6 Free Tooth Fairy Door Hanger Printables

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For those looking for a way to make the tooth fairy visit extra special, we’ve got just the thing! This free printable tooth fairy door hanger can be used for your little one’s next visit from the tooth fairy.

Making tooth fairy visits fun and magical for your kids is memorable, and parents strive to make the tooth-losing experience as magical as possible. Whether it’s writing letters to the tooth fairy or leaving a little token of appreciation, there are lots of creative ways to make the tooth-losing experience special for your kids.

free printable tooth fairy door hanger printables

Every child looks forward to the exciting visit of the Tooth Fairy. Hang a whimsical door hanger outside their room that reads: “Tooth Fairy Please Stop Here!” and watch them beam with anticipation as they wait eagerly for her magical arrival.

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Materials needed:


Printer Paper

MarkersCrayons, Pencils

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Door Hangers

What are Tooth Fairy Door Hangers?

A tooth fairy door hanger is simply a door hanger with a message for the tooth fairy on it to please make a stop. When your kiddo loses their first (or second, or third…) tooth, you can hang this on their bedroom doorknob, and this will let the tooth fairy know where to stop and get the tooth, and also where to leave the child a gift! It’s sure to bring a smile to their face when they wake up in the morning and see what the tooth fairy has left for them.

Tooth Fairy dor hanger

Every night, excited children await the magical visit of the Tooth Fairy. A special door hanger with a message for her awaits on their bedroom doors – signaling that she’s welcome to make an appearance and leave behind a girt. Such moments are sure to become cherished memories in any family’s scrapbook.

How Do I Make My Own Tooth Fairy Door Hanger?

We’ve made it easy for you! We offer free printable templates that allow you to customize your own door hanger or just use the door hanger as is. Simply download our template and choose from one of our six designs. You can add your child’s name and even add a personal message from the tooth fairy.

First, print out the design on card stock paper. After you have printed it out, cut it out and customize your design. Or, use our designs just like they are. The free printable door hanger is ready to hang on your child’s door. It will build excitement as your child waits for the tooth fairy to come.

In addition to these tooth fairy door hangers, we have 11 tooth fairy receipt Printables for you to print and use.

Tooth fairy coloring pages can be used as a fun way to teach children about dental hygiene and the importance of taking care of their teeth.

To make the tooth fairy experience even more unforgettable, we have printable receipts to ensure that each visit leaves no doubt as to who left behind something special…a token of appreciation for having lost another baby tooth.

Making visits from the tooth fairy extra special doesn’t have to be hard – all it takes is some creativity and a little bit of time! With our free printable tooth fairy door hanger templates, creating personalized door hangers is quick and easy. Let us help make your child’s next visit from the tooth fairy truly magical with these fun door hangers!

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