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This Crab Handprint Craft with a free printable crab template is a fun and easy summer craft idea for kids that can be created using simple materials like paper, paint, glue, and scissors. This craft activity helps kids to explore their creativity and enhance their fine motor skills. And we have included a free crab craft template to easily make a craft that looks like little crabs. This project is the perfect summer activity and is a fun way to learn about different ocean animals and crabs. And we have many fun summer craft activities and crab craft ideas on the blog!

free printable crab template for kids crafts

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Free Printable Crab Template

We have included a free printable crab template to download at the end of this post. This free printable template is a PDF file that is for personal use only to make a crab craft. Enhancing motor skills is important for kids’ development as it helps them improve their physical abilities and overall coordination. This cute crab craft is the perfect activity to help your young child develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Motor skills refer to the ability to control and coordinate movements of the body, particularly the muscles in the hands, fingers, and arms

Easy Crab Craft

Making crafts together can be an enjoyable experience for both parents and kids alike! Crafting with kids is a great way to spend quality time with them away from the screen. This crab craft provides endless possibilities for customization while still being easy enough that even little hands can participate without too much difficulty.

Here is the list of craft supplies needed to make a handprint crab and a paper crab:

  1. Construction paper or Colored paper OR
  2. Colored card stock papers
  3. White paper or white cardstock for the eyes
  4. Pencil
  5. Ruler
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue
  8. Colorful markers or Red Paint

Interesting Facts about Crabs:

Crabs are truly amazing sea creatures. From their unique adaptations for survival to their fascinating behaviors, there is no doubt that these crustaceans are some of the most interesting organisms living in our oceans today.

Crabs live in a variety of places, including oceans, rivers, streams, and even on land.

Saltwater crabs prefer living in the sea while freshwater crabs make homes near lakes or other bodies of freshwater. Land crabs are mostly found in tropical climates and spend most of their time burrowed into the ground. 

What Makes Crabs Special? 

 Crabs are quite special because they have an extra set of gills under their shells which allows them to breathe underwater. Also, unlike other crustaceans such as lobsters or shrimp, they can survive out of water for long periods of time if needed.

What Do Crabs Eat?               

Crab diets vary from species to species, but most enjoy a diet made up of small fish, mollusks (like clams), algae, worms, and other crustaceans (like shrimp). Some land-dwelling crab species also like to eat fruit or vegetables. 

Female crabs carry their eggs under their tail until they hatch into tiny versions of adult crabs! How cool is that?  

If you’re looking for a quick lesson on our ocean friends, start with getting to know the amazing world of crabs.

Simple Steps to make your own crab craft using the free printable crab template:

free printable crab template for kids crafts

Step one: 

Download and print out the PDF printable sheet template to make the handprint crab craft. You can trace your hand shape or you can use the given handprint template. 

Use a red colored marker pen to draw outlines on the handprint crab patterns.

crab craft ideas for kids preschoolers kindergarten handprint crab art

Step Two:

Use colored craft papers or red card stock to cut out the patterns from the PDF templates. 

Then you can use blue and black marker pens to draw the eyes on separate white card stock or white paper.

crab craft ideas for kids preschoolers kindergarten handprint crab art

Step Three:

Glue the crab’s carpus and claws together. 

handprint crab using a free printable crab template summer craft ideas for kids

Step Four:

Glue the two handprint patterns on the two sides of the bottom part of the crab’s body. After they’re glued to the back of the crab, they will look like crab legs. Glue the colored eyes (or googly eyes) on the crab’s head.

handprint crab using a free printable crab template summer craft ideas for kids

Step Five:

Glue the handprint crab’s claws on the upper parts of its body.

crab craft crab crafts for kids

Step Six:

Use a marker pen to draw the crab’s mouth and nostrils. 

crab craft crab crafts for kids
ocean animals sea crafts for kids preschoolers pre k kindergarten

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This fun crab craft has easy-to-follow instructions that will help young learners create a fun and creative crab craft using their handprints or paper. This is a fun activity for kids of all ages so the next time you’re looking for fun craft ideas for summertime, print this crab template and have fun crafting!

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