The Full Armor of God Prayer for Kids (Free Printable)

As Christians, we are called to put on the armor of God every day. But what does that mean for our kids? How can we teach them about the armor of God in a way that is both fun and meaningful? How do we teach our kids about the full armor of God prayer in Ephesians 6:10-18?

It’s important to me that my kids understand and learn about the Bible. I want them to grow up knowing about God’s love for them and ways that they can live their lives according to His will. Kid’s printables are a free resource that can cover many different topics such as bible verses and educational subjects. This free printable is helpful to parents as they teach their kids biblical foundations.

full armor of god prayer printable

One of the topics that I’ve been wanting to teach my kids more about lately is the whole armor of God. In Ephesians 6:10-18, Paul talks about the armor of God and how it can protect us from evil. Here’s a breakdown of what each piece of the armor represents and how you can explain it to your kids.

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How to Teach Your Kids the Full Armor of God Prayer

One way to introduce the concept of the armor of God to kids is to use this free printable workbook. This is a free printable PDF download. Print it as many times as you would like and let your kids fill in the blanks. We have also included the full armor of God prayer in printable form.

You can also use this printable to create an interactive bulletin board or poster. Mount pictures included on construction paper and write a short description next to each one. Then, invite the kids to choose an item and draw a picture of themselves wearing it.

Hang up all of the pictures to create a display that will serve as a constant reminder of the importance of putting on the armor of God every day!

armor of god workbooks for kids free printable armor of god prayer download

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The Full Armour of God Prayer

The Belt of Truth

The belt of truth is all about staying grounded in what is true. In a world full of alternative facts, it’s more important than ever to help our kids learn to discern what is true. One way we can do this is by teaching them to look for sources that are reliable and truthful.

When they see something on social media or hear something from a friend, encourage them to check if it’s true before they believe it or share it. The belt of truth is what holds everything together. It represents truthfulness, sincerity, and honesty. When we put on the belt of truth, we are telling God that we want to be honest with Him and with ourselves.

helmet of salvations sword of the spirit breastplate of righteousness belt of truth shield of faith

The Breastplate of Righteousness

Just as physical armor protects our bodies from harm, this piece of armor protects our hearts from being harmed by sin. When we sin, it hurts not only ourselves but also those around us. It’s important to teach our kids that even though sin may be tempting, it’s not worth the damage it causes.

Model repentance yourself when you realize that you have sinned so that your kids can see what it looks like to turn away from sin and back towards God. The breastplate protects our heart, which is the center of our emotions and affections. When we wear the breastplate of righteousness, we are telling God that we want to have pure hearts full of His love.

the armor of God prayer god's armor prayer

The Shield of Faith

The shield of faith protects us from Satan’s attacks. It allows us to stand firm in our belief in God even when things are tough or we are tempted by Satan. Teach your kids how to pray when they feel like they are under attack. Praying allows us to hand over our fears and worries to God and trust that He will take care of us.

The shield protects us from Satan’s fiery darts. When we raise the shield of faith, we are telling God that we trust Him and His promises for our lives.

Encourage your children to read stories in the Bible where people had faith even when things were tough so that they can see examples of how faith can sustain us through difficult times.

free printable armor of god for kids worksheet

The Helmet of Salvation

The helmet protects our mind from Satan’s lies and deception. When we put on the helmet of salvation, we are telling God that we want to think His thoughts and not be led astray by Satan’s lies.

prayer for the armor of god

The Sword of the Spirit

The sword is the only offensive weapon in the armor of God. It represents the Word of God, which is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). When we wield the sword of the Spirit, we are using God’s Word to fight against Satan’s attacks.

full armor of god prayer

Shoes Ready with the Gospel of Peace

As Christians, we are called to be ready at all times to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. We have a powerful weapon in the fight against adversity: the gospel of peace.

The apostle Paul tells us to “stand firm therefore, with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6:15). In other words, we are called to be ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around us. When we do, we not only bring them hope and peace, but we also advance God’s kingdom here on earth.

There are many ways to teach kids about the armor of God. By playing games, creating displays, or even just talking about it, you can help your kids understand what it means to put on the armor of God every day and why it is so important.

armor of god prayer spiritual warfare armor of god

By teaching your kids the armor of God, you’re helping them understand how to protect themselves spiritually. It’s a simple way to explain the different pieces of armor and how they relate to each other and our relationship with God. Arm your kids with truth, righteousness, faith, and the Word of God so they can stand firm against Satan’s attacks!

The armor of God prayer is a great topic for Christian moms to teach their kids about because it helps protect them both physically and spiritually. Do you have any tips for teaching kids about the armor of god? Share them in the comments below!

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