Easy and Simple Bible Journaling Ideas

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You may be interested in getting started on your very own Bible journaling, but you can’t seem to get past the idea that you lack the creativity and inspiration to do so? Bible journaling is not about how beautiful your artwork turns out on your Bible’s pages, it’s about drawing closer to the heart of God in a new and creative way. After all, you were created in the image of God, whose wonderful and imaginative mind created everything. I’m going to teach you some easy and simple bible journaling ideas

Bible Journaling with teenagers

Bible Journaling Ideas

Somewhere way down deep inside of you He’s given you a creative side that may just need time to develop. That means even if you’ve never considered yourself to be an artistic person, you can Bible journal too! Here are easy and simple Bible journaling ideas for you to get started.   

Drawing Over the Entire Page 

There are those rare few out there that take their Bible journaling very seriously, filling up their entire page with Bible art. This may seem a bit strange for you if you’re first starting out with Bible journaling. Typically they find a verse of scripture that stands out to them and highlight it in some fashion, and then work their art around the rest of the page. For those of you that have other study Bibles that you can rely on and feel comfortable drawing over entire pages with this creative process, feel free to do so. 

Drawing in the Margins

Some of you out there had a difficult time reading that last paragraph. You may even have found yourself tensing up and biting your fingernails at just the thought of it. Listen up, this section is for you. For those of you that hate the thought of covering up any of the words in your study Bible, drawing in the margins will make the most sense for you. 

You won’t have as much room to work with as you would drawing over an entire page, but if you consider purchasing a journaling Bible, you’ll have more margin to work with than the Bible that you are currently using. When drawing in the margins you’ll still be able to get plenty creative while using colors, dies, stickers, highlighters, and pens, and also the comfort of being able to still read your study Bible.    

Drawing with Translucent Paper

Maybe drawing over the entire page sounds like an entertaining thought to you but you still don’t feel completely good about it? Translucent paper will allow you to cover your pages with beautiful artwork and you won’t have to worry about any of the words from becoming not legible. You’ll be able to work with watercolor, transparent paints, highlighters, colored pencils, or any form of medium you would like to use.

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Start Simple

It can be pretty intimidating when you’re first starting out with Bible journaling, because you’re afraid that you will mess up your Bible. Here’s a little truthful reminder. You won’t! But I do encourage you to start out simple and go from there. Read a particular passage and draw the first thought that comes to your mind.  

  • Do you enjoy flowers? Learn easy ways to draw a few flowers on your Bible pages.
  • Doodle in a butterfly while using a pen and then go back using watercolors or crayons to brighten with gorgeous colors. 
  • Drawing a cross, an ark, the Earth, the sun, and the stars are all Bible-themed drawings that aren’t too complicated to do. But what happens when you want to draw a particular Bible character? Yikes, that sounds too difficult. 
  • As cheesy as it sounds, here’s how you can easily draw realistic stick figures that you can add color to later. 

Scripture Writing

Writing out scripture is not only artsy and fun to look back on, but it’s a great way to memorize scripture and allow God’s power to live inside of us. It’s taking the time to listen to what God’s word is teaching us and an opportunity for us to reflect and pray on those verses, while at the same time, applying it to our lives. 

It’s also a chance for many of us to continue practicing your beautiful cursive writing skills that we may not have used for quite some time. There’s also the option of scripture writing in your notebooks that you can quickly look back on when you need to. This is one of my favorite easy and simple bible journaling ideas

Change Up Your Font

As you continue with scripture writing and come across keywords that really stuck out to you, don’t be afraid to change up your font on them when you rewrite the verse off in the margin. Whether you do this by blowing them up a smidge, making them all uppercase or a different color. Whatever it takes to grab your attention and make it stand out more the next time you return to those pages.   

It’s in the Color

I’ve already exhausted you with the idea that you don’t have to be an artist to have a Bible journal that turns out amazing. So even if you are still hesitant to draw characters and artwork into your Bible, adding plenty of colors will still add a fabulous touch to it. I’d encourage you to try getting your hands on any number of these Prismacolor pencils or Pigma micron pens that will add creativity and beauty to your Bible.  

Do You Still Need Inspiration?      

You don’t have to be Michaelangelo or Picasso to get started on your Bible journaling. Anyone can do it. Hopefully, you found some of these ideas helpful and put your mind more at ease and comfortable with taking off on your journey towards a deeper relationship with Jesus. 


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