33 Printable Turkey Template Options for Crafts

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving crafts! We have provided you 33 free Printable Turkey Template options to use for your fall craft projects, home design projects, or table decor.

One of the most popular Thanksgiving crafts using a turkey feather template is making a turkey decoration. There are many different ways to make a turkey craft, so we have created cut-out turkey templates, color-and-cut templates, hand turkey templates, fingerprint turkey templates, and many more.

33 free turkey feather templates free printable turkey feather templates pdf

No matter what your turkey crafting style is, we have the perfect template for you. From simple and easy-to-make templates to more complex designs, we’ve got you covered. So take a look and find the perfect turkey template for your Thanksgiving crafts this year!

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Materials needed to use these Turkey Templates:

Printer (I use this one)

Printer Paper

Get the Thanksgiving Busy Binder Here

Simple Printable Turkey Template

We love to use turkey templates to make so many different craft projects in the fall. So we have provided you will 33 unique printable free turkey templates so you can choose your favorite for the type of craft activity you are doing.

turkey handprint art from printable turkey templates for crafts art projects thanksgiving art

We also have I am thankful or I am grateful templates to use when making crafts such as a Gratitude Box, turkey handprint templates, printable feather templates, a turkey feather template craft idea to make, a hand turkey craft, and many more.

Cut and Build Turkey Templates

We have several fun Thanksgiving art and activities for kids to keep them occupied on Thanksgiving Day so everything for the Thanksgiving meal can be prepared. We have printable Thanksgiving Boredom Busters which will keep the entire family occupied by discussing Thanksgiving traditions and Thanksgiving events of the past. You can always make the boredom busters a family tradition as you discuss family memories at Thanksgiving meals.

Handprint Turkey Craft for Kids

This printable template would be perfect for preschoolers, pre-k, and even kindergarten and young grade school kids during November to create unique handprint art.

hand turkey handprint art for kids turkey handprint art hand print art for kids turkey art fall turkey craft

Fingerprint Turkey Art Template

This is an easy fingerprint art project for kids to gift to their parents or grandparents.

finger print art for kids preschool pre k kindergarten grade 1 grade 2 fingerprint art turkey finger print art

Turkey Body Printable

Here you can print the turkey boy printable without the feathers, if desired.

turkey template printable turkey body printable  turkey outline printable  free printable turkey

Blank Turkey Templates

Turkey Thanksgiving crafts for kids are a traditional craft in November and this turkey template is easy to use. All you need to do is print out the templates and choose the one that you want to use. You can use the free template to create a turkey paper craft use it as a full coloring page and decorate with crayons and other craft supplies.

simple turkey template printable  turkey outline printable free printable turkey template

Turkey Outline Printable

We have a cut-out that is perfect if you need a basic turkey outline printable.

turkey body printable turkey body printable

Turkey Feather Templates

We have several turkey feather templates to choose from. Plus, we have an adorable Turkey feather template craft that could be used to decorate or given as a Thanksgiving gift.

paper turkey decorations turkey feather template
turkey craft template turkey cut out templates printable turkey outline

This adorable turkey template has a feather headband. You can use this page as a template or a coloring page.

cut out printable turkey templates

Paper Plate and Paper Cup Turkey Templates

Several of our free templates would be perfect when creating a turkey paper plate craft or a Paper Cup Turkey craft for fall. This corn template printable is cut out and glued to a cup paper cup or paper plate.

turkey art template
turkey cut outs free printable
turkey parts free turkey feather templates printable turkey feather template

Pumpkin template with a Turkey Face

Have fun and get creative with this cutout of a pumpkin template and a turkey face. It also includes a fun feather hat for the pumpkin.

turkey eyes and beak template

Printable Feather Templates

We’ve included several sheets of printable feather templates to mix and match them while you are building your turkeys.

turkey feather template turkey craft cutout paper turkey craft
turkey feather cutout paper turkey
turkey feather cutout paper turkey construction paper turkey

Turkey Eyes and Beak Template

Free Printable PDF template to use to make turkey eyes and beaks.

turkey feather cutout paper turkey construction paper turkey

You can use these templates in several ways. You can print out the turkey cut-out template and use it to create your turkey by tracing it on card stock paper or construction and cutting the turkey out, Also, these free printable pages would make great Turkey coloring pages for preschool, kindergarten, pre-k, or grade school kids.

easy turkey body template

Free printable templates make this an easy paper turkey craft. We have both a cut-and-paste craft version or use it as a turkey coloring page.

turkey body for craft
preschool turkey feather template
turkey activity printable
turkey head template
paper turkeys
turkey craft printable turkey head template printable
turkey face parts template
build your own turkey
outline of a turkey body
preschool turkey template

Each template is a unique turkey shape. Use cardstock or colored construction paper to trace the feathers and the body shapes. For several of the templates, we have provided a cutout beak, feet, and various turkey parts such as head, snood, feathers, and eyes. You could also add Google Eyes to add a three-dimensional effect to the turkey craft.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. And when it arrives, you’ll be ready with the perfect turkey decoration! If your kids are looking to create some fun turkey crafts for Thanksgiving this year you are in the right place! 

Kids would also love to learn How to make a Gratitude Box. We also have some free Thanksgiving Art Printable Activities your family will enjoy. We hope you enjoy these free turkey templates to make Thanksgiving Turkey crafts! Check out the video for Turkey facts for kids. Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

Looking for more Thanksgiving craft ideas? Check out our post on the best Thanksgiving crafts for kids! You’re sure to find some inspiration there. Happy crafting!

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