10 Free Mother’s Day Handprint Printable Pages

Mother’s Day is a special time to show appreciation and love for all the amazing moms out there. One of the most heartfelt and personal ways to do this is through handmade crafts, especially those that involve the little hands of their children. Our 10 Free Mother’s Day Handprint Printable pages are the perfect easy craft idea to make mom for Mother’s Day.

Creating Mother’s Day free printables can be a heartwarming and meaningful activity for children and families. This blog post will guide you through creating the perfect Mother’s Day gift using free handprint printables, ensuring a present filled with love and cherished memories.

Handprint art for mother's day easy handprint crafts for toddlers

What is the best paint for handprint art?

When it comes to creating handprint art, especially for memorable occasions like Mother’s Day, selecting the right type of paint is important for both safety and quality. Here are some of the best paint options for handprint art:

1. Washable Paint

  • Ideal for Younger Kids: Washable paints are perfect for young children as they are non-toxic and easy to clean off skin and clothes.
  • Variety of Colors: They come in a wide range of vibrant colors, making them great for creative projects.
  • Usage: Best used on paper or cardstock, and suitable for making prints that can be framed or used in scrapbooks.

Free Mother’s Day Handprint Printable Pages

best mom ever handprint printable art hand print crafts for kids easy art ideas

2. Acrylic Paint

  • Bright and Lasting: Acrylic paints are known for their bright colors and durability once dried.
  • Versatility: They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including canvas, paper, and even wood.
  • Considerations: They are not as easy to wash off as washable paints, so extra care is needed, especially with young kids.

3. Fabric Paint

  • For Textile Projects: If you’re planning to make a handprint on fabrics, such as creating a handprint tote bag or a t-shirt, fabric paint is the best choice.
  • Durability: These paints are designed to adhere to the fabric and withstand washing.
  • Application: They are usually applied directly from the tube for precise handprints.

4. Finger Paint

  • Specifically Designed for Skin: Finger paints are formulated to be safe on the skin, making them ideal for handprint art with very young children.
  • Easy Cleanup: They are typically very easy to wash off skin and most fabrics.
  • Texture: They often have a smooth, creamy texture that spreads easily on paper.

5. Water-Based Paints

  • Eco-Friendly Option: Water-based paints are less toxic and have a lower environmental impact.
  • Easy to Use: They are simple to clean up and can be thinned with water to achieve different effects.

Fun Handprint Art

Choosing the Right Printable Template – Our free Mother’s Day handprint printables come in different designs. These templates are designed to be used with standard printer settings and can be printed on regular printer paper or white cardstock for best results. Remember, these are for personal use and come with terms of use detailed in our disclosure policy.

Fun Handprint Art ideas for mom grand mom handprint art

Mother’s Day Handprint Printable

Creating a Handprint Flower Bouquet – One great idea for Mother’s Day crafts is a handprint flower. Using your child’s handprint, you can create colorful flowers on a sheet of paper or directly onto a printable template. This is not only a fun way to engage your little kids but also helps in developing their fine motor skills. The result is beautiful handprint flowers that can be framed as a special gift.

Mother’s Day Handprint Art – These free printables are the perfect handmade keepsake gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Handprint Poem – Kid’s handprint poems are a heartfelt gift and make a special keepsake that mothers will love.

Inspirational Handprint Quotes – A list of quotes to use on special occasions.

30+ Different Mother’s Day Gift Tags (Free Printables) – Free Printable gift tags that say, Supermom, I Love You Mom, Mom, You’re Amazing

Make a Watercolor Mother’s Day Card

Happy Mother’s Day Dog Mom Certificate

Mother’s Day Short Poem and Special Message

To make your handprint art even more heartwarming, consider adding Mother’s Day poems or a sweet message. This adds a personal touch that speaks directly to mom’s heart. It’s a simple gesture, but it carries a wealth of affection and sentimentality that’s sure to make mom feel treasured.

Once your handprint art is complete, presenting it in a picture frame can turn it into a perfect gift. You can choose frames that match mom’s favorite colors or go with a classic style that fits any decor. Pairing your handprint art with a handmade card or a special message makes it an unforgettable gift.

Creating Mother’s Day handprint art is a great way to involve kids of all ages in making a special gift for moms. It’s not only a fun activity but also results in a heartfelt and personal present that any mom would treasure. So this Mother’s Day, roll up those little sleeves, dip those hands in paint, and create a masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come!

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