5 Build a Turkey Printable Templates (Free Printables)

Looking for a fun Thanksgiving activity to entertain your little kids during the holiday season? Look no further than these 5 Build a Turkey Printable Templates! And we have more Thanksgiving Printables and Crafts here.

This turkey activity is fun and sparks creativity and gratitude in young minds. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, engaging in this cute Thanksgiving craft is a great way to keep your kids entertained while enhancing their acceptable motor and other skill levels.

build a turkey coloring page turkey coloring pages thanksgiving coloring pages

This thankful turkey craft might just become one of their favorite Thanksgiving activities. So, gather your copies of the feather page and enjoy the big day with the free turkey templates, which are filled with Thanksgiving fun!

feathered turkey craft and scissor practice

To use a free build-a-turkey printable, you must print out the template and gather some supplies such as scissors, glue, and colored pencils or markers. Then, follow the instructions on the printable to cut out the different parts of the turkey and assemble them using glue or tape.

You can also use colored pencils or markers to decorate your turkey and make it unique. Once you have finished building your turkey, you can display it or use it as a fun Thanksgiving decoration.

free build a turkey coloring page

How do you build a Turkey using these printables?

Building a turkey using these free printable templates is a breeze! Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your turkey:

Step 1

The first thing to do is download the free printable template. You’ll find a free download link to the free template at the end of this post. Click on the link, and a new window will open with the printable pages.

free printable build a turkey coloring pages
free printable build-a-turkey coloring pages

Step 2

Print the free printable build-a-turkey craft template. You can use regular paper or white paper. If you want a vibrant and colorful turkey, go for the full-color version. Let the kids color the black-and-white version using different colors for a fun and creative activity. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can visit a nearby print shop to get high-quality prints of the printable turkey craft.

free printable build a turkey coloring page

Step 3

Cut out the turkey parts, body, and feathers, along with any additional elements you wish to add. This provides an excellent chance for younger children to enhance their scissor skills, while older kids can engage in more intricate cutting challenges as they assemble their paper turkey craft.

Step 4

Take the turkey’s body and glue the feathers to the back of the turkey. You can arrange them in any pattern you like. Then, attach the googly eyes, beak, and other decorations you have prepared.

And there you have it—a cute Thanksgiving craft that kids, especially younger ones, will love!

build a turkey coloring page turkey coloring pages thanksgiving coloring pages

This blog post includes affiliate links to products. The free printable templates are intended for personal use only. For any classroom or special education use, please review the terms of use. 

What supplies do I need to make a Turkey?

To make this fun turkey craft, you’ll need a few craft supplies that you probably already have at home. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Free Printable Turkey Templates (link at the bottom of the post)
  • Construction paper in various colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes (optional but adds a fun touch)
  • Real feathers or crayons/markers for coloring (depending on preference)
  • A sheet of paper or paper plate (to use as the turkey’s body base)
free printable build a turkey coloring page

These readily available and budget-friendly supplies make this turkey craft a perfect activity for a large group of kids, whether for classroom use or a family gathering during Thanksgiving dinner, without incurring any extra cost.

build a turkey coloring page turkey coloring pages thanksgiving coloring pages

Here are a few more Turkey Thanksgiving Printables:

How to Make a Turkey Hat – Make this fun Turkey hat for Thanksgiving using feathers and a headband.

Make this Cute Thanksgiving Turkey craft – Use a toilet paper roll, googly eyes, feathers, or a printable turkey feather template to make this Turkey toilet paper craft.

33 Free Printable Turkey Templates for Crafts – Download the free Turkey templates. We have many options.

Preschool Turkey Coloring Pages: Download and print these free turkey coloring pages to keep the younger kids occupied while you cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving I-SPy Printable– Print out this free printable for kids to learn more about the Thanksgiving holidays.

Making a paper turkey using these free printable turkey template ideas is a fun tradition that promotes creativity for kids of all ages. Whether for kindergarten students learning a turkey’s body parts or first-grade kids learning number recognition, these Thanksgiving crafts are a hit with young and older kids alike.

build a turkey coloring page turkey coloring pages thanksgiving coloring pages

If you’re interested in exploring the history of Thanksgiving, this is a perfect time to consider introducing your kids to turkey books that tell the tale of the first Thanksgiving. It’s a fantastic opportunity to combine education and fun as they delve into the past. Don’t forget to involve your children in Thanksgiving coloring pages, too! These fun games will keep them occupied as you prepare for the holiday feast. Plus, they can proudly display their finished masterpieces at the Thanksgiving table.

We hope you enjoy this great activity with your family members. If you try out this easy Thanksgiving craft, share your adorable little turkeys on social media and tag us! For more Thanksgiving day printable crafts, printable Thanksgiving placemats, Turkey coloring pages, and fun activities like Thanksgiving Bingo or crazy turkey game, check out our other free Thanksgiving printables.

Happy Thanksgiving, and have much fun building your cute little paper turkeys!

free printable build a turkey coloring pages

Build a Turkey Printable

Yield: 5 Turkey Printables
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5.00

Add some festive fun to your Thanksgiving celebrations with these Build a Turkey Printable Templates!


  • Your choice of printing paper
  • Scissors
  • Coloring materials
  • Adhesive tape or glue


  • Printer


  1. Download the printable at the end of this post and print out the turkey cut-out templates.
  2. Start by carefully cutting out the turkey parts, including the turkey body, feathers, and any additional elements you want to include. This step is an excellent opportunity for younger children to practice their scissor skills and for older kids to tackle more intricate cutting challenges as they assemble their paper turkey craft.
  3. Attach the turkey parts with glue or glue dots.
  4. This step is optional, but adding details like googly eyes and other decorations will make the turkey unique.

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