Back to School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

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A back-to-school Scavenger Hunt Worksheet is an educational icebreaker activity designed to engage students in a fun and interactive way. This free printable is perfect for the first day of school, for a new classroom of students to get to know each other and make new friends, and for a new school year.

This free scavenger hunt printable helps students familiarize themselves with their school environment or classroom. It also is a simple way to have a get-to-know-you icebreaker.

This printable back-to-school scavenger hunt can be downloaded for free. We have many more fun Kids’ Printables here.

free printable back to school scavenger hunt worksheet

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Class Scavenger Hunt School Activities

For teachers, a simple scavenger hunt can also be a great tool! It’s a great way to help them assess what students remember from the previous year during the first weeks of school. This is a fun way to help your students gain observation skills, and this free worksheet can be used in the lower elementary classroom by younger or older students. All you need is a printer and some white card stock or white paper to print copies of the scavenger hunt.

free printable back to school scavenger hunt worksheet

Classroom Scavenger Hunt Classroom Activities

An educational scavenger hunt involves searching for and collecting items based on clues or instructions. In a Back to School Treasure Hunt, we give the students a list of items or tasks to complete. Then, they must find or complete them within a certain time frame. This school activity encourages problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

You have to download and print it out to distribute to the students and use it as a guide during the scavenger hunt. 

back to school free printable scavenger hunt for kids

Free Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

The list includes different school supplies and items needed at the beginning of the school year.

The items on the list are:

  • apple
  • bus
  • crayon
  • desk
  • eraser
  • first aid kit
  • gluestick
  • homework
  • ink
  • janitor
  • kids
  • lunchbox
  • math
  • numbers
  • on time
  • pencil
  • question
  • reading
  • school
  • teacher
  • unfix
  • voices
  • writing
  • Textbooks
  • yearbook
  • zip pouch
free printables for teachers back to school printables

Scavenger hunts can be a fun and engaging way to promote learning and teamwork in schools. Here are some of the key benefits of having scavenger hunts for school:

  1. Encourages Active Learning: Scavenger hunts encourage active learning as they require students to actively engage with their environment and think critically about the information they receive. Additionally, this is helpful for students to retain information better than passive learning methods.
  2. Promotes Teamwork: We can do group scavenger hunts, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Students can work together to solve clues and complete tasks, which helps them build social skills and learn how to work with others.
  3. Builds Problem-Solving Skills: Scavenger hunts build problem-solving skills since students must use problem-solving skills to find solutions to the clues and tasks they are given. This can help students build critical thinking skills and learn to approach problems creatively.
  4. Provides a Fun and Engaging Learning Experience: Scavenger hunts can be a fun and exciting way to learn new information. They can help students stay engaged and motivated, which can lead to better learning outcomes.
  5. Helps Students Get to Know Their Environment: Teachers can use scavenger hunts to familiarize students with their school environment or community. This can help students feel more comfortable and confident in their surroundings, which can lead to better academic performance.
free printables for teachers back to school printables

This scavenger hunt is perfect to use during the first days of school, as a beginning-of-the-year fun activity, or even when the kids return from spring break to get them back into the school schedule. New teachers can use this great scavenger hunt to learn about their student’s personalities and to teach them where important objects are located in the classroom.

These free printable games are also perfect for an open house during the first week of school. And at the end of the hunt, it would be so much fun for your students to earn rewards for completing the hunt. This is the perfect activity for the whole class to participate in. This is a free PDF file download so print as many times as you need for classroom use. The free printables are for personal use only.

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