The Perfect Bath Bombs for a Teen Party or Mexican Fiesta Party

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Who is in the mood for something new but interesting? These Mexican Fiesta Bath Bombs are awesome! These are perfect as a craft for teens! While these are also great bath bombs for kids, they are also an awesome choice for the teens and adults in the family. Now, let’s get started making these incredible Guacamole Bath Bombs!

What Do You Need to Make Mexican Fiesta Bath Bombs?

Once you decide you want to make these bath bombs, you may be wondering what you actually need to make them. I have the full list right here. I love ALL of these ingredients used to make these bath bombs because it’s so easy and so fun!


When you want to have a beauty night or just show everyone that you can make something fun, then this is a perfect bath bomb for you to make. It’s low maintenance and children of different ages can make it. If you decide to make this with your kids, have fun with it! When the Guacamole Bath Bomb is added to the bathwater, it looks so very cool! And it’s not every single day you get to play with “guacamole” or avocados.

How to Use Bath Bombs

Are you curious about how to use bath bombs? I promise this is an easy process. Simply fill the bathtub with warm water. Plop in the bath bomb and sit back and enjoy.

The only thing you need to be careful of is not getting the bath bomb wet before you’re ready to use it. If water gets to the bath bomb before you do, it can disintegrate.

Guacamole Bath Bombs

How to Make Mexican Fiesta Bath Bombs

This is a bath bomb that you most likely haven’t heard of before. You’re not actually using guacamole to make this bath bomb, but it sure does look like it. You’re going to find out the different types of ingredients that I use to make this. It’s easy, I promise. Follow the tutorial, so you can learn how to make it!


Whisk together the baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch and Epsom salts. IIn a second bowl, combine the melted coconut oil, essential oil blend, and witch hazel together, mixing well. 

Ingredients to make cute guacamole bath bombs

Add liquid ingredients 1 tsp at a time to the dry ingredients, mixing it together slowly so as not to start the fizzy reaction. Split out 1 cup of the mixture into a second small bowl. In the remaining larger portion of bath bomb mixture, add in the green mica powder and mix well. If you want more green color, add some additional mica powder in 1 tsp increments. In the smaller bowl, add the silver/black and nut brown mica powders and stir until the color is consistent throughout.

Bath Bomb ingredients

If you want a darker avocado pit color, add some additional mica powder in 1 tsp increments.

Packing the bath bomb mixture into the mold

Dust the insides of the smaller bath bomb molds with cornstarch. Pack both sides full of the dark brown mixture, overfilling each side. Press and grind the two filled halves of the small bath bomb molds together to compress the two sides into one ball. Gently tap the sides and remove the small bath bomb from the middle.

Inside of bath bomb-looks like an avocado

Perhaps the inside of this Guacamole Bath Bomb is the most amazing. Look at how much it looks like the inside of an actual avocado!

Placing the inside of the bath bomb inside the outside

Immediately pack the bath bomb mold with the sprinkles about half full of the green mixture, packing it up the sides a bit, followed by placing one of the small dark bath. 

Adding decorations to bath bombs

Packing the Guacamole bath bomb is very satisfying. Place about 1 tsp of sprinkles in the non-dusted side of the bath bomb mold. 

Best Bath Bombs

How awesome does this look? Whenever I have a new idea for a bath bomb, I always know it’s going to be a huge hit! These Guacamole Bath Bombs hits different, it’s full of such fun ingredients. You can buy each of the ingredients and make dozens of these bath bombs.

How to Make Fizzing Bath Bombs

If you want your bath bombs to fizz like these, then you need to make sure you use citric acid in yours! Citric acid is the best way to make sure you get fizziness in those bath bombs. The fun part of bath bombs is putting them in the water and then they fizz!

Where Can I Buy Citric Acid?

If you’re looking for citric acid and don’t know where to look, then I have a few suggestions for you. You can head to Walmart and buy it in person or you can go online and buy from a place such as Amazon.

If you decide to make these Guacamole Bath Bombs, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.