Parts of a Plant Worksheet for Kids (Free Printable)

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Do you want your kids to learn more about the life cycle of different plants? Use this free parts of a plant worksheet to provide a fun learning experience for children of all ages. Educational printables for kids encourage creative and visual learning.

Some children are naturally interested in plants, but others need a bit of encouragement. If they do not know much about plants but want them to learn, use this printable to your advantage. The printable provides details on the parts of a plant for kids to make it easier for them to understand. It shows them the location of the stem, leaves, flowers, and roots. Along with providing this information, the printable offers a visual diagram of how plants grow. When you want to make learning fun, this is the way to do it!

parts of a plant lifecycle life cycle of a plant worksheet learn about plants worksheet

Make Learning Fun with a Free Parts of a Plant Worksheet

How to Use the Plant Life Cycle Worksheet

You can print these different worksheets, including the following options:

  • Parts of a Plant
  • How Does a Plant Grow?
  • I Can Eat a Whole Plant
  • My Plant

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Each worksheet offers a different lesson for your children. Make sure they have the following supplies before getting started:

  • Pencil. Supply each child with a pencil to use when labeling parts of the plant, drawing their plant, and completing other aspects of each worksheet.
  • Eraser. Have an eraser available for the children to use if they make a mistake on a worksheet.
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils. Have the children use crayons or colored pencils to color the images of plants on each printed sheet.
plant life cycle worksheet free printable learning activity for kids

When you have the worksheets printed and supplies for each child, you can get started. It is best to work on one printable sheet at a time. You can begin the lesson by asking your children, “Do plants need oxygen?” Let each child provide an answer of their own. Even if they are wrong, you can correct them and show them why the plant needs oxygen using the worksheet as a reference.

After asking if plants need oxygen to survive, you can read a book about a plant’s parts to them. Once you read the book, ask them to point at each part of the plant and write it down using a pencil. If they have all the answers correct, have the children color the plant on their page. Let them get creative by using as many different colors as they want to create a unique plant. Allow the children to draw a plant on the “My Plant” worksheet using a pencil. You may then have them color it in when they finish drawing it.

Get Your Kids Interested in All Kinds of Plants

Using the free printable and worksheet pages, you will help your kids discover what it takes to grow a plant of their own. It may encourage them to want to go out and pick seeds to plant in your backyard or garden. If they have a sudden interest in plants and gardening, this is a good thing. You can go from completing the printables with your kids to helping them select seeds to start planting. If you do want to plant seeds with the kids, choose options that thrive in your area, get the right soil, and follow the proper process to get the plants to grow.

Life Cycle of a Plant Worksheet

plant life cycle worksheet for kids elementary age kids learning activity

Draw Parts of the Plant

plant life cycle what do plants need to grow

Plant Diagram for Kids

Have your students draw the parts of a plant to include at least the flower, stem, and leaves.

  1. Roots: The part of the plant that grows under the ground and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil.
  2. Stem: The main body of the plant that supports the leaves, flowers, and fruit.
  3. Leaves: The flat, green parts of the plant that make food through photosynthesis.
  4. Flower: The reproductive part of the plant that produces seeds.
  5. Fruit: The part of the plant that contains seeds and is often eaten by animals.
draw a plant worksheet coloring page learn about a plant life cycle

Why Do Plants Need to Grow Worksheet

why are plants important?  How do plants help the earth?

Parts of a Plant Worksheets

parts of a plant stem roots seed leaves flower

Plants Worksheet for Kindergarten

label the parts of a plant for kids

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label the parts of a plant you can eat
how does a plant grow learn about plants
parts of a plant lifecycle life cycle of a plant worksheet learn about plants worksheet