How to Make a LEGO Parachute

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Cute LEGO crafts are so exciting and fun for the kids and a DIY LEGO Parachute would be a hit by providing hours of entertainment for kids. Here is a simple Lego craft idea to make using a LEGO® Figure, a parachute and a few other supplies you probably already have at home.

Grab a Lego minifigure, some string and a coffee filter that will be used to make the parachute. After you make this coffee filter Parachute, your kids will want to run around in the yard while throwing the parachute in the air!

how to make a lego parachute  using a coffee filter and mini figures

Parachute Craft for Kids

This LEGO Parachute activity will teach your children about gravity using a simple Lego people minifigure and a parachute. When adequately pieced together, the parachute should withstand the weight of the minifigure to allow the minifigure to fly in the air.

It is a fun and exciting activity to do with your children. Not only do you get to teach them something new, but you can work together to create a parachute kids will love. They may choose to use the parachute on their Lego minifigures all the time while playing pretend and creating different scenarios.

The Lego man parachute works in an interesting way. The parachute gets tied around the arm of the minifigure, providing something that will cause the minifigure to fall slowly when dropped from a higher point. If you were to drop a minifigure on its own, it would fall fast and hard. However, the parachute causes the minifigure to glide through the air, slowly making its way down until it reaches the floor.

Supplies needed to make a LEGO parachute

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Supplies needed to make a LEGO Parachute:

  • Coffee Filters. You will need one coffee filter per minifigure. If you are doing this for more than one figure, it is best to have multiple coffee filters available to use.
  • Markers. The color of the markers does not matter. You can let your children choose the colors they want to use.
  • Paintbrush. You will blend the colors using your paintbrush and a bit of water.
  • Hole Punch. Make sure you have a single hole punch that you can use to make small holes on each coffee filter.
  • String. Cut pieces of string to put through the hole of the filter.
  • LEGO® Figures.

You do not need much to make these neat parachutes that your children will love to use.

How to Make a LEGO Parachute:

Making a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

Work together with your children to create the mini figure parachute while following these instructions:

Step 1: Prepare your coffee filters

Flatten the coffee filters and stack them on top of each other. You can flatten them with your hands, a book, or even the bottom of a can. The number of filters you use will depend on the number of Lego® figures you have. You’ll need one coffee filter per figure.

Step 2: Draw Your Design

Create a design on the top of the coffee filter. Use the markers to create this design.

Making a LEGO Parachute with coffee filters and LEGO mini-figures
Making a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

Step 3: Use Your Paint Brush

Dip the paint brush into water and begin rubbing it over the marker design you added to the coffee filter. This will make the coffee filter look colorful and much more like a parachute than it did before. The water over the marker will blend the colors together.

Making a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

Step 4: Let Your Filters Dry

Leave your filters out on a flat surface dry. Once they are completely dry, separate them from one another and punch two holes in each side of each coffee filter.

Making a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

Step 5: Cut Your String and Prepare It

Cut two even pieces of string to go with each parachute. Each piece of string needs to be about a foot long. Fold each piece of string in half, thread the pieces through one hole, and then repeat the process on the other side of the parachute.

Making a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

Learning Physics with Coffee Filters and Legos

This fun STEM learning activity, making a parachute out of coffee filters and Legos, is an easy, all-ages project that allows kids to explore the science behind gravity, air resistance, and Newton’s Laws.

Making lego parachutes out of coffee filters is an easy STEM learning activity that encourages kids to explore physics concepts like gravity and air resistance in an engaging way. Not only does this project help children develop critical thinking skills but also teaches them teamwork.

How to make a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

Tie each string to the Lego® figure’s arm.

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Making a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

To use the LEGO parachute, lightly toss the Lego figure into the air, making sure the parachute is open before you toss it.

Making a lego parachute with coffee filters and legos

Testing Out Your Parachute

Once your parachute is constructed, it’s time for some fun testing. Have each kid (or team) drop their parachute from different heights – such as from the top of stairs or off a chair – while watching how long it takes for them to reach the ground safely.

Have them record how long each drop takes so that they can compare results later on. Once they have dropped their parachutes multiple times from different heights, have them come up with theories as to why some drops were slower than others (such as air resistance). Encourage them to think critically about what happened during each parachute drop. For more fun Lego building ideas, check out this Free Animal Charades Printable.

A coffee filter Parachute takes very little time and effort to make and can provide active creativity for hours for your child. LEGO® is one of the most versatile play materials out there. It might just look like the perfect boredom buster with its fun bright colors, but it’s proven incredibly useful for childhood learning.

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