How to make an Angel Charm Bracelet

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Create a beautiful Angel Charm Bracelet for your child to wear. The bracelet is easy enough to make and looks gorgeous when worn on the wrist of any person, big or small.

Create a beautiful Angel Charm Bracelet when you want to create the perfect accessory. There are a few great things about choosing to make this type of bracelet. While you can make it in your spare time and gift it to your child, you can also get your child involved in the crafting process. If you are looking for a fun way to spend some much-needed quality time together while creating something beautiful to wear with any outfit, this is a great craft to consider trying.

Angel Charm Bracelet

The Angel Charm Bracelet looks great with everything. Whether your child is getting dressed up in fancy clothes or sticking with a casual outfit, the bracelet will enhance the outfit’s look. You can never go wrong with creating a timeless piece that your child can save as a keepsake, wearing it as often as he or she would like for as long as the bracelet lasts. When made with the right materials, this Angel Charm Bracelet will stay in good condition.

DIY Angel charm bracelet

Supplies Needed to Make the Angel Charm Bracelet

If you would like to make the Angel Charm Bracelet, you need to have several crafting supplies, such as:

Beads. Beads are essential for this bracelet because the beads enhance the overall appearance of the bracelet. The clear beads can be found here and the silver beads can be found here. You can also find jewelry making supplies at Hobby Lobby.

Angel Charms. While you can use any charms that you would like to use, angel charms are a must when creating the Angel Charm Bracelet. They can be found at Hobby Lobby or Amazon.

Ribbon. Although optional, you can add some decorative ribbon to the bracelet to make it look even more unique and special.

Elastic Bracelet String. You need to have something to put your beads on, and an adjustable bracelet string is just the thing to use! Make sure to have plenty of string available if you plan on making multiple bracelets.

This craft is not too complicated to make. Even if you have young children, you can still have fun constructing an Angel Charm Bracelet with each one of them. They will look forward to doing something that improves their fine motor skills while customizing their own jewelry to wear.

 What to Do With the Angel Charm Bracelet

Making the Angel Charm Bracelet is a good idea for many reasons. It is a creative activity to do with your children when you want to keep them entertained and make something that they can use and wear as much as they want to. However, you can also make the Angel Charm Bracelet when you want to give the bracelet a gift. 

If you would rather make a few of these decorative bracelets by yourself, you can customize them with different beads, ribbon, and angel charms and then wrap them to give them out as surprise presents to those closest to you. These bracelets make for the perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, or present for any other special occasion. 

Supplies needed to make a DIY Angel charm bracelet

Cut the bracelet string to the length desired to go around the child’s wrist PLUS 3 to 4 inches to allow room for tying off the bracelet. To start the bracelet, loosely tie one bead to the end of the bracelet.

Supplies needed to make a DIY Angel charm bracelet

String the beads and charms in an alternating pattern until you reach the desired length.

How to make a DIY Angel charm bracelet

Tie off the bracelet and then trim the excess string with scissors.

Supplies needed to make a DIY Angel charm bracelet

If desired, cut ribbon into desired lengths. Place the ribbons together and lace through the inside of the bracelet. Allow the bracelet to hang in the middle of the ribbons. Tie the ribbon into a double knot with the knot squeezing between two beads.

Make a DIY Angel charm bracelet

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