Fun Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages For Your Young Child 

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Getting your child excited about brushing their teeth can be a challenge. But with the help of the tooth fairy and some fun tooth fairy coloring pages, you can make dental care an enjoyable and educational experience for your young one. When your child has their first loose tooth, they may get excited about a visit from the tooth fairy, but may also be nervous about losing that wiggly tooth!

Read on to find out more about free printable tooth fairy coloring pages that will get your kids smiling and wanting to brush their teeth even more. And you can find more free Printables for kids here.

tooth fairy coloring pages

The Tooth Fairy is a magical figure that captures the imagination of children all over the world. As your child begins to lose their baby teeth, it can be exciting for them to connect with this beloved fictional character. To make this experience even more fun, we have created free printable tooth fairy coloring pages that you and your child can enjoy together!  Coloring pages are a great way to teach your child about losing their first tooth while also encouraging art and creativity.

tooth fairy coloring pages

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What Makes Coloring Pages So Fun? 

Coloring pages are loved by kids of all ages! They are also the perfect way to engage your young one in creative activities that also help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Not only do they get to explore their creative side, but they also get to experience the joy of creating something unique.

Our free printable tooth fairy coloring pages provide an opportunity for parents and children to connect as they color together. And early learning about how to care for healthy teeth will benefit your child overall.

Materials needed:


Printer Paper

MarkersCrayons, Pencils

tooth fairy free printable coloring pages

The tooth fairy coloring pages feature simple shapes and designs that will help teach young kids how to stay within the lines when coloring. It’s important for children to learn the basics of art at a young age, as these fundamental skills will help them in other areas such as writing or math. In addition, there are plenty of fun details in our tooth fairy coloring pages that your child can explore; from stars and sparkles to fairies wearing colorful outfits! 

free coloring pages tooth fairy

These specifically themed coloring pages can be used to introduce concepts such as brushing twice a day for two minutes each time or eating healthy snacks instead of sugary ones. Even better, because these activities are fun, kids will be more likely to remember them than if they were just lectured about oral hygiene.

dental hygiene for kids coloring pages

Printable Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages 

We have four free printable tooth fairy coloring pages available to print. These delightful images bring the magical world of the tooth fairy right into your home! Your child will love coloring pictures of fairies flying around with sparkly wings, holding bags of coins or coins raining down from the sky, or even pictures of fairies visiting a little girl’s bedroom while she sleeps. With so many different images to choose from, your child is sure to stay entertained. 

Benefits Of Coloring Pages For Children 

Coloring pages aren’t just fun; they can actually have a positive effect on children’s dental health as well! By getting your child excited about brushing their teeth with these engaging images, you’ll be teaching them important lessons about taking care of their teeth at an early age. Plus, by introducing the concept of the tooth fairy early on in life (with gentle reminders about brushing!), you can help create positive associations between dental hygiene and rewards for years to come. 

tooth fairy leaves a tooth under the pillow

Making sure your child develops good oral hygiene habits is important for their health now and into adulthood. By printing out these free printable tooth fairy coloring pages, you can make sure your child has fun while also learning valuable lessons about dental health that will stay with them for years to come! It’s never too late (or too early!) to start teaching kids healthy habits; pick up one of these special coloring sheets today and watch your little one light up when the tooth fairy arrives!

free tooth fairy coloring pages pdf printable

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With free printable tooth fairy coloring pages, you can make brushing your teeth something that your young one looks forward to each day. Not only will they get to enjoy some fun art activities while learning how important it is to take care of their teeth – they may even get rewarded in return by the tooth fairy itself.

Start downloading those printable coloring pages today and watch your child light up with excitement when they see what awaits them after they brush their pearly whites.

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