Need A Fun Fall Kids Craft? Try Apple Art Stamping

Apple Art Stamping is the perfect fall craft for any toddler or preschooler to enjoy. When the apple trees start producing apples, and the leaves start falling, apples are a favorite fruit for kids. This time of year calls for all things apples – apple bobbing, apple cider, and apple picking so why not apple art and apple stamping?

Easy Painting ideas like this apple stamp painting idea are perfect for young learners like toddlers and preschoolers.

apple stamping easy painting ideas for toddlers

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What Supplies are needed for Apple Art Paint Stamping?

Thick paper (like cardstock)

Tempera paint in red, yellow, and green

Paper plate or flat painting tray


Knife (for parental use only)

Popsicle sticks, optional

Supplies for apple art stamping

How do you do Apple Art Stamping?

Slice the apple in half with the knife. If desired, press a popsicle stick into the skinned side of the apple to create a handle—parental use only when using the knife.

Cutting apples down the center

Place a small amount of paint in each color on a paper plate or paint tray. We used tempera paints, which are water-based and easily wash off little messy hands. We recommend adult supervision for this craft project.

Tempera paint colors of red, green and yellow

Encourage children to press the cut side of the apple into the paint and then press the apple onto a sheet of cardstock or thick paper. 

apple stamping in yellow paint

Using a popsicle stick inserted into the apple makes it much easier for the child to handle. If you didn’t have popsicle sticks on hand, you could also use a fork or even a tree branch.

apple stamping

We used three different paint colors that were “Fallish’ colors. Mix and match colors as you choose, or let your child pick out their favorites. All kids love to play with paint and food, so this is a fun, hands-on project.

popsicle sticks

We broke the popsicle sticks in half to make them easier for the child to use, then inserted them into the apple.

apple art

And the final project is an adorable, hand-painted apple art craft project. This is an art project your kids will be proud they created, and you will enjoy seeing it displayed on the refrigerator door!

apple stamping easy painting ideas for toddlers
Apple art stamping for toddlers and preschoolers

Apple Art Stamping

Yield: 1 painting
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $3.00

Apple Art stamping is a delightful fall craft that toddlers and preschoolers are sure to love.


  • Your choice of thick paper (preferably card stock)
  • Tempera paint - red, yellow, and green
  • Painting tray or you can use paper plate
  • Fresh apples
  • A sharp knife (only adults can use)
  • Optionally, popsicle sticks


  1. Begin by slicing the apple in half using a knife. For safety reasons, adults must handle this step, ensuring the slicing is done smoothly and evenly. For an optional touch, you can press a popsicle stick into the skinned side of the apple to create a convenient handle.
  2. Let's set the stage for our Apple Art stamping adventure! Prepare a paper plate or paint tray and squeeze a small amount of paint onto each color. We recommend using tempera paints for this activity, as they are water-based and easily wash off little messy hands.
  3. Encourage children to dip the cut side of the apple into the paint, making sure to coat it evenly with their chosen colors. Invite your child to press the painted apple onto a cardstock or thick paper sheet. Please encourage them to experiment with different angles, pressures, and colors to create unique stamped designs.
  4. Inserting a popsicle stick into the apple provides a convenient handle and makes it much easier for children to grip and control the apple stamp. If popsicle sticks aren't available, don't worry! You can get creative with other household items. A fork can serve as an alternative handle, offering similar control and stability.

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