Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids and Teens

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Unicorns are a timeless symbol of fantasy and creativity. Kids’ crafts with unicorns are a great way to excite your kids or teens about art projects. With Magical Unicorn Crafts, kids can use their imaginations to create colorful decorations, party supplies, and gifts that will bring joy to all. Keep reading to learn fun unicorn craft ideas that your kids or teens can make!

unicorn craft ideas for kids

Fun Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Unicorns are a timeless symbol of imagination and magic; kids of all ages love them. From stuffed animals to unicorn movies to unicorn masks and puppets, there’s no shortage of fun ways to bring this beloved fantasy creature into your home. But why not take it further by crafting your unicorn crafts and decorations? Here are some simple and easy craft ideas you can do with your kids! 

How to Make Fluffy Unicorn Slime – Does your child love to get messy with arts and crafts? If so, this is the perfect craft for them – making fluffy unicorn slime – unicorn faces. This is a great craft to keep kids entertained on a rainy day or as something creative to do on the weekend. Not only will it keep them busy, but it’s also an ideal science experiment that can help them understand the properties of slime.

This slime recipe only requires six basic supplies, including Elmer’s glue, contact lens solution, shaving cream, and baking soda. The unicorn slime instructions show you have to make a very unicorn’s mane, which includes many different colors. Your little ones will thank you later when they have something awesomely slimy to play around with during their next rainy day indoors. Plus, parents will appreciate how easy it is to clean up afterward.

How to Make Unicorn Ornaments for Christmas – This fun unicorn Christmas ornament is a colorful craft that would make the perfect gift for your kids to make and give to their favorite aunt or grandparent. Making these unicorn ornaments is the ideal way to spend quality time with your kids while crafting gifts for your family. This simple unicorn craft would make the perfect addition to your homemade Christmas ornaments.

Making these unicorn-themed Christmas Ornaments is an easy way to get crafty with your kids this holiday season. We have included step-by-step instructions on how to make this ornament. Plus they make great gifts too—everyone loves receiving something handmade with love.

Unicorn Crafts for Teens

If your teen has been looking for a way to express their unique personality, why not try unicorn-themed crafts? From jewelry to room decor, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of sparkle and whimsy to any space.  

fun unicorn craft ideas for kids and teens unicorn birthday parties

How to Make Unicorn-Themed Bath Salts—These fun and colorful bath salts are the perfect unicorn craft for a unicorn day, a spa day, or any unicorn birthday party. They are cheap and fun because they require simple supplies you may already have at home.

Colorful unicorn bath salts have several features that make them extra special. First, their bright colors add an element of fun to any bathtime routine. From vibrant pinks and purples to shimmering blues and greens, these salts come in various shades that delight any little girl.

In addition, they also have beautiful sparkles that will add a touch of magic to her bath experience. And lastly, they are scented with essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus that provide a relaxing aroma during her bathing ritual. These adorable unicorn crafts are perfect for any fun celebration.

How They Can Be Used as Gifts? 

Unicorn-themed bath salts are perfect for giving as gifts. Not only do they look cute in pretty jars or packaging, but their scent and color can help create an atmosphere of calmness during any celebration. Plus, these gifts are affordable – one jar can easily be divided among several children without breaking the bank. You could even put together some small goodie bags with different kinds of scents for each kid at the party so everyone can enjoy the benefits of these special bath salts.

Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party

Unicorn crafts are perfect for a unicorn party. Kids can create themed party invitations using card stock paper and glitter glue pens. The perfect free Printable Template, Unicorn Hat, would work great for birthday parties. They can also make cake toppers out of clay or foam sheets, adding sparkle to their party treats. Last, they could whip up magical cupcake wrappers using cupcake liners and colored markers for an extra special touch. 

Unicorn Printables

If you have a child who is into the unicorn craze, you’re in luck! So many fun and creative unicorn printables are available now that will help unleash the magic and bring lots of smiles to your little one. We have some fun printables on our blog that are perfect for kids’ unicorn parties, unicorn pretends play, or any day that your child wants to celebrate all things unicorns.

Unicorn I-Spy Printable

Unicorn Diorama Craft

Unicorn Reward Chart printable for kids

Free Printable Unicorn Valentine’s Day cards

Unicorn Color by Number

What kid doesn’t love a game? And what could be more fun than a unicorn I spy game? Make your kids’ day special with this easy-to-make, free printable game. It’s the perfect way to keep them entertained while they learn to recognize colors and shapes. Plus, it’s great for developing their problem-solving skills, too.

Unicorn Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a classic activity for kids, but nothing like a unicorn coloring page. Coloring pages encourage the development of fine motor skills in your kids. Plenty of options exist, from simple black-and-white line drawings that allow kids to explore their creativity to complex pages with intricate designs featuring rainbows and other magical elements. Plus, coloring pages are perfect for indoor and outdoor activities—grab crayons or markers and let your child’s imagination run wild. 

Unicorn Crafts for Kids Ideas

unicorn craft ideas for birthday parties crafts for parties unicorn bath salts

Making Memories with Unicorn-Themed Games

No matter your child’s age, playing games together is always a great way to bond as a family. And why not make those memories even more special by adding some magical elements? Many fun unicorn-themed games—from board games like “Unicorn Quest” to card games like “The Magical Unicorn Race”—will add some extra sparkle to your game night. 

Unicorn Themed Decorations 

One of the most popular ways to craft unicorns is by creating decorations. Your kids or teens can make wall hangings, banners, dreamcatchers, suncatchers, mobiles, and wreaths—there are endless possibilities. They can use yarn, felt, paper, sequins, fabric scraps, ribbons, and more to create unique pieces. If they want inspiration for their projects, they can look online for tutorials or design ideas. 

DIY Unicorn Gifts 

Unicorn crafts also make great gifts! Your kids or teens can make keychains, magnets, jewelry boxes, or even soap in the shape of unicorns. They only need basic crafting supplies such as glue gun sticks, paintbrushes, and acrylic paints. They could even customize their t-shirts by using fabric markers and stencils. The gift possibilities are only limited by their imaginations. 

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or just something fun for your kids or teens to do during the weekend, unicorn crafts are always a surefire hit. With these creative ideas, you’ll be able to turn any mundane afternoon into a sparkling celebration full of color and imagination. Do you have any new ideas for unicorn crafts? Let us know in the comments.