Fun and Educational Kids Printables

Kids Printables are an excellent way to teach your children new skills while having fun. You can use printables to help them learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colors; they’re also a great way to develop fine motor skills and encourage creativity. Here at 24 Hour Family, we have hundreds of different worksheets for kids, such as educational printables, faith printables, bible Journaling Printables, Science Printables, and many more.

Using kids’ printables is a versatile and enjoyable way to promote learning and creativity in children. It allows them to have fun while developing essential skills and knowledge in a structured and engaging manner. Many printable resources are available for early childhood education or a rainy day activity to support your child’s growth and development.

What are Kid’s Printables?

They are a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to engage children in learning and creative activities in a structured and enjoyable manner. These printables can complement traditional educational approaches and provide a fun way for children to explore various subjects and themes.

Educational Printables

Educational printables are designed to help children learn and practice important skills such as math, reading, writing, and science. These printables often feature activities like counting exercises, letter recognition games, and coloring pages that reinforce key concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Free Printable Rosa Parks Worksheets

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Cut and Paste Worksheets

Five Regions of the United States Worksheets

Pledge of Allegiance Words Printable

Parts of a Book Worksheet

Space Coloring Pages and Printable Activities for Kids

American Revolution Printable

Science Printables

Science worksheets are a great way to introduce children to basic scientific concepts and principles. These printables may include experiments, diagrams, and activities that help children explore the world around them, and learn about topics such as animals, plants, weather, and the environment. They can spark curiosity and encourage children to ask questions and seek answers through hands-on learning experiences.  These science homeschool worksheets are perfect for many different grades from kindergarten to 4th grade and 5th grade.

Free Scientific Method Worksheets Printable

Parts of a Plant Worksheet for Kids (Free Printable)

Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheet (Free Printable)

Strawberry Life Cycle Worksheet

10 Stages in the Strawberry Life Cycle (Free Printable)

Praying Mantis Life Cycle

Free Printable Weather Worksheets for Kindergarten

Body Parts Worksheets for Kids:

Free Body Parts Flashcards Printable for Kids

Body Parts Activities for Preschoolers (Free Printable)

Free Human Body Worksheets Printable

Printable Body Systems Chart (Free Printable)

Math Printables:

Multiplication Tables 1-12 Printable Worksheets

FREE Frozen Math Printables

Cursive Worksheets

Cursive B Worksheet Printable

Cursive Q Worksheet Printable

Cursive Alphabet Chart Printable

How to Write a Cursive F

Learn About Letters Worksheets:

Free Letter Q Worksheets

Letter T Worksheets

10 Free “A” is for Alligator Worksheets

Learn About Shapes and Patterns Worksheets:

Parallelogram Pattern Blocks Printable

18 Cutting Shapes Worksheets

Triangle Shapes Pattern Blocks Printable

Heart Shaped Pattern Blocks Printable

Farm Pattern Blocks Printables

Faith Printables

Faith printables are designed to help children explore their spirituality and develop a strong foundation of faith. They include bible verses, prayers, coloring pages, and activities that promote understanding and reflection on the Bible. They can be a valuable tool for parents and educators looking to instill values and beliefs in children. These Full Armor of God Printable are perfect for Sunday School.

Lesson Plans/Homeschool Printables:

Free Printable Homework Planner Template and Stickers

Unit Study Homeschool Lesson Planner

Reading Log Printables:

December Reading Log Printable

Reading Log Printables for Kids

Summer Reading Log Printables

free handprint art free printables for toddlers preschooler kindergarten young grade school

All About Me Worksheets

All About Me worksheets are free printables often used in educational settings, particularly with younger students, to facilitate ice-breaker activities and learning. These worksheets ask students to share information about themselves, such as their likes, dislikes, family, interests, and personal goals.

Printable Banners:

Printable Happy Birthday Banner

Happy Spring Banner Printable

Printable Welcome Banner

Activities Printables:

Printable activities allow young learners to express their creativity by coloring or drawing pictures. Coloring activities enable children to explore their imagination while developing concentration, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

Road Trip Activities for Kids (Free Printable)

How to Draw a Fireman-Printable PDF

How to Draw a Fire Extinguisher

Storybook Printables:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears PDF (Free Printable)

Cute Octopus Drawing and Printable Activity for Kids

Ballerina Printables, Mazes, and Word Search

Tooth Fairy Printables:

Printable Tooth Fairy Letter – No Tooth

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger Printables

Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages

Tooth Fairy Receipt Printables

Scavenger Hunt Printables:

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Printable

Church Scavenger Hunt Printable

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Bingo Printables:

Camping Bingo Printable

Printable Gratitude Journal

Random Acts of Kindness Printable

Back to School Printables:

First Day of School Printable Signs

Back to School Countdown Sign

Back to School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Spiderman Mask Template

Time Capsule Printables:

Baby’s Time Capsule Ideas to Treasure Forever (Plus Free Printable)

79 Time Capsule Ideas (Plus Free Printable)

Camping Printables:

Indoor Camping Printable Activities

Printable Word Search:

Word Search Summer Printables

Disney Word Search Printables

Kindness Word Search Printables

Disney Printables:

Free Printable Disney Countdown Calendar

Disney Word Scramble

Disney Princess Paper Dolls

Cinderella Footprint Art

Snow White Footprint Art

Handprint Art Printables:

Grandpa Handprint Craft

Patriotic Handprint Art

Summer Printables:

Crab Handprint Art

Printable Pirate Hats

Beach Themed Worksheets Activities

Lego Printables:

Lego Man Printables

Valentine’s I Spy Printable

Chore Chart for Kids Printable

Robot Activity Page

Party Printables:

Ice Cream Party Decorations (Plus Free Printable)

free printable activity worksheets for young learners

Color By Number Printables for kids

Color-by-number printables are both educational and entertaining. Kids get to practice number recognition while creating a coloring page. These printables can be tailored to any age group; younger children can work on recognizing numbers up to 10 or 20, while older kids can use more significant numbers.

Children often face the challenge of expressing their creativity in a way that meets their needs. Color-by-number printables offer an excellent opportunity to give kids an outlet to express themselves through art while also sharpening their number recognition skills.  

Easter Printables:

Easter is a joyous occasion celebrating a renewed life and bringing families together. We’ve put together free printables you can download and use to get the season’s joy into your home. 

He is Risen Free Printable Scripture Cards

Explaining Easter to a Child Using the Jelly Bean Poem

Christian Easter Word Scramble Printable

Easter Egg Hunt Printables

Christian Easter Word Search Printables

Printable Easter Puns

free handprint art free printables for toddlers preschooler kindergarten young grade school

Mother’s Day Printables for Kids

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so what better way to show Mom how much you love her than with a homemade gift made by your children? Our perfect solution is fun and creative printables your children can make as Mother’s Day gifts.

How to Make a Mother’s Day Handprint Poem: A Heartfelt and Easy DIY

Happy Mother’s Day Dog Mom (Printable Certificate)

Mother’s Day Handprint Art: How to Make a Unique and Memorable Gift

Father’s Day Printables:

Free Printable with Easter Puns and Dad Jokes

Father’s Day Questionnaire for Kids (Free Printable)

Fall Printables:

Build a Jack-O-Lantern Printable

Grinch Pumpkin Carving Template

Printable Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Carving Template

Spiderman Pumpkin Stencil Printable

Thanksgiving Printables:

With Thanksgiving just approaching, it’s time to get your kids excited about the holiday season. What better way to do that than with fun and festive activity printables? Using the free Turkey templates will make your Thanksgiving craft projects easier.

Thanksgiving printables will keep your little ones busy while teaching them the importance of giving thanks this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts and Activities

Thanksgiving Art for Kids FREE Printable

Turkey Feather Templates

Turkey Feather Template Craft for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Bingo Printables

Disguise a Turkey Printable

Build a Turkey Printable Templates

Thanksgiving I-Spy Free Printable

Thanksgiving Handprint Poem Printable Templates

Christmas Printables:

These Christmas printables for kids are perfect for keeping your little ones busy during the holidays. Incorporate these fun activities into your family traditions this year, and watch as your children become immersed in the season’s joys.

Elf on the Shelf Printables:

Elf on the Shelf Notes (Plus Free Printable)

Elf on the Shelf Printable Snack Idea For Kids

Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters

Elf on the Shelf Spiderman Printable

Elf Color by Number

Elf on the Shelf Secret Decoder Printable

Dr. Seuss Printables:

Dr. Seuss Printables for Kids is perfect for Read Across America Month and Dr. Suess’s Birthday to encourage a love for reading and books.

Printable Dioramas:

Printable dioramas are also interactive, which makes them even more exciting for kids. They can move pieces around and rearrange them as needed, which will help keep their attention longer than traditional methods like reading or lectures. Plus, since it’s an activity you do together, it provides quality bonding time between you and your child, which is always essential. 

Printable diorama projects are great for engaging and interactively teaching kids about history, science, and culture. Not only are they fun for both you and your child, but they also provide a great opportunity to bond with each other. So why not give them a try? Grab some paper, scissors, glue sticks—and maybe some crayons, too—and let your kid’s imagination run wild. You never know what kind of creations they may come up with.

Printable Templates:

Free Printable Cross Template

Free Ice Cream Cone Template Printables Free printable templates provide an easy way to start any project, from art projects to math lessons, without having to start from scratch every time. These free Ice Cream Cone Templates will help as you plan your summer crafts and parties.

Free Ocean Animals Fish Outline Templates We have many free printable templates available here, so it’s easy to keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank.  Free printable templates are a great resource for parents and teachers alike.

Free Blank Face Template Printables

Printable Turkey Template Options for Crafts

Free Printable Crab Template

Benefits of using printables in the classroom or at home:

Cognitive Development: Solving puzzles, mazes, and brainteasers in printables can boost problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. It encourages children to use logic and reasoning.

Language and Literacy: Printable worksheets often include language and literacy exercises that help children develop reading and writing skills. These activities can be particularly valuable for preschoolers and early elementary school students.

Independence: Using printables encourages children to work independently. They can follow instructions, complete tasks, and take ownership of their learning process.

Focused Learning: Printables offer structured learning activities that can help children stay focused on tasks and complete them from start to finish, improving their attention spans.

Problem Solving: Printable puzzles and games, such as crosswords or word searches, stimulate problem-solving abilities, vocabulary expansion, and pattern recognition.

Customized Learning: Parents and educators can choose printables matching a child’s skill level, ensuring that the activities are neither easy nor challenging.

Engagement: Many children find printables enjoyable and engaging, making them more receptive to learning and education. The use of colorful graphics and fun themes adds to the appeal.

Parental Involvement: Using printables at home can allow parents to get involved in their child’s education. Parents can assist, explain concepts, and provide support during the activities.

Structured Learning Time: Printables can help establish a routine for structured learning time at home, which can be particularly valuable for homeschooling or complementing school-based education.

Entertainment: Kids’ printables can be entertainment, especially on rainy or indoor days. They keep children occupied and can be a welcome break from screen time.

Collection and Reflection: Storing completed printables in a folder or binder creates a collection of a child’s work over time, allowing for reflection on progress and accomplishments.

Preparation for School: Using printables can help prepare children for academic challenges they will face in school, such as reading, writing, and basic math.

Flexible Learning: Kids’ printables provide flexibility regarding when and how learning happens, accommodating different learning styles and preferences.

Educational Enrichment: Our kids’ printables focus on educational content, helping children reinforce and expand their knowledge in math, reading, science, and more. They provide a structured and engaging way to learn.

Skill Development: Printables are designed to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and attention to detail. Activities like coloring, cutting, and pasting help enhance these skills.

There are so many ways that printables can help parents, caregivers, and teachers engage with their young learners while teaching them valuable skills—it’s no surprise why these resources continue to be popular among parents today! Whether you choose coloring pages, puzzles, or anything else available online – have fun exploring all the possibilities together.

With all the options, you can find something educational without sacrificing any of the fun. So get creative and enjoy yourself while giving your little one a boost in development – everyone wins when using printables!