Christian Easter Word Search Printable

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As we celebrate Holy Week, it’s time to get your children ready for Easter with an exciting free printable – a Christian Easter Word Search Printable pdf. This Easter word search puzzle is a great way to learn about the resurrection of Jesus while playing a word search game. This is a free printable easter word search that comes with an answer key and is simple to download and print at home. Check out our other Easter Printables and Activities for your family here.

easter bible word search for kids free printable pdf

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Christian Easter Word Search Printable for Kids

A word search is a great activity for any family gathering, or Sunday school Class, or can even be used for classroom use. It’s easy to follow, can be enjoyed by all ages, and can even help teach valuable lessons about Christianity. The word list used is listed in alphabetical order on the free printable word search. This fun activity is suitable for younger kids and also a great option for all grade levels.

Religious Easter Word Search Printables

This particular word search focuses on traditional Christian Easter Words like Jesus and the resurrection, Jesus’ death, and well as other elements of the easter story. Kids will love searching high and low on the page to find all the hidden words while learning more about their faith in the process. The best part is that you don’t need any special materials – just print out the page, grab a pencil, and have fun.

christian easter word search free printable pdf

Easter-Related Words listed on the Printable Word Search Puzzle:

Christian Easter Words List







Empty Tomb












Third Day



What is a Word Search? 

A word search is an activity where you must find words in a jumbled grid of letters. This grid can look like a traditional crossword puzzle or it can be made up of random letters. The goal is to find all the words hidden within the grid before the time runs out or all the words are found. Once all the words are found, you can reveal the special phrase or quote at the bottom of the page or puzzle. 

easter bible word search free printable pdf

The Benefits of Word Searches 

Word searches are an incredibly versatile learning tool that can be tailored for any age group or subject. They help with spelling, grammar, vocabulary, concentration, problem-solving skills, analytical thinking—the list goes on! And best of all, they’re fun for kids too. 

A Christian Easter word search is even more special because it brings kids closer to their faith by introducing them to important biblical stories and characters. Whether your child is religious or not, it’s never too early (or late!) to start teaching them about religion. A word search is a great way to do that in an engaging and interactive way. 

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How Does This Relate to Christianity? 

This particular word search will focus on Christian concepts such as Lent, Palm Sunday, Jesus Christ, and more. Each word that is found will relate to Christianity in some way. For example, “Lent” could refer to the 40-day period of fasting before Easter Sunday that Christians observe each year. By playing this game, kids will learn more about their faith while also having fun at the same time. 

religious easter words list

What Other Benefits Does This Activity Have? 

Not only does this easy activity help teach kids about their faith, but it also helps develop their cognitive skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Additionally, it helps improve spelling and vocabulary skills by introducing them to new words related to Christianity. Finally, this activity is perfect for both individual play and group play since each person can work on finding different words in the same grid simultaneously. 

Whether you are looking for something fun for your kids to do on Easter Sunday or just want them to learn more about their faith in an entertaining way – Christian Easter Word Search Puzzles are a great addition to your Easter printables and can provide fun and learning for your child. Your children will love searching through all those letters and discovering new words related to the good news of Christ. Looking for more fun Easter Printable Worksheets? We have Christian Easter Printable Cards and the Free Printable Easter Puns and Dad Jokes. Also, we have free printable cross templates that you can use to make crafts at home or to make Sunday School crafts. And we have fun Easter Egg Hunt printables to use during your outdoor egg hunt.