Thanksgiving Writing for Kindergarten Printables

As the holiday season approaches and families gather for Thanksgiving dinner, writing printables are a great way for young learners to explore their creativity and develop their writing skills through fun Thanksgiving writing for kindergarten activities. Here’s a survival mode secret to keeping the little ones engaged during the entire month leading up to Thanksgiving break!

Kids printables are engaging and educational for young learners, and encourage academics even over the Holidays!

kindergarten thanksgiving writing prompts

Thanksgiving is more than a family celebration with turkey, cranberry sauce, and the anticipation of Black Friday. It’s the perfect time of year to introduce kids to the history of Thanksgiving, including the story of the first Thanksgiving when Native Americans and Pilgrims came together to share a meal.

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Supplies and instructions for the Writing Prompts:

  • The Jack-O-Lantern Printable PDF file (Get the free resource at the bottom of this post)
  • Printer
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors

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writing prompts what are your favorite thanksgiving foods?

What are some Thanksgiving Kindergarten writing prompts?

1. What are you thankful for? Draw a picture and write a sentence about it.

2. Draw a picture of your family gathered around the Thanksgiving table. Write a sentence about what you are eating.

3. Draw a picture of a cornfield and write a sentence about what you can see in the picture.

write a sentence about what you know about the pilgrims

4. Write a sentence about what you like about corn. Draw a picture to go with your sentence.

5. Draw a picture of a cornucopia filled with corn. Write a sentence about what you would do with all the corn.

6. Write a sentence about how corn is used during Thanksgiving. Draw a picture to go with your sentence.

7. Draw a picture of a scarecrow in a cornfield. Write a sentence about what the scarecrow is doing.

thanksgiving writing prompts free printables pdf

8. Write a sentence about what you like about Thanksgiving. Draw a picture to go with your sentence.

9. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Write a sentence about it and draw a picture.

write a sentence about what you like about turkeys

10. Write a sentence about what you like to do on Thanksgiving. Draw a picture to go with your sentence.

11. Draw a big turkey and write or dictate a sentence about something you are thankful for.

12. Tell us about your family traditions on Thanksgiving. Draw a picture to go with your words.

13. Write a sentence about your favorite fall colors and draw a picture to show it.

write a story about a pumpkin and a pumpkin patch printable

14. Write the word “THANKSGIVING” vertically on your paper and come up with a word or phrase that starts with each letter to describe the holiday.

write a sentence about what you like about corn

15. Draw a slice of pumpkin pie and write a sentence about how it tastes.

Supplement writing with Thanksgiving reading activities. Classic tales like ‘A Turkey for Thanksgiving’ by Eve Bunting, and the ‘I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie’ sequence activity allow a deeper connection to the occasion while improving their literacy skills.

practice writing letter t below trace these thankssgiving words

For older kids, ask them to record their family’s typical Thanksgiving day. This can be written as a story or a diary entry. Don’t forget to check for different word usage and sentence structure!

practice writing letter p for pumpkin thanksgiving writing prompts

Why Is Thanksgiving Writing Important for Kindergarten Students?

Thanksgiving writing activities are not only fun but also beneficial for little learners. Here’s why:

write a story about a turkey.  What would you do if you saw a turkey?
  • Developing Writing Skills: Kindergarten is crucial for developing basic writing skills. These prompts help young students practice forming sentences, using correct punctuation, and improving their handwriting.
  • Building Vocabulary: Writing about different aspects of Thanksgiving introduces students to new vocabulary words and encourages them to use them in context.
  • Fostering Creativity: Drawing pictures to accompany their sentences allows students to express themselves creatively and visually.
  • Promoting Gratitude: Writing about what they are thankful for reinforces the importance of gratitude in their young minds.
  • Preparing for Future Writing: These activities lay the foundation for more complex writing tasks they will encounter in the future.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Thanksgiving coloring page printable pdf

Teacher Tips for Thanksgiving Writing in Kindergarten

  • Consider working on these prompts in small groups to provide more individualized support to your young writers.
  • Incorporate sight words and encourage students to use them in their sentences.
  • Use these as daily writing prompts throughout the month of November to build consistency.
  • Compile the students’ completed writing and illustrations into a class book to celebrate their hard work.
  • Set up literacy centers with these writing prompts to engage students in hands-on writing activities.
  • Have students maintain a Thanksgiving-themed writing journal where they can explore these prompts at their own pace.
  • Create an anchor chart with Thanksgiving-related words and phrases to support vocabulary development.
  • Modify the prompts to suit the needs of special education students, ensuring everyone can participate.
Draw you thanksgiving food draw your thanksgiving plate with food
Thanksgiving writing prompts activities and coloring pages

Thanksgiving time is an excellent chance to introduce kindergarten students to the joy of writing. Incorporating writing into your festivities will not only impart essential skills but will also enable children to familiarize themselves with the main idea of this special occasion—an expression of gratitude. So, let’s make this Thanksgiving a more colorful, joyful, and educational experience for the young ones! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dot-to-Dot

Thanksgiving dot to dot

Happy Thanksgiving Day Coloring Page

happy thanksgiving day coloring page

Autumn Coloring Page

Autumn coloring page

Thanksgiving Turkey Maze

Thanksgiving turkey maze free printable
food you are grateful for free printable for kindergarten preschoolers grade school

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