9 Kids Picnic Games for Outdoor Fun

A day spent well with family is a day full of fun and laughter. What is better than playing picnic games with your family basking in the moment and making beautiful memories that you can cherish all your life? By having a picnic and playing games, you can encourage positive family interaction with your kids and foster bonding, along with having fun. If you choose an outdoor picnic ground, then here are a few games you can’t miss playing with your kids.

outdoor games that make parties fun

The Bean Bag Toss Game

Want to play truth or dare? If you have a huge family, then this is one of the best games together. You can begin by dividing the family into two teams to ensure you have ten members. To play the game, you need some bean bags. The main agenda of this game is to throw a bean bag and hit one of the cornhole boards.

The team with the most bean bags in the corn hole board first gets to ask the other teammate truth or dare. Every individual needs to answer the question participate in the fact or confront the task. The game is perfect for all ages, and it is a great way to entertain huge families.

Playing outside games outdoor games that make parties fun

Fun Picnic Games: An Art Contest

As the article here discusses, outdoor play for kids has so many benefits, but art also develops creativity. Setting up an art easel indoors or outdoors would be a fun way for your family to experiment with painting.

Picture from a paint party outdoor games that make parties fun

Apart from the painting, you can also organize a chalk drawing contest on an open concrete surface outside. We had a fun art party for my daughter’s 9th birthday, and in addition to painting, we made easel art Cookies. (Pictured above)

Red Light, Green Light Family Trivia

​The game is a classical twist of the original red-light-green-light game. Under this game, you need to be prepared for at least three to five family trivia cards per family member before you leave for the picnic. One member of the family needs to play the role of a traffic light where the red light indicates stop and the green indicates go.

The other members have to face the traffic light and move as per the traffic light’s commands. When giving the green authority, the person playing the role of a traffic light has to move around, and other members of the team attempt to tag the traffic light.

A member must answer the family trivia card selected by the traffic light if he or she successfully tags the traffic light to take over the position. The game continues with the member who doesn’t answer the card and moves three steps backward.

The game can be played by all age groups and is ideal for both small and large families. This game is perfect for families who want to burn some calories as it consumes a lot of energy. It is also perfect for a family campout. We have some camping printables here.

outdoor games that make parties fun

Three-Legged Race

​It is one of the classical games played among families, and this game is specially designed for fun. You need to carry some pieces of fabric and divide the participants into two teams. After splitting the family members into two groups, you need to tie up the ankles of the pairs of duos together.

The couple to reach the finish line first should be rewarded. If you are willing to modify the game, add a third participant, and try each with the arm and leg. 

Family playing outside together

Would You Instead Hot Potato

​ Picnic games need to include hot potato. You need a bit of preparation for this game as you need to buy a beach ball and blow it up before leaving for the picnic. You need to think of at least 25-30 different questions and write them on the ball. Similar to catch-catch, you can play this game.

Family and kids with hula hoops

When playing this game, everyone gets an equal number of turns. You can make it more challenging by including hot potato rules. You have to toss the ball around as quickly as you can and keep a tab on time by using an hourglass or a timer.

The one who drops the ball or catches the ball as soon as the timer runs out has to answer one of the riddles or questions. This game works for both groups, including a small group having at least four members or kids aged seven or more. It is one of the best games if you want to build a strong bond with your family.


outdoors hopscotch game fall outdoor picnic games


If you don’t find a dodgeball, a football or a basketball also works for this game. To play this game, one needs to form a circle, and the player in the center starts the game. It would be best if you hit every player turn by turn. The player that is hit needs to leave.

Glass Half Full or Empty

​You need to take one plastic cup per family member to play this game. You would also need some other materials, including a hose to access water or a few jugs of water, one blindfold per participant, and one large bucket for each team.

Though playing in a larger group adds extra fun, you can also play this game with a small group having fewer participants. Divide your family into two teams and make two captains responsible for the large water buckets.

Then after assigning duties to the captain, you need to hand over the plastic cup to each member that is filled halfway, and the member has to be blindfolded. The game’s objective is that the blindfolded team members have two reaches to their captains without spilling water while reaching the giant bucket. Once the participants reach the larger buckets, they have to empty the water in their cups.

It would be best if you also encouraged the captains to shout motivational messages to their team members. The team that ends up putting most of the water wins. The game is ideal for both kids and adults. You can make the game challenging if you allow the blindfolded teammates to carry the water cups in their mouths and with one arm.

outdoor games that make parties fun

Chubby Bunny Dice

​To play this picnic game, you need to carry two dice and some bags of marshmallows to the picnic spot. The main agenda of the game is that the player has to roll a matching set of dice. You need to place a marshmallow in your mouth if you fail to turn a matching set.

The person who has most of the marshmallows loses the game. The exciting part of the game is that losing tastes sweeter than winning. As dice are hazards, this game should be played under adult supervision.

These are some essential games that will make your family picnic memorable.

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