10 STAR WARS Craft-Themed Science Activities

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Your kids might not be able to use lightsabers in real life or go through Jedi training at an academy, but there are plenty of fun Star Wars Craft-themed activities out there! You don’t have to travel to space to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe, and there are so many fun activities out there for any Star Wars lover.

These Star Wars craft science activities are a great way to incorporate a fun movie and story with a cool science experiment to make learning a little more fun! Here are 10 foolproof Star Wars science activities for kids to do on Star Wars Day.

10 Star Wars craft science ideas for kids stem activities

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Here is a list of Star Wars Craft-Themed activities

Choosing the right science activities for kids to complete may seem challenging but Star Wars-themed science activities are both fun and engaging. If you would like to teach your children more about science, you can do so with the help of some foolproof activities that do not require too much effort at all. Work with your children to complete these activities and create an enjoyable learning experience for all.

1. Make this STAR WARS-themed sensory bottle that is a simple, fun activity for kids at birthday parties or playdates.

2. Paper plate crafts are fun for younger kids and this STAR WARS-themed paper plate craft will help kids craft Star Wars and also give them scissor-cutting practice.

Star Wars in a galaxy far, far away Star Wars craft paper plate

3. Make this adorable Baby Yoda Paper Plate craft for Baby Yoda Fans.

4. Check out our free Star Wars Color by Number Printables

5. Watch this Star Wars Science Activity erupt!

6. This fun Galaxy Jar Star Wars Stem Activity tutorial is fun and easy to make and the little ones will enjoy it.

7. Rescue Han Solo in this Star Wars LEGO science experiment.

8. Your kids will enjoy and learn with this craft as they learn the concepts of potential and kinetic energy with Star Wars.

10 Star Wars themed craft activities galaxy image

9. Encourage your kids to play with Slime and Legos® with this entertaining Yoda’s swamp slime activity.

10. This Star Wars Paper Plane Comparison will encourage your child to spend time outdoors!

11. These homemade Star Wars Character Soaps are fun to make and also a fun bath time addition. 

12. Using Playdough by itself is fun, but you can take it to the next galaxy with this Star Wars BB-8 inspired Play Dough.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Complete Foolproof Science Activities? 

Children will quickly improve their science skills, become more resourceful, and learn to work well as a team when completing the foolproof activities mentioned below. 

  • These hands-on activities allow children to test their abilities, learn to do research, and improve their communication skills as they work together to solve different problems.
  • The advantages of completing these activities with your children are tremendous. You may notice that your children suddenly become a lot more interested in science than ever before. 
  • They might even start requesting science-related activity kits for their birthdays each year.

Prove to your children that science is far more interesting than they think. The best way to do that is through these foolproof STEM activities. You can teach your children new things while spending some much-needed quality time together. These activities can make such a difference in the lives of your children.

Star Wars color by number Star Wars color by numbers

Star Wars Craft Ideas to Make Learning Fun

The right science activities, such as STEM games and Star Wars activities, will help challenge young children while encouraging them to learn more about dozens of science-related topics. Some children may think science is boring. It is not because science is boring, but because reading textbooks on the subject all day long is a lot more like a chore.

Not everyone gets the concept from reading in a textbook. You can bring some of the different science topics to life by providing different opportunities for your children to participate in educational science activities.

The Star Wars movies have been a part of childhood for many years and it adds fun and excitement when they can craft using Star Wars-themed science ideas. Leave us a comment if you enjoyed these Star Wars Science Crafts!

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