16 Playdoh Mats Printable Shapes for Preschoolers

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Looking for a fun way to keep your preschooler entertained? We have 16 printable shapes for preschoolers that are playdoh mats! This is a great activity that can help with hand-eye coordination and creativity.

These playdoh printable shapes are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are just starting to learn about shapes and colors. They can be used to teach basic shapes like a triangle, a square, a star, and many more.

shapes play dough mats shape play dough mats shape playdough mat free printable pdf download

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How to use Printable Shapes Playdoh Mats?

Printable shapes play doh mats are a great way to keep your preschooler engaged and busy. They are free to print at home. Here are some tips on how to use them:

  1. Print the mat onto heavy-duty paper or laminate it for durability. This will ensure that it lasts longer.
  2. Provide your child with some playdough and a few simple tools, such as a rolling pin or plastic knife. Let them explore and create!
  3. If the mat starts to get too messy, simply roll it up and start again.

Printable play dough mats are a great way to encourage creativity and exploration in young children. With a little preparation, they can provide hours of fun. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the free printable download.

I can draw a circle template circle shape circle outline

Circle Printable Shapes for Preschoolers Playdoh Mat

To get started, simply print out the shapes onto cardstock or heavy paper. If you want to be extra prepared, you can laminate the shapes so that they will last longer. Once you have your printable shapes ready, it’s time to start playing! Let your child use their imagination to create whatever they can think of. You might be surprised at the masterpieces they come up with!

I can draw a crest template crest outline crest shape

Crest Outline Playdough Mat

Printable play doh mats provide a great way for preschoolers to get creative and have fun. The mats are easy to use – simply print them out and let your child explore. They can use the play doh to create different shapes and designs, or they can use the mats as inspiration for other art projects.

I can draw a diamond template diamond shape diamond outline

Diamond Playdough Mat for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten

These provided playdoh mats are shapes printable play doh mats, but if you want to encourage your child to be more active, you can print out mats that feature games and activities. For example, there are play doh mats that include mazes, patterns, and even counting games.

Best of all, printable play dough mats are typically very affordable, so you can print out as many as you need without breaking the bank. So next time your preschooler or kindergarten child is looking for something fun to do, consider using printable play-doh mats.

I can draw a half circle template half circle outline half circle shape

Half Circle Printable Shapes for Preschoolers

One way to use printable play doh mats with preschoolers is by using them as a teaching tool. For example, you can use them to teach shapes and colors. You can also use them to teach numbers and letters. Additionally, you can use them to teach fine motor skills.

I can draw a hexagon template hexagon outline hexagon shape

Hexagon Printable Shapes for Preschoolers

By using printable play doh mats with preschoolers, you can make learning fun and interactive. Additionally, you can use printable play doh mats with preschoolers to promote cooperation and social skills. By working together to create different designs, preschoolers can learn to cooperate and communicate with each other.

Finally, printable play doh mats with preschoolers can be used to encourage creative thinking. By exploring different ways to create designs, preschoolers can learn to think outside the box and be creative.

I can draw a heart template heart outline heart shape

Heart Printable Playdoh Mat

I can draw a moon template moon outline moon shape

Shape of a Moon Printable Shapes for Preschoolers

I can draw an octagon outline octagon template octagon printable octagon shape

Octagon Template Printable

I can draw an oval template oval outline shapes outline for preschoolers

Oval Template Free Printable Shapes for Preschoolers

I can draw a parallelogram outline parallelogram template playdoh mat parallelogram play dough mat

Parallelogram Outline Template

pentagon outline free printable template playdoh mat

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Free Pentagon Playdoh Mat Printable PDF

I can make a rectangle playdoh mat rectangle outline rectangle template

Free Rectangle Template

I can make a square printable template square outline square template

Square Template Free Printable Download PDF

I can make a star template start outline free start outline

Free Star Outline Printable Playdoh Mat

I can make a triangle template triangle outline preschool pre k kindergarten grade 1 grade 2 grade 3

Free Printable Triangle Outline

I can make a trapezoid playdoh mat trapezoid outline trapezoid template

Trapezoid Outline Free Printable

We have several other playdoh mats to choose from. We have Spring Play Doh Mats here. This is a great activity that can help with hand-eye coordination and creativity. We also have camping play dough mats. If you enjoyed these preschool Play-Doh mats, let us know in the comments!