Paper Plate Ocean Crab Craft (Free Template)

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Looking for your next preschool craft activity? Try making this cute paper plate ocean crab craft. Summer Ocean Crafts are perfect for summer kid’s activities!

Get your kids excited about crafting with this fun paper plate crab! It’s an easy, mess-free project that both you and your children will love. Plus, it only requires a few supplies that you probably already have at home.

crab paper plate craft for kids

Spending quality time with your little ones doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is some paper plates, construction paper, and other materials that are likely already in your house, and you can create a fun and adorable crab craft together. So, grab the paper plates, glue, and red colored paper and let’s get started.

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Supplies Needed to Make this Crab Craft

This craft is incredibly simple to make and doesn’t require many materials. All you need is one paper plate, some red construction paper (or whatever colors you have on hand!), scissors, a glue stick, markers or crayons for decorating, and some googly eyes if desired. Once you have all these items at the ready, it’s time to start crafting!

You’ll also find printable crab templates in this post that you can use as a guide.

1 paper plate

Red paper


Glue or Glue Stick


Chenille pipe cleaner stem

Popsicle stick, if desired

Printable Crab Paper Plate templates (Download at the bottom of this post)

How will we make the paper plate ocean crab craft?

To use a print and cut device (such as Cricut or Silhouette), use the PNG images. The free Crab SVG and PNG files can be found in the free crab template post. Upload to your machine software and cut according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Size the pieces as follows:

Crab claws = 7 inches in height

Red-eye = 3 inches in width

White eye = 2 inches in width

Black eye = 1 inch in width

If not using the print and cut option, print the PDF and cut pieces apart.

Trace the paper plate on a piece of red paper. Cut the circle from the paper. Cut slits around the edge of the edge. Glue the paper to the paper plate with the edges overlapping as needed to fit the curve of the paper plate. Allow the plate to dry completely.

Create the eyes by gluing the round pieces in a stack with the red under the white and the black in the middle of the white. Cut a chenille stem in half and attach one eye to each piece.

After you cut out the arm claws, attach them to the paper plate.

Decorate the paper plate by attaching pieces with glue.

Glue or tape the paper plate to the popsicle stick, if desired.

Allow the craft to dry completely before playing or displaying.

Ocean Crab Paper Plate Craft Free Template

This adorable crab paper plate craft idea comes with a free pdf crab template that you can download and print. This crab craft template can be used to make many different crab crafts. You can download this free crab template at the bottom of this post.

Another fun summer ocean paper plate craft that your kids will enjoy is this Jellyfish Paper Plate Craft.

paper plate crab craft with free template


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This craft is perfect for parents who want an easy yet creative project they can do with their kids at home without making too much of a mess. It’s the perfect summer craft project to do on a beach trip, or if you are dreaming of the beach, or studying about ocean animals.

With just a few simple supplies that most people already have on hand like markers or crayons plus construction paper and scissors, this craft won’t take long but will still be loads of fun for both kids and adults alike. So gather up those materials and let’s get started crafting our very own adorable paper plate crabs today.

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