Cute Christmas Drawings and Kids Writing Prompts

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Drawing and writing are such powerful forms for kids to express themselves and also give parents memories as the child documents their thoughts at Christmas time. I have a free printable that will encourage your child to make CUTE Christmas Drawings and Writing Prompts this Christmas. This is a four page printable that is easy for any child to use. It can be gifted to a favorite grandparent or other family member when it’s completed by the child. Whoever receives this as a gift will treasure the thought the child put into it as well as the drawings and writings the child will create.

Cute Christmas Drawings and writing prompts

Cute Christmas Drawings of Santa Claus

Here your child will be prompted to draw a a picture of Santa Claus, his sled, and imagine where Santa Claus’s favorite place is to fly.

If I were Santa Clause printable

This provides a colorable picture of a snowman plus encourage the child to think about what a snowman might do at night!

Snowman writing prompt

You can print the Cute Christmas Drawings and Writing Prompts Here

Encourage your child with pretend play as they dream of being an elf. What would their name be? What would their job be? What would they look like as an elf and what would their favorite part of being an elf be?

Elf Cute Christmas drawing

This printable will encourage your child to think how it would feel to be a reindeer. How would they look as a reindeer and what would their name be? Also, what does a reindeer like to do and doesn’t like to do? Also, this printable provides an area for your child to drawing a cute Christmas drawing of a reindeer.

Cute Christmas drawing of a reindeer

Celebrating Christmas with your kids is one of the highlights of being a parent. You will look back one day and treasure all of the drawings your child has done over the years. So get the markers, coloring pencils, crayons, and even watercolor paints out and have fun with these Cute Christmas Drawings!