A Rainforest Diorama to Transport you to the Amazon

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Do you love the Amazon rainforest? If so, you will love making this printable Rainforest Diorama! In this tutorial, we have provided one downloadable printable page that you will help you make a realistic rainforest diorama. This will remind you of the Amazon jungle. It is a fun and easy project that anyone can do and is perfect for a science fair or school project!

Rainforest diorama that will transport you to the amazon with tree cutouts, animal cutouts, diorama box free printable download worksheet pff

When most people think of the rainforest, they imagine a dense and humid jungle filled with trees as far as the eye can see. While this is certainly an accurate portrayal of rainforests in some parts of the world, there are also vast areas of rainforest that are home to tall grasses, rushing rivers, and exotic animals.
Using this Rainforest diorama printable, you will be able to make a rainforest background that will transport you to the Amazon!

Supplies Needed to make a Rainforest Diorama:

-Rainforest Diorama Printable PDF (You can download the 2-page Rainforest Background at the bottom of this post. The full version of this printable rainforest diorama can be found in our store here.)

-Construction paper (if you want to add more texture and color to the diorama)




-Markers or crayons

-A shoe box or other small box

How to Make an Easy Rainforest Diorama:

Begin by cutting out a the parts of the printable, including the rainforest animals, trees and garden pieces. And if you want to add dimension to your diorama box, you can cut out several long strips of green construction paper to add more trees.

Make sure to vary the length of the strips so that your diorama looks more realistic. Once you have all of your trees and animals cut out, it’s time to start assembling your diorama.

rainforest diorama background printable

The rainforest diorama background printable is perfect to attach to the diorama box by itself. But, if you want a more three dimensional look, add construction paper trees and even artificial rocks to your rainforest diorama box.

The Amazon rainforest is a unique and beautiful place, so it’s no surprise that there are many trees here. For example you can find rubber trees, which produce natural latex to make their own sap boots! Another interesting tree in the rainforest is an oil palm tree called “palm-heart”.

Because of how its fruits behave when they’re ripe, they split open at the top then spill out gooey oils into your hand or whatever else happens by…

Bear Cutouts and more Animal Cutouts for Diorama

A rainforest is a great place to explore the animal kingdom. Some of these animals may seem exotic, but they’re not so different from those that can be found in other parts on Earth; others will give you an entirely new perspective on life as we know it! And if you want to learn more interesting facts about rainforests, check out this post.

Grass Cutouts for Diorama

Grass cutout for rainforest diorama

This tropical rainforest diorama printable template also includes different types of grasses that you can use in your diorama box to give a three dimensional feel to your project.

Animal Cutouts for your Diorama Box

We have included several safari animal cutouts for your diorama box. These can be found in our printables store.

Tree Cutouts for the Rainforest Diorama

tree cutouts for rainforest diorama

The trees in a rainforest are so tall and they form such an impenetrable barrier that it is difficult to see what lies beyond them. There’s no sign of life anywhere – not even any small animals or insects! This area has been called “the lungs of the Earth.”

tree cutout for kids

Some of the most biodiverse forests on Earth are found in Amazon. The rainforests harbor an incredible array and variety both morphologically as well ecologically, with many different tree species proving themselves to be essential parts for maintaining a healthy ecosystem by providing shade or nourishment from their roots – without them we would face starvation during hot days!

tree cut out for kids for diorama

The diorama should be made to look like a real rainforest, with layers of different plants and trees.
-Include a river or stream in the diorama, along with animals that live in the rainforest.
-Make sure to use materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for children.
-The diorama can be used to teach about the rainforest ecosystem and how it functions.
We hope you find this rainforest diorama printable helpful! Let us know in the comments if you used if to create a unique diorama box. We would love to see pictures!

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