing us to explore passages in-depth and build our own unique interpretations of them. It also provides an outlet for expressing our emotions related to these passages – something that can be difficult to do when we read the bible alone without any guidance or support from others. Finally, it helps strengthen our relationship with God by giving us an opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings directly with Him in prayerful reflection.

If you’re looking for a way to deepen your relationship with God, bible journaling may be just the thing for you! Not only does it provide an avenue for exploring scripture more deeply than ever before but it also helps us express our emotions regarding those scriptures in meaningful ways that can lead us closer toward Him. 

Connecting with God Through Art

One of the best ways to connect with God is through art. Bible journaling allows you to use art as a tool for deepening your faith and relationship with Him. You can create illustrations, doodles, or other types of artwork that capture the meaning behind each passage and make it even more memorable. Not only does this help you connect with God on a deeper level than just reading the bible, but it also provides a visual outlet for creativity too!  Some people are audible learners, but It is easier for visually creative people to memorize scripture when they see it drawn or written out

Learn More About Scripture

Bible journaling forces you to slow down and truly think about what each passage means. It helps you dive deeper into scripture so that you can better understand its message and apply it to your life. Instead of simply reading a passage at face value, bible journaling encourages you to take time out to really meditate on each word or phrase so that it can have a greater impact on your faith journey.

Bible journaling is an incredible way for believers to grow closer with God while engaging creatively with scripture. By slowing down and reflecting on what each passage means personally and how we can apply them more deeply into our lives, we are able to gain perspective from looking back on our journeys thus far too! 


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Explore your Faith Journey

Bible journaling also allows you to keep track of your progress as a believer. You can use your bible journal as a way to document how far along your spiritual journey has come since starting it—from when certain passages had greater meaning in one season versus another season—and reflect on lessons learned throughout this process. This gives perspective into how far along we have come in our walk with God over time, which is always encouraging!

What Bible Journaling Supplies do you need to get Started?

The beauty of bible journaling is that it doesn’t require any special supplies or equipment- just a Bible and something to write with! You can use any kind of paper or notebook- even an old sketchbook or scrapbook- as well as different types of pens and markers. There are also journals specifically designed for bible journaling that come with special features like tabs for easy navigation through the pages. Many people also incorporate other artistic tools such as washi tape, stickers, stamps, stencils, etc. for added creativity in their journals.

Bible journaling is an incredibly rewarding experience that can help deepen your faith while allowing you to explore your creativity by expressing yourself through art. All you need is a Bible and something to write with—no special supplies or equipment necessary!  If you’re looking for a great way to deepen your relationship with God and develop a stronger understanding of the Bible, then bible journaling is the perfect activity for you! It’s a great way to engage more deeply with the scriptures, express your faith creatively, and make a record of your spiritual journey. 

Do you have a request for certain bible journaling printables, worksheets, washi tapes, or bookmarks that may encourage you during your daily bible journaling?  Let us know in the comments.