How to Create a Gratitude Box

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The gratitude box is a small or large box that you can place anywhere in the home. You write the things you are grateful for on small pieces of paper each day, fold them, and put them into the box. By the time you fill the box or are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones, you can go through the box and read aloud all the different things that you are grateful for in life. 

Many people like to make gratitude boxes for the entire family to use to be thankful for what they do have instead of always comparing themselves to others and what they have. If you need some gratitude box ideas, check out some of the fun and creative options mentioned below!

How to make a Gratitude Box

You can create a gratitude box using an old tissue box. Ensure there are no more tissues inside the tissue box, and then decorate it the way you want it to look. You can cover it with construction paper, making sure to leave the slot open for all the small pieces of paper that will include your reasons for being grateful. If you do not want to cover the tissue box in construction paper, you can paint over it or glue different embellishments to it, including artificial flowers and gemstones.

Supplies needed to make a gratitude box:

Empty tissue box

Scrapbook paper



Stickers or other embellishments, optional

supplies needed to make a gratitude box

Lay the tissue box against the scrapbook paper to measure where to cut. Cut the scrapbook paper to fit. Cut a line through the scrapbook paper where the opening of the tissue box is located.

Making a gratitude box

Glue the scrapbook paper to the tissue box and allow to dry completely.

Making a gratitude box

If desired, cover the edges where the scrapbook paper meets by cutting 1-inch strips from a coordinating scrapbook paper. Fold the paper strips in half to create a sharp edge. Glue the strips to the corners of the box and allow to dry.

Making a gratitude box

Creatively, decorate the box with stickers or any decorations you prefer. Cut the remaining scrapbook paper into smaller pieces to use for notes.

To use, each day for a set number of days (i.e. each day from November 1st until Thanksgiving,) ask children to write down one thing for which they are thankful and place it into the Gratitude Box.

Optionally, on the last day, you can remove the notes and ask children to guess who wrote which note.

Gratitude box

More ideas that would work when making Gratitude Jars:

Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars work perfectly as gratitude boxes. While they are not boxes, you can still paint them and decorate them to make them look even prettier. You may need to use a knife to cut a slit into the lid of these mason jars to give you an easy and convenient way to put your small notes into the jar. If you are going for a fall theme with your mason jars, you can cover them in colorful artificial leaves and tie some ribbon around the mason jars’ lids.

Old Subscription Box

Do you get any subscription boxes sent out to the home? If so, you might have a few of these cardboard boxes available to use gratitude boxes. Just like you would decorate the tissue box or the mason jar, you can decorate the subscription box to match the theme you prefer, such as a turkey theme or harvest theme to go with the Thanksgiving holiday. Tape the box shut and cut a slit in the top of it to use as your entry point for your blessing notes.

What to Put in Your Gratitude Box

Each day, you can put something else that you are grateful for in the gratitude box. These are a few of the things you may be genuinely thankful for:

  • Loving family
  • Good friends
  • Steady, reliable job
  • Food to eat
  • A comfortable home

Of course, you can add anything you want and are most grateful for on a note and put it in your gratitude box.

Consider these ideas when you want to create a gratitude box. Making one of these boxes is an excellent way for you and your loved ones to show thanks for all the beautiful things you all have in life.