DIY 3D Christmas Tree Template Printable

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Paper cones have become a popular choice for Christmas tree crafts. They are easy to make, and with the help of a printable Christmas tree cone template, they are perfect to use to encourage creativity. You download your free DIY 3D Christmas Tree Template Printable Craft in this article! And we have more fun Christmas Crafts and printables on the blog.

Christmas is a time of joy, giving, and spending time with loved ones. It is also a time of decorations, with houses, streets, and shops adorned with festive ornaments. One of the most popular decorations during the festive season is the Christmas tree. While many people opt for artificial or real trees, many DIY options exist to create your own tree, including paper cones.

3D DIY Christmas Tree Cone Template free printable pdf to download and color

Christmas Tree Craft Printable

Christmas Tree Cone Craft printable template

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Christmas Tree Cone Craft

The DIY 3D Christmas tree template printable is easy to use. The free printable cone template outlines a cone, with guidelines to help you create the perfect shape. Cut out the template and fold along the lines to create your cone. The template can also be resized if you need a larger or smaller cone.

Once you have your cone, it’s time to get creative. The Christmas Tree Cone Craft is perfect for kids to color in. The cone shape allows for easy coloring, and the printable template provides a blank canvas for kids to get creative with their designs. They can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to add their own unique touch to each cone.

Printable Paper Cone Template

printable christmas cone template craft to color for kids

The color-in Christmas cones are a great way to get kids involved in Christmas crafts. Not only do they get to create their own decorations, but they also get to have fun in the process. Once they have finished coloring, you can use the cones to decorate your tree or hang them around the house. You could even create a display of the cones on a table or mantlepiece.

Christmas tree cone craft perfect for preschoolers, pre-k, kindergarten sunday school class crafts

3D Cone Shape Template Printable

If you want to take your Christmas Tree Cone Craft to the next level, you could add additional decorations to the cones. Here are some examples:

Paint – If you have some acrylic paints lying around, use them to add a splash of color to your cone. You can paint the entire cone one color or create patterns and designs.

Glitter – Nothing says Christmas like glitter. Add some sparkle to your cone by applying glue to the edges and then sprinkling glitter on top.

Ribbon and bows – Wrap ribbon around the cone, or tie bows to the top to create a more traditional look.

Pom-poms – Glue colorful pom-poms to the edges of the cone for a fun and playful touch.

Stickers – Use Christmas-themed stickers to decorate the cone. You can also use alphabet stickers to spell out a message.

Sequins – Add some bling to your cone by gluing sequins to the edges. You can create a pattern or simply scatter them randomly.

Beads – Thread beads onto a string and wrap it around the cone to create a beaded effect.

Paper cutouts – Cut out shapes from colored paper and glue them to the cone. You can create a design, such as stars or snowflakes, or create a more abstract look.

Felt – Cut out shapes from felt and glue them to the cone. Felt adds texture and depth to your decoration.

Lights – Add some mini LED lights to your cone for a twinkling effect. You can wrap them around the cone or poke them through the edges.

Creating a Christmas tree cone is a simple process that can be done by anyone, regardless of their crafting skills. Once you have your cone, the decorating options are endless. You can use paint, glitter, ribbon, and many other materials to create a unique and personalized decoration that will add a festive touch to your home. This simple Christmas craft project is a perfect craft for Sunday School class, for preschoolers, pre-k, or kindergarten-aged kids.

free printable template for Christmas tree printable

With the Christmas Tree Cone Craft free printable, you have a template that is easy to use and allows you to create as many cones as you need. Gather your crafting supplies, put on some Christmas music, and get started on your Christmas tree cone decorations today!

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