How to Make a Cardboard Cone Christmas ELF Craft

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I absolutely adore this Cardboard Cone Christmas Elf Craft! My favorite movie this time of year is Elf, and who doesn’t love Elf? It is one of the most popular movies at Christmas and Elf crafts are super fun to make. I hope you and your kids enjoy making this fun Elf craft. Also, check out these ELF on the Shelf notes that you can print and use if your family participates in Elf on the Shelf at Christmas.

Elf on the Shelf Craft Ideas

Supplies needed to make this Cardboard Cone Christmas Elf:

Elf on the Shelf Craft Supplies


Paint the cardboard paper mache cone with white or beige paint and allow to dry.

Painting the paper mâché cone

Paint the cone green from the tip of the cone about 1 ½ inch to 2 inches down. This green cone tip will be the elf’s hat. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Painting the paper mâché cone

Add a row of small pom poms around the cone where the green and beige paint meet, Add a large pom pom on top to complete the top of the elf hat.

Making the paper mâché elf
paper mâché elf on the shelf craft

To create a face, add wiggly eyes to the cone and draw a mouth and nose with permanent markers

Elf on the shelf craft
Elf on the shelf craft

Paint a piece of thick paper or cardboard the same color of the Elf. Next, let the paint dry completely.

Painting the cardboard for the elf on the shelf craft

Cut a template of the ear shape you desire and trace from the foam. Cut away and attach an ear to each side of the cone.

Elf on the shelf craft

If desired, carefully use a thick needle (like a darning needle) to pierce through the top of the cone. Thread the hole with ribbon. Tie the loose ends of the ribbon together to form a hanging loop. You can also use glue to attach the ears then let it dry.

Elf on the shelf craft

Now you have a very adorable ELF Craft

paper mâché elf

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Christmas craft elf on the shelf ideas