How to Draw a Fireman-Printable PDF

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Do you want to learn How to Draw a Fireman, a Fire Station, a Fireman’s Jacket, Fireman’s gloves and a Fire truck? This easy to use printable will show you how to draw those things plus other items you find at a Fire Station such as a bucket and hose. This printable will help you draw all of these Fire Station items, put them together and you will be able to draw a complete fire station. A ‘how to draw’ activity would be so much fun for a child learning to draw, and you could also use it to entertain children at birthdays parties and playdates.

This is a 10 page PDF Printable that details how to draw a fireman, a forestation, fireman gloves, fireman hose, a fire truck, fireman hat to draw a complete fire station.

Fireman are Heroes for serving the Community so it’s fun learning how to draw a Fireman

A Fireman works hard and serves their community. Fireman are very well respected people who puts themselves in danger to help or even save others lives. When my son was in Kindergarten, we were very thankful that the local Fireman allowed him to take a tour of the Fire station and the Firetruck. As a young child, my son was fascinated by what he saw at the Fire Station. We have much respect for those who serve our community in jobs such as Firemen, Police Officers, and Health Care workers.

This complete 10 page PDF printable includes pictures to use to practice drawing a complete fire station. Several of the objects that you will learn to draw with this printable are the following:

  1. How to draw a Fireman holding a hose.
  2. How to draw a Fire Truck.
  3. How to draw a Fireman radio communicator.
  4. How to draw a Fire Extinguisher.
  5. How to draw a Fire Hat.
  6. How to draw a Fire Hose.
  7. How to draw Fireman’s gloves.
  8. How to draw a Fireman’s boots.
  9. How to draw a Fireman’s hat.

After your child learns to draw this individual items that all relate to a Fireman, they will be able to draw the entire Firestation. I hope you child has a fun time learning about a Fire Station, Firemen, and how to draw!

You can find this 10 page printable in my shop HERE