How to Make Superhero Finger Puppets

Are you ready to unleash your inner superhero and save the day? Well, grab your capes and get ready to meet your new sidekicks: Superhero Finger Puppets! These tiny puppets pack a big punch, fitting right onto your fingertips and transforming them into mini versions of your favorite comic book characters. With just a few simple materials and a little bit of imagination, you can create your own Justice League or Avengers team right at your fingertips.

superhero finger puppets for kids

But finger puppets aren’t just for kids–they’re a great way for adults to unleash their creativity and relieve stress too. Whether you’re a crafting pro or just looking for a fun new hobby, Superhero Finger Puppets are the perfect solution. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to assemble your team of tiny superheroes and save the world. Let’s get crafting, folks!

how to make homemade finger puppets

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What materials do you need to make homemade finger puppets?

supplies needed to make superhero finger puppets using foam and googly eyes

Foam sheets in multiple colors

Chenille stems in multiple colors

Foam glue 

Wiggly eyes

Colorful sequins

Black permanent marker

How to make finger puppets step by step?

For each finger puppet, trace a circle onto a foam sheet in the child’s choice of face color. Cut the circle from the foam sheet.

supplies needed to make superhero finger puppets using foam and googly eyes

To the head, attach pieces of chenille stem in the preferred hair color. Then, add the wiggly eyes and use the permanent marker to draw a mouth. Allow to dry completely before attaching the head to the body.

supplies needed to make homemade finger puppets from foam

To make the body, cut a rectangle from a foam sheet that is approximately 3 x 4 inches. Place a line of glue down one side and press it to the other side. Use clothespins or binder clips to hold the ends together until it is dry.

supplies needed to make homemade finger puppets from foam
how to make homemade finger puppets?

Once dry, attach the head to the body of the finger puppet. If desired, decorate with colorful sequins.

how to make homemade finger puppets?

Allow the craft to dry completely before playing.

making the face for the finger puppet
making the face for the finger puppet

Superhero Finger Puppet Games

Superhero Finger Puppets are fun for the whole family. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a superhero team of your own!
  • Create a story with your finger puppets, like a comic book or movie script.
  • Play “Simon Says” with your superhero finger puppets and sees who can remember the most commands.
superhero finger puppets to make at home

Superhero Finger Puppet Show

There are so many ways to put on a puppet show! You can use the Puppets from this book or make your own. You can even use sock puppets or paper bag puppets if you’d like. Here are some ideas for putting together a great superhero finger puppet show:

  • Use different voices for each character. Try using high-pitched voices for the girls and deep voices for the boys, or vice versa!
  • Pick out some props that would be useful in your story and use them during your performance (like an umbrella if it’s raining outside).
  • Make sure everyone knows their lines before starting–you don’t want anyone getting confused!

Superhero Finger Puppet Crafts

Superhero Finger Puppets are a great way to craft with your kids. They’re also a great way to have fun with your friends and family. Here are some ideas for crafts you can do with these finger puppets:

Make a superhero storybook by creating different scenes using the finger puppets, then telling each scene as you go through it. For example, if you want your hero to be rescuing someone from danger, set up the scene with their finger puppet on one side of the page and then flip over another piece of paper so that only half of it shows (this will be used later).

Then tell them about what happened in this scene–how did our hero get there? Did he/she need help from anyone else? What happened next? Was there any other action involved? How did they escape safely at last? You could even add some special effects like explosions or smoke coming out from behind where their hand would be if they held up their index finger.

superhero finger puppets to make at home

Superhero Finger Puppet Decorations

Superhero Finger Puppets are the perfect decoration for any superhero fan. They can be used to decorate a party, as a gift, or just for fun. Here are some ideas on how you can use these cute little finger puppets in your home:

  • Make a garland with them! Simply thread the strings through each hole and tie them together at the end. You could also hang them from ceiling lights or lampshades using fishing lines or string if you don’t want to damage your walls with nails or tacks.
  • Use them as table decorations by placing one on each place setting along with some other superhero-themed props like capes and masks (you can buy these online). This will help set the tone for an exciting event where everyone feels like they’re part of something special.
crafts for kids superhero crafts

And that’s a wrap, folks! Superhero Finger Puppets have officially taken the crafting world by storm. Not only are they a fun way to unleash your inner superhero, but they’re also a great way to keep your hands busy and your mind engaged.

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Plus, they’re perfect for on-the-go crafting–just toss them in your bag and you’re ready to save the world (or your boredom) wherever you go. So go ahead, get your craft on, and let your imagination run wild. With Superhero Finger Puppets, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to save the day, one tiny puppet at a time.

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