13 Easy Lego Crafts and Printable Ideas for Kids

Lego is a beloved toy for kids of all ages, and it can also be a great tool for creativity and learning. In addition to building with Lego bricks, there are many fun Lego crafts and printables for kids to enjoy using Lego as their inspiration.

And the best part is that there are endless possibilities for Lego projects. Here at 24 Hour Family, we have many ideas to help you with different Lego-building projects and Lego crafts to keep kids busy and learning!

lego building ideas for kids and teens boys and girls

Whether you’re working with a small Lego set or a large one, simple blocks, or more advanced pieces, your children will have a blast coming up with all sorts of creations.

Fun Building Project ideas using Legos

To the delight of parents and educators, LEGO transcends its role as a toy, transforming playtime into a workshop for the developing mind.

Whether you’re guiding a future engineer in building sturdy structures or helping a young storyteller enact their vivid tales, LEGO provides a versatile foundation for educational activities.

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Encourage fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and spatial awareness with LEGO crafts that can be as simple or intricate as the imagination allows. Pair them with clever printables that challenge children to sort, count, and think critically; you’ve got an irresistible learning combo.

One fun project for kids is to create a Lego parachute. You only need a coffee filter, string, and a small Lego minifigure. Attach the string to the coffee filter and attach the Lego figure to the bottom.

Your child can then drop their Lego parachute from different heights and see how it floats down gently.

Building a Lego heart is the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for kids.  Red and pink Lego bricks were used to create a heart-shaped design. This project is a fun way to celebrate the holiday while encouraging creativity and fine motor skills.

Create a sweet surprise by making Lego Cupcakes.  Transform standard cupcakes into mini masterpieces by giving them the classic look of everyone’s favorite building blocks.  Crafting cupcakes that look like LEGO blocks is a fun way to entertain your Lego-loving kids and is also the perfect addition to a Lego-themed birthday party.

lego building ideas for kids and teens boys and girls

Pin the Head on the Lego Man is a fun twist on the classic party game for kids. Instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, blindfolded players try to pin the head on a Lego man. This game is perfect for a Lego-themed birthday party or a fun activity with friends. This is a free game to print and use at birthday parties or Lego clubs.

Another fun craft is these Lego Head Printables. These printable sheets are perfect for creating fun and customizable Lego heads that kids can color and decorate however they like. They can be used for decorations, party favors, a coloring sheet, or even as a fun activity during playtime.

A printable Lego Man is a great resource for kids who love to play with Lego minifigures. These printables can create custom Lego men with different outfits, accessories, and facial expressions. Kids can mix and match the pieces to create their unique characters. 

These Lego man printables are the perfect activities for preschoolers and can inspire imaginative play and storytelling as they create scenarios and adventures for the characters. They can also be used as Lego coloring pages.

Teach a science lesson and encourage creative thinking by building a Lego lighthouse. This project combines creativity with learning, as kids build a lighthouse out of Lego bricks and learn how lighthouses work. Add a small LED light to the top of the lighthouse to shine bright, just like a real lighthouse guiding ships safely to shore.

stem learning with legos steam lego builds with teen and lego building with kids

Learning activities like building a Lego lighthouse engage children in hands-on play and provide opportunities for them to explore concepts such as engineering, architecture, and even physics.

With a wide range of LEGO crafts and printables on our website, these Lego ideas for kids are endless. So grab some bricks, get creative, and watch your child’s imagination take flight with LEGO!

Holiday Themed Ideas

Have a blast this holiday season as you piece together your delightful Lego Christmas tree ornament.  Create vibrant decorations that will bring cheer and fun to any space.  Your family will love making a unique and personalized Lego decoration that you can cherish for years to come.

During the busy season of Christmas, you can make your holiday season merrier by constructing a festive LEGO Christmas tree!  Bring the family together for quality time as you search through all of those fun and classic bricks, finding unique ways to build that perfect centerpiece.

Add decorations like stars or snowflakes for a special touch—there’s no limit to what wonders can be created with Legos!

family lego builds for kids stem learning with legos steam lego builds with teen and lego building with kids

Create a winter wonderland with a Lego-constructed North Pole.  Piece together a cozy North Pole Christmas scene using the basic instructions provided.  This is a simple Lego build for elementary students ages 5 to 12.  

Building a Lego Snowflake is a festive activity for kids during the winter months. This Lego brick craft uses blue and white bricks and encourages snowflake designs that can be displayed as decorations or used as ornaments. This project is a great way to get creative with Legos while celebrating the season.

Lego Building Craft for Kids

Building a LEGO shamrock would make the perfect school activity for St. Patrick’s Day.  This creative activity offers numerous benefits, from enhancing fine motor skills to promoting thematic learning and cultural awareness.

Building challenges like this Lego Shamrock can be an engaging way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while fostering creativity and hands-on problem-solving.

Building a LEGO Easter tomb can be a meaningful and creative way to engage with the Easter story and its message of resurrection and hope. It’s also a fun and educational activity for children, allowing them to explore the story hands-on. 

If your family loves Lego, then you won’t want to miss out on watching some of the best Lego movies together! From action-packed adventures to hilarious comedies, there’s something for everyone. Here are a few must-watch Lego movies that families will enjoy.  The Lego movie can be enjoyed by 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and up.

Lego-building activities for kids are a great way to encourage creativity, problem-solving skills, and fine motor skills. Whether creating custom Lego mini-figures, building holiday-themed decorations, or constructing fun and educational projects like a Lego Lighthouse or Easter tomb, there are endless possibilities for crafting with Legos.

These activities can provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages and are a great way to bond as a family.  

Building with Legos is a great way to spend quality time with your kids while encouraging their creativity and problem-solving skills. Best of all, it’s something that both you and your child will enjoy! So break out those Legos and get building!

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