How to Make a Desert Diorama (Plus Free Printable)

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Making a desert diorama is a fun and educational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this blog post, we will outline the steps necessary to make your very own desert diorama. We will also provide a free background printable that will help you make your shoebox diorama look like a desert scene. This shoebox diorama is perfect for a school project of just for a fun educational activity you can do at home with your kids.

free printable pdf desert diorama for kids to use for class projects and learning

Supplies needed to Create a Desert Diorama in a Shoebox

The first step in creating your desert diorama is to gather all of the supplies that you will need. For this project, you will need:

Cardboard box or shoebox

Construction paper

Desert Diorama Printable PDF Download (The 2-page background is free to download at the bottom of this post. The Complete 10-page Diorama Rainforest printable can be found at




Optional: You may also want to consider adding some small plastic animals or other figurines to your diorama to make it more realistic.

desert diorama free printable pdf

How to Make a Desert Diorama

Once you have gathered all of your supplies and have your cardboard shoebox ready, the next step is to paint the bottom and the outside of the shoebox with a neutral color. After that, start constructing your background. To do this, you will want to print out this free printable and cut out the different scenes and desert animals.

You may also want to use cardboard and construction paper to create a mountainside or other desert landscape. Be sure to include plenty of detail in your background so that it looks as realistic as possible. Another possible idea is to add sand to the bottom of the box. You can buy sand if you don’t have close access to the beach.

desert diorama free printable pdf for kids

Free Desert Animal Cut out Pictures

After you have finished constructing your background, the next step is to add your desert plants and animals. For this step, you will want to use the glue to attach the plants and animals to the background. Be sure to place them in such a way that they look like they are naturally occurring in the desert landscape.

free printable pdf with cut out animals from the desert for a shoebox diorama

Desert Animal Camel Cutout Printable

This desert animals printable includes a camel, snake, a lizard and several other animals to use in your desert diorama. Color the paper animals and add them to your shoebox diorama. If you use the folded tabs at the bottom of the animal image, the animal will have a 3D appearance in the shoebox.

free printable pdf desert to make a desert diorama camel cutout snake cutout lizard cutout

Turtle Cutout, Fox Cutout and several other Desert Animals included in this printable

There are a wide variety of animals that call the desert home. Among the most common are the camel, the dung beetle, and the viper. Camels are well-adapted to the desert environment, with thick fur coats that protect them from the sun and long eyelashes that keep sand out of their eyes. They are also able to go long periods without water, thanks to their ability to store fat in their hump.

free printable pdf ostrich cutout printable  wolf printable cutout turtle printable cutout

The dung beetle is another creature that is well-suited to life in the desert. These hardy insects feed on the droppings of other animals, and use it to nourish themselves and their young.

Finally, there is the viper, a dangerous but fascinating animal that can be found in many deserts around the world. These snakes are known for their venomous bite, which can be fatal to humans. However, they play an important role in the desert ecosystem, preying on small rodents and keeping populations in check. Each of these animals has adapted in its own way to life in the desert, making it possible for them to thrive in this harsh environment.

Once you have added all of your desert plants and animals, the final step is to add any finishing touches that you feel are necessary. This could include adding some small rocks or boulders, trees, or even a cactus or two! Once you are satisfied with your diorama, simply put the lid on your shoebox and enjoy!

Cactus Printable for the Desert Diorama

The desert is a harsh environment, characterized by hot temperatures, little rainfall, and sandy or rocky soil. Despite these conditions, there are a wide variety of plants that thrive in the desert. One of the most common desert plants is the cactus.

Cacti are able to store large amounts of water in their fleshy stems, which helps them to survive periods of drought. They also have sharp spines that protect them from predators and help to deflect heat. Another common desert plant is the mesquite tree. These hardy trees have deep roots that allow them to access underground water sources.

free printable cactus pdf cutout small cactus medium cactus cutout large cactus cutout

They also have small leaves that minimize evaporation. As a result, mesquite trees are able to survive even the driest conditions. By understanding the adaptations of common desert plants, we can learn how to better live in this arid environment.

cactus printable free camel printable free cutout for shoebox diorama

This is a fun project that will allow you to bring the beauty of the desert right into your home. These cactus printables and animal printables will provide you with the materials to create an accurate and realistic representation of a stunning desert landscape.

desert plants cutout free printable desert animals cutout ant cutout mouse cutout

ou can find the entire 10-page printable at

We hope that this blog post has provided you with everything you need to know in order to make your very own desert diorama! You may also enjoy our others posts about Dioramas – Make this

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