How to Make a Washi Tape Christmas Ornament

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Christmas is the time of year when the air is filled with the joy of holiday decor and the spirit of DIY crafts. Among the fun Christmas crafts, a washi tape Christmas ornament will stand out for its simplicity and charm. These homemade Christmas ornaments, made with colorful washi tape, add a unique touch to your tree and engage little hands in a craft that enhances their fine motor skills.

Christmas crafts and printables aren’t just about creating pretty decorations—they’re about learning, joy, and celebrating the magic of the season! 

Washi tape christmas tree ornament

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What materials do you need to make a washi tape ornament?

Washi Tape

Paper Mache Christmas Tree Ornaments

School glue or Modge Podge

Foam paint brush

Wooden star stickers

supplies needed to make an easy christmas tree ornament using washi tape
  1. Using washi tape, decorate the paper mache Christmas tree ornament, trimming any excess washi tape that extends from the sides of the ornament.
  2. For best results, add a coat of school glue or Modge Podge so the washi tape remains in place for an extended time, making this a keepsake that will last. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Attach the star at the top. While the stars used had an adhesive back, additional glue was needed to make the star remain in place.
supplies needed to make an easy christmas tree ornament using washi tape

What Are Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments?

Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments are delightful decorative items that brighten up the holiday season, especially for decorating Christmas trees. These charming ornaments are crafted using washi tape, a Japanese paper tape with a diverse range of colors and patterns, as well as its ease of tearing. The tape’s appealing decorative qualities and stickiness make it perfect for DIY crafting projects.

red washi tape and green washi tape easy DIY Christmas ornament

In crafting these ornaments, washi tape is applied to various bases, including paper mache, plastic, or glass ornaments. The tape is wrapped around and decorates the surface of the ornament, allowing for the creation of unique and festive designs.

This process encourages immense creativity, making it a favored craft activity for people of all ages. Depending on the washi tape chosen, these ornaments can vary from traditional Christmas motifs to more modern, personalized designs. The final product is a light, visually attractive ornament that brings a custom flair to your holiday decor.

Adding a star to a Christmas ornament easy christmas craft for kids

Additional Ideas for Washi Tape Ornaments

Washi Tape Mitten Ornaments

Exploring different ways to use washi tape can bring a fresh perspective to your Christmas decorations. Using a cookie cutter or a template, trace a mitten shape onto card stock. Then, creatively cover this shape with your chosen washi tape, embracing different colors and patterns for a festive look. Once covered, use a hole punch at the top of the mitten and thread a ribbon through it, ready for hanging. 

Clear Glass Ornaments with Washi Tape

Clear glass ornaments offer a transparent canvas for your washi tape creativity. By carefully placing pieces of washi tape inside or around these ornaments, you can create a variety of designs, from simple stripes to more intricate patterns. You can also add wooden beads or paper circles inside for an extra dimension.

Plastic Ornaments with Washi Tape

Plastic ornaments are an excellent choice for crafting with children, as they are durable and safe for little hands. Applying washi tape to these ornaments follows the same creative process as with other types. Encourage kids to express their creativity by choosing and applying their favorite washi tape designs. 

Adding a star to a Christmas ornament easy christmas craft for  preschool pre-k kindergarten

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Washi Tape Bows

Washi tape bows are a delightful addition to your Christmas tree or can be used to jazz up Christmas cards for that extra special touch. These bows are simple to make: just twist short lengths of washi tape into bow shapes and attach them where needed. You can also experiment with different colors and patterns of washi tape to create bows that match your holiday theme or color scheme, adding a cohesive and festive flair to your holiday decor.

 preschool pre-k kindergarten craft ideas christas crafts washi tape crafts

Washi Tape Christmas Ornaments are a wonderful way to add a personalized and creative touch to your holiday season. Not only do these projects provide an opportunity to express your creativity, but they also create lasting memories and keepsakes that can be cherished year after year. So gather your materials, choose your favorite washi tape designs, and enjoy the process of making your holiday season uniquely beautiful.

 preschool pre-k kindergarten craft ideas christas crafts washi tape crafts

Remember, the joy of Christmas is not just in the decorating, but in the time spent with loved ones, crafting and creating together. Happy crafting and happy holidays!

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