Free Letter From Santa Templates for Boys and Girls

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We have Printable Christmas Letter from Santa ideas to print out and use for free. For many kids, a personal letter from Santa is one of the highlights of the holiday season. Luckily, it’s easy to create a believable and personalized letter using a few simple tips and these free templates. We love Christmas Crafts and Christmas Printables that we can share for free!

As the holidays approach, people across the country begin to prepare for Christmas and kids begin to get excited about a visit from Santa Claus. A printable letter from Santa contributes to the joy and wonder of the holiday season, creating a special moment for children that can remain in their hearts for years to come.

letters from santa printables for boys and girls at christmas time
letters from santa free templates

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Materials needed to use these Free Letters from Santa Printables:


Printer Paper

How to Write a Letter From Santa

We have provided several ready-to-use templates for you to use written ‘from Santa’. But if you would prefer to include personal details, we have a few suggestions and have provided a blank template for you to personalize specifically for your child. Be sure to include some specific details about the child’s life, such as their age, where they live, and what they hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Letter From the Desk of Santa Claus – for a Girl

letters from santa printable from the desk of santa claus for a girl

Creating a Letter from Santa

If you would prefer to make your own Santa letter templates, check out this website, Letters From Santa. You can create a letter from Santa, and you can come back year after year for Free Santa letters. It’s an easy website to use and you can print out a personalized letter from Santa to your child.

Simply enter your child’s name at the top of the free printable. Then, you can mail the letter from Santa to your child.

A template provides a pre-made structure that is easy to follow and we have several different free printable Santa letter templates for you to choose from. We have included different designs, colors, and word structures for you.

Letter from Santa Claus – for a Boy

letters from santa printable from the desk of santa claus for a boy

We have included Christmas Santa letter templates in this blog post that are free to use, download, and print as many as you would like. In addition to that, we have Dear Santa Letter templates for kids to use to write their wishlist for Santa Claus.

Free Santa Letter for Older Child

For another fun Christmas printable for your kids, check out these free Cute Christmas Drawings and writing prompts for kids.

Blank Letter to Santa Printable

A printable letter from Santa offers a range of benefits, particularly for children during the festive season:

blank free printable letter from santa to fill out print and use on Christmas
  1. Imagination and Belief: Receiving a personalized letter from Santa can enhance a child’s imagination and reinforce their belief in the magic of Christmas. It adds a touch of wonder and excitement to the holiday season.
  2. Emotional Joy: It brings joy and happiness to children, creating a sense of anticipation and wonder about the magic of Christmas. The personalization and the idea that Santa took the time to write directly to them can be immensely heartwarming.
  3. Keepsake and Memory: A printed letter can become a cherished keepsake, something children can hold onto for years, fostering fond memories of their childhood and the magic of Christmas.
  4. Encourages Good Behavior: Some letters from Santa might mention the importance of being kind, helpful, and well-behaved, encouraging children to exhibit positive behavior in the lead-up to Christmas.
  5. Family Tradition: It can become part of a family tradition, something looked forward to each year, and it can contribute to the overall festive spirit within the family.
  6. Connection and Engagement: It helps to create a sense of connection between the child and the wider, more mythical aspects of the holiday season, fostering engagement in the magical elements of Christmas.

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Once you have your template ready to go, pop it in an envelope and address it from Santa at the North Pole. It’s that easy! Get started today and make your child’s Christmas extra special.

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