Disney Princess Paper Doll Printable: Cut and Color

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Calling all Disney fans! Do you love Disney princesses? We have a fun new printable for you – a Princess Paper Doll Printable Set inspired by some of your favorite Disney Prince and Princesses. Just download the PDF, print it out, and get cutting and coloring. There are six different printable dolls to choose from, including Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle. So which one will you choose?

Princess paper doll printable

Princess Paper Dolls are a great way to bring your favorite Disney Princesses to life. With this printable, you can cut out the Prince and Princess dolls and color them however you like. You can even use different colors for their dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Cinderella and Prince Charming Paper Doll Printable

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman named Cinderella. Cinderella is one of the most popular princesses in the Disney. Cinderella suffered through a difficult childhood, but then is whisked away to a life of luxury by her fairy godmother.

She attends a royal ball, where she meets Prince Charming and falls in love. However, at midnight she must leave, losing one of her glass slippers in the process. The prince sets out to find her, and when he does, they live happily ever after. Cinderella’s story is timeless because it speaks to the human desire for hope and happiness. No matter how difficult our lives may be, we all dream of a better future.

cinderella paper doll Printable PDF download

Snow White and Paper Doll Free Printable

Snow White is a classic Disney princess who first appeared in the 1937 animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is a kind and gentle princess who is forced to flee her home after her stepmother, the Evil Queen, tries to have her killed.

Snow White find sanctuary with seven friendly dwarfs, but she is eventually discovered by the Queen and falls into a deep sleep. Luckily, she is awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince and lives happily ever after. Today, Snow White is one of the most popular Disney princesses, and her story has been retold countless times.

Snow White paper doll printable pdf free download

Disney’s Jasmine Printable Paper Doll

Princess Jasmine is one of the most beloved Disney princesses, and it’s easy to see why. Jasmine is strong-willed and independent, but also compassionate and kind. She isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is also a relatable character; she often feels like she doesn’t fit in, and longs for something more than the life of luxury she has been born into.

Throughout the film Aladdin, Jasmine learns to follow her heart, and in the end she gets everything she ever wanted. It’s no wonder that Jasmine is such a popular princess; she embodies the perfect mix of strength and vulnerability, making her someone that girls of all ages can look up to.

princess jasmine paper doll printable free pdf download Aladdin paper dolls

Princess Paper Doll Printable Princess Aurora

This princess cut out printable also includes her prince! Princess Aurora is one of the most famous Disney Princesses and is known for her beauty, kindness, and courage. She is a classic Disney Princess and the main character of the film Sleeping Beauty.

Born into royalty, Aurora is cursed and is forced into a deep sleep. However, she is eventually awakened by Prince Phillip and the two live happily ever after. Aurora is often seen as a symbol of true love, as her story demonstrates the power of love to overcome even the darkest of curses. Today, Aurora remains one of the most popular Disney Princesses and continues to inspire young girls all over the world.

princess aurora paper doll printable free pdf download

The Princess Belle

Princess Belle is one of the most iconic Disney Princesses. She is kind, intelligent, and strong-willed, making her a role model for young girls everywhere. Belle was the first Disney Princess to be based on a real historical figure, and she was also the first to have a career outside of being a princess.

As an inventor, Belle has always been ahead of her time. When her father is imprisoned by a beast, Belle bravely takes his place. This act of selflessness ultimately breaks the spell that has been placed on the Beast, return him to his human form. Belle teaches us that it is always better to look beyond appearances and to judge people based on their character. She is truly an inspirational figure. The princess paper doll printable is a cut out paper template of Belle that your children will enjoy.

princess belle paper doll printable free pdf download

The Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana is a brave and determined young woman who never gives up on her dreams. As a child, she dreamed of opening her own restaurant one day. And despite the many obstacles she faced, she never gave up on that dream. Even when her business partner turned against her and she was left with no money to continue her restaurant, she found a way to keep going.

She worked hard and saved every penny she could, until finally she was able to reopen her restaurant and serve the food she loved to the people of New Orleans. Princess Tiana is an inspiration to us all, and a remind that no matter how difficult our dreams may seem, we should never give up on them.

princess Tiana paper doll free printable download pdf paper dolls

The Princess Ariel

Princess Arial is a cherished character from a much-loved film. The story of her journey from human to mermaid has captured the hearts of generations of children, and she remains an icon of feminine strength and independence.

For many young girls, Princess Arial is the first fictional character they can relate to and look up to. She is a fierce fighter who knows her own mind, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is also kind and compassionate, always putting others before herself.

princess Ariel paper dolls the little mermaid paper doll free printable pdf

We hope your little girls and little boys enjoy these free printable pdf paper dolls! Let us know in the comments! Also, check out our similar posts Disney Princess Color by Number Printables and

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