Ice Cream Party Decorations (Plus Free Printable)

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Summertime is the perfect time for a party! If you’re looking for ideas for Ice Cream Party Decorations, you’ve come to the right place. We have some simple and inexpensive ideas that you can use for an ice cream party or a child’s birthday party. Hosting an ice cream party is a great way to celebrate summer!

Ice Cream Party Decoration Ideas

When throwing an ice cream party, you’ll need to have ice cream party decorations. Decorate accordingly! Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Set up a ice cream sundae bar with all of your favorite toppings.

-Hang colorful streamers and balloons throughout the party space. You can purchase the Ice Cream Decoration bundle here. It includes a printable multi-color banner.

Ice Cream Party Decorations bundle includes party invitations, printable decorative signs, ice cream stickers, and printable colorful banner

-Set out some beach towels or colorful blankets for guests to relax on.

-Put a few ice cream cones in each napkin as a fun party favor.

-Brew some sweet ice tea or lemonade to keep guests cool.

-Play ice cream themed music in the background.

-And finally, enjoy! Ice cream parties are the perfect way to celebrate summer.

With these ideas in mind, you can create a festive and fun ice cream party that everyone will enjoy!

free ice cream decorations download sign "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" for an Ice Cream Party

How to Plan an Ice Cream Party

Begin by choosing choose a fun theme. You can go with a classic beach theme, or get creative with a themed party like “Rocky Road Night.” Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to decorate! Hang streamers and balloons, then set up a colorful banner that celebrates your favorite flavor of ice cream. Don’t forget the props! Serve cones and cups of ice cream on a festive tablecloth, or use colorful paper plates and napkins. With these tips, your ice cream party will be sure to be a hit this summer! Plus you can download this free “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream” here.

Ice Cream Party Decorations for a summertime ice cream social

Do you have any tips for throwing an ice cream party? Share them in the comments below! And if you need some inspiration for your next ice cream party, be sure to check out our collection of recipes! We’ve got everything from classic ice cream flavors to fun and unique flavor combinations. Thanks for reading, and happy hosting!

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