Valentine’s Printable Box Template Craft

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Love is in the air, and it’s time to make it tangible with our Valentine’s Printable Box Template Craft. Prepare to be smitten by this charming and creative Valentine’s card, as we unfold the art of crafting a beautiful surprise card box that is the perfect Valentine’s Craft card to give as a gift.

With our free Valentine Crafts templates, your DIY Valentine’s card will impress your special friend or family member. So, say goodbye to ordinary cards and gift boxes and say hello to a memorable and adorable Valentine’s Day printable card.

Free Valentines printables printable crafts

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How to make this printable box craft?

To make this Valentine’s Printable Box Craft, you’ll need:

Printer (I use this one)

2 template sheets printed on cardstock paper (Download at the bottom of this post)


Glue or glue stick

Transparent tape

Thin ribbon, preferably red or pink

Adult hands helping little hands

Valentines printable cutouts


Cut out the box top and bottom.

Valentines printable cutouts

Place a thin coat of glue or paste onto the areas marked “apply glue here’

Valentines day printable box

Carefully line up the box bottom above this. Press firmly and evenly so that it is glued down on both sides, with an empty “pocket” in the middle area.

printable valentines box template

Cut out the heart shape. Glue it to the center of the top of the box. Allow your Valentine’s Box to dry.

Valentines day box template
Valentines day box template

Cut out the boy, girl, cat, and dog. (It’s fine to leave some white space around the cut lines)

valentines box template
Valentines cut outs printables DIY Valentines box

Cut a length of approximately 15-16″ of ribbon. Lay this ribbon piece down on a flat surface.
Arrange the boy, girl, cat, and dog evenly along the ribbon, leaving about 3 inches extra above the boy.

Valentines cut outs printables

Tape the backs of the paper figures to the ribbon. Be sure the ribbon stays flat.

Valentines day free printable crafts

Next, stack the four figures up one on top of the other, with the boy on the top, then the girl, then the cat, and lastly, the dog.

Valentine's printables free

Carefully tuck this stack into the “pocket” of your Valentine’s box.

Allow the extra ribbon to stick out, just under the “Pull Here” text.

How can you use this free Valentine’s Printable Box Craft?

  1. Surprise Notes – Write a heartfelt message on a small slip of paper and place it inside the box for your friends to discover throughout the day.
  2. Party Favors – Create a batch of these adorable boxes as party favors for a Valentine’s-themed gathering or celebration.
  3. Classroom Exchanges – Print and assemble the boxes for your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day exchange, allowing them to personalize each box for their classmates.
  4. Decorative Display – Arrange the empty boxes in a decorative arrangement as a centerpiece or on a shelf to add a festive touch to your home.

Can the boxes be used for purposes other than Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely! These versatile printable box templates will certainly make a perfect match for Valentine’s Day surprises, but their potential goes far beyond that.

Get creative and think outside the heart-shaped box! These crafty creations can be repurposed for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and any occasion that calls for a touch of personalization.

So, whether you’re spreading love or celebrating life’s milestones, these printable boxes will add a touch of DIY charm to any event. Don’t be afraid to break the “hearts only” stereotype and infuse them with your own unique style and flair!

Valentine's printable craft ideas for valentine's parties

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Valentine’s Printable Box Template Craft is a treasure trove of creativity, convenience, and heartfelt gestures. This Valentine’s printable box craft is a thoughtful and handmade Valentine’s card that will make an adorable Valentine’s gift for family and friends. With these printable box templates, you can elevate your gift-giving game to a whole new level, impressing your loved ones with its designs, customizable options, and endless possibilities.

This DIY project is sure to bring joy to your Valentine’s Day celebrations and beyond. Get ready to create unforgettable moments and make hearts skip a beat with these printable box templates. Happy crafting, and may your Valentine’s Day be filled with love, laughter, and handmade wonders!

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