How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament

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Do your kids have a love for unicorns and all the colors that go along with them? I have an idea for the cutest unicorn Christmas ornament ever and It’s simple and easy to make with your kids. At Christmas, it’s fun to make unique and fun ornaments with your kids to keep for your tree or to use as gifts to friends and family. If you want a creative Christmas ornament idea, try making this Unicorn Ornament this year.

Supplies needed to make this Easy Unicorn Christmas Ornament

Clear, plastic ornament balls

Acrylic paint in purple, blue, silver glitter, or other desired colors (paints with glitter included work best)

Iridescent glitter

White paint

Disposable cups

Cardboard cones

Glue (a thick, tacky glue works best)

Foam paint brush

Foam sheets in colors to match the paint

Binder clips or clothespins

Black glitter

Star tinsel garland, silver or color of your choice

How to make this Unicorn Ornament

unicorn Christmas ornament supplies

Remove the hanging metal top from the ornaments.

purple paint in Christmas ornament

Add about 1 teaspoon of glitter to the ornament if using.

Pour a small amount of paint into the ball, turn slightly, and add an additional color. Continue adding the paint and turning the ball until all the colors you desire to include are in the ornament.

Turn and twist the ball, adding additional paint if needed, until the ball is completely coated on the inside.

blue, purple and gray paint to make unicorn ornament

Turn the ball with the hole facing up and allow it to dry for an additional 24 hours before replacing the hanging top.

unicorn ornament

How do you keep the Unicorn Ornament from tipping over? The easy way to prevent the ornament from tipping over while it is still drying is to invert the ball over a disposable cup and allow the paint to run out overnight. The next morning, the ornament should be dry and ready to complete.

When the glue has dried inside the clear ornament, reattach the top of the ornament.

unicorn Christmas ornament

How to make the Unicorn Ornament Horn and Ears

The Unicorn Ornament horn is made from cardboard cones, glue, and glitter. This is simple to make by cutting the cardboard cone to the size you want the horn, coating it with glue then adding the glitter.

cardboard cones to make unicorn ornament

Cut about 2 inches from the cone’s tip to be the unicorn horn. Paint with white paint and immediately sprinkle with iridescent glitter. Allow to dry overnight.

making horns for unicorn

The horns are so adorable!

glittered unicorn horns

Use the tacky glue to draw on the eye shape on the ornament, then cover the glue with glitter and let dry.

making the eyes on the unicorn ornament

Next, cut out the foam sheets in the shape of inner and outer ears in whatever colors you choose. Glue the inner and outer ear together, allowing to dry. We chose to use the same colors that we used for the paint.

unicorn ears for ornament

Using a binder clip or clothespin, glue the ears together by adding a small dot of glue to the bottom seam of the ears and let them dry securely with the clip on the bottom of the ears.

unicorn ears made from foam sheets

After the ears are dried, attach the ears and the horn to the top of the ornament and dry overnight.

glueing ears to ornament

You can also add tinsel or any type of decoration to the ornament. We added silver thin garland tinsel for our unicorn ornament.

unicorn ornament

And it’s that easy… kids who love unicorns will absolutely love to receive these as gifts or help you create these as gifts for others! Any lillte girl that loves unicorns will love seeing this ornament on her Christmas tree this year.

unicorn ornament

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