What is Bible Journaling?

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Bible journaling is a unique form of studying God’s Word that incorporates faith and creativity into the same space. A typical bible journal entry includes writing key passages or a bible verse, as well as accompanying artwork or drawings that help bring focus to the scriptures being studied. This type of spiritual practice can be done by anyone who wants to explore a deeper understanding of Scripture through art and faith. Bible journaling is an artistic expression of your relationship with God.

It is a great way to combine art, prayer, and scripture study into one meaningful activity. As you read the Bible and reflect on it, you can use illustrations, doodles, drawings, or any form of art to document what you’ve learned or how it has impacted you spiritually. 

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What are the Benefits of Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling provides several benefits, both spiritual and emotional, and it is a great option for Christians to grow in their faith. On a spiritual level, it helps readers engage more deeply with Scripture by allowing them to express themselves creatively while they study passages from the Bible. On an emotional level, it’s also beneficial because it’s an activity that requires concentration on something other than day-to-day worries or stressors; this makes it an excellent form of self-care for people who are looking for ways to manage their anxiety levels without spending money on expensive activities or materials The sense of accomplishment at completing a project can also provide a boost in self-esteem and confidence!

How to Get Started with Bible Journaling?

Getting started with bible journaling doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; all you need is a good bible translation that you’re comfortable reading (such as the NIV) along with some pens or pencils and some paper (or a notebook). You can also use additional materials such as watercolor paint, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, acrylic paint, stencils, Washi Tape, stickers, etc., if you want your artwork to look more professional or if you feel like experimenting with different mediums. Once you have your supplies gathered up, all that’s left is finding a quiet place where you can spend some time studying scripture and creating art!

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The best way to get started with bible journaling is to just dive right in! Pick a passage from the Bible that speaks to you—it doesn’t have to be long but should be something that resonates with you in some way. As you read through it, take note of any words or phrases that stand out to you as well as any questions that come up for further study. Then let yourself be creative!

Draw images related to the passage or add meaningful quotes from other sources that fit in contextually with what you are studying. Be sure to also include prayerful reflections as part of your process too if desired.  

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how do you get started bible journaling?

What are the Best Bibles for Bible Art Journaling?

The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Leathersoft) 

This bible comes in two sizes—regular and large print—and features extra-wide margins which is perfect for taking notes and doodling. It also has thick graph paper pages between each book of the bible which make it ideal for drawing or writing out prayers or scriptures. The leathersoft cover is soft and flexible, making it easy to transport wherever you go. Plus, there are plenty of ribbon markers to help you keep track of where you left off during each study session! 

The CSB Notetaker’s Bible 

This versatile bible comes in two sizes—standard and large print—and features two-inch wide margins on either side of each page for taking notes, highlighting verses, or creating artwork. The TruTone leather cover makes it both durable and stylish, while the Smythe-sewn binding ensures that pages won’t fall out as you use it over time. In addition, there are several helpful study tools included such as maps, cross-references, concordance entries, etc., making this an excellent choice if you want more than just a blank canvas for your artwork! 

CSB Study Bible (Leathersoft) 

The CSB Study Bible is not just a great bible for bible art journaling but also an amazing tool to deepen your understanding of scripture like never before! It contains over 6500 study notes written by scholars from around the world that will help guide you through every book in the bible and provide insight into various theological topics. Moreover, its leather soft cover looks great while providing protection against wear and tear so that it will last longer than many other Bibles on the market! 

Which Markers or Pens are Best for Bible Journaling?

Whether you’re writing down scriptures or illustrating them in vivid detail, having the right tools makes all the difference when it comes to bible journaling. Water-based markers like Tombow Dual Brush Pens are ideal because they come in vibrant colors that won’t bleed through paper or parchment, while gel pens offer bold lines with bright colors ballpoint pens provide more subtle shading if that’s what you’re looking for. 


When it comes to bible journaling, there are two main types of pens you should consider: fine-tip pens and brush-tip pens. Fine-tip pens are great for writing in small spaces and smaller font sizes. They provide a consistent line width that looks neat and professional. Brush-tip pens, on the other hand, are ideal for lettering and calligraphy. These pens have flexible tips that allow you to create thick and thin lines as well as beautiful flourishes. Both types of pen can be great tools depending on your needs. 


Markers are also essential when it comes to bible journaling because they provide bright colors that will bring your pages to life. Alcohol-based markers are often recommended because the color is vibrant and long-lasting; however, there is an important caveat: these markers require special paper to work properly, or else they may bleed through the page or cause smudging issues. If you plan on using alcohol-based markers in your bible journaling practice, make sure you use paper specifically designed for use with these markers. Alternatively, if you don’t want to worry about finding the right paper, water-based markers are available that do not require special paper—just regular printer paper.                           

Whether you prefer fine-tip or brush-tip pens or want vibrant colors from alcohol-based markers or convenience from water-based ones, there is something out there perfect for your bible journaling needs! With so many options available in both marker and pen varieties, it can be tricky choosing just one—but by familiarizing yourself with what’s out there, you can find exactly what works best for your style of bible study.

How to Bible Journal When You Can’t Draw?

Bible journaling doesn’t require anyone else’s artistic ability – all it takes is creativity, imagination, and willingness to explore new ways of expressing yourself through scripture study! If you find traditional drawing intimidating, try using stickers and washi tape, coloring pages, or even just writing out passages in your own handwriting as part of your bible journaling practice! 

Use Your Handwriting 

One way to incorporate art into bible journaling without having to draw is to use your own handwriting. Most of us have our own unique writing style that sets us apart from others and makes us feel special. Use this as an opportunity to write out keywords from scripture in your own handwriting. You can also use colored pencils or markers to make your words stand out more on the page. 

Try Stickers and Washi Tape 

If you don’t feel comfortable writing out verses, there are other options available such as stickers and washi tape. These can be used to add color and texture to any page without having to focus on drawing skills. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find something that works perfectly for any verse or passage you are studying. 

Printables & Coloring Pages 

Another popular option is using printable coloring pages or coloring books specifically designed for bible journalers. This allows you to add some artwork without having to worry about creating the images yourself from scratch. You can simply print them off and color them in with pens or colored pencils as desired. This is a great way for beginners who are just starting out with bible journaling but don’t feel confident in their drawing skills yet. 

What features do you look for in the Creative Journaling Bible?

There are several features in a bible that make it easier to journal. Some things to consider are wide margins of the Bible so you have plenty of room to take sermon notes and write or draw important things that you want to meditate on. Also, thick paper is available in some of the Journaling Bibles so the ink and different techniques and mediums don’t soak through the paper.

At its core, bible journaling is a form of spiritual reflection that encourages individuals to engage more deeply with scripture. Through this practice, one can make notes in the margins, underline verses that stand out, or even illustrate scenes from stories they’ve read. Doing so allows them to engage more deeply during their devotional time and can be beneficial for personal daily life. 

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How does Bible Journaling Work?

When you begin a bible journaling session, start by choosing a passage from the Bible that speaks to you. Once you’ve selected a passage, meditate on it for a few moments and consider how it applies to your life. Next, reflect on how you want to express this passage through art or writing. As you create your artwork or write down your thoughts on paper or digitally in an app like Procreate or GoodNotes 5, make sure to remember why this passage resonates with you so deeply. You can also write down the notes or the scripture you are meditating on in the margin of your Bible. There are several different Bibles made specifically for Bible Journaling that have very deep margins on each page. This provides you with plenty of space to doodle in your Bible or creatively draw the scriptures you are meditating on.

What are the Benefits of Bible Journaling?

The benefits of bible journaling go beyond just artistic expression; many people report feeling more connected with their faith after engaging in this practice regularly. Additionally, bible journalers often find themselves becoming more focused when studying scripture since they have created something physical that serves as a reminder of their spiritual journey. Finally, bible journalers also tend to become more creative over time as they become comfortable expressing themselves through art!

What is the Main Purpose of Bible Journaling?

The main purpose of bible journaling is to nurture your relationship with God by engaging with His Word in a more meaningful way. When we open our Bibles and start reading, it can be easy to become distracted by everyday worries or simply not fully comprehend what we are reading. However, when we sit down and start thinking about how particular scriptures relate to our lives, everything comes into focus. We can begin to understand how God’s Word applies directly to us, which helps us grow in our faith. Bible Journaling is also a creative way to memorize scripture and use the Word of God as a form of art. Memorizing and meditating on scripture then becomes a creative expression and an act of worship.

 No matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you are when it comes to artistry or writing skills, there are many different ways to experience creative bible journaling. You can use a coloring page to learn and study key verses in the Bible. You could start with a simple blank page and use hand lettering techniques to draw your favorite verse, and you don’t have to be a professional artist with advanced artistic skills to have a beautiful bible journal. The most important thing is to spend quiet time with the Holy Spirit guiding you as you work through the pages of your Bible.

Bible journaling is an incredibly rewarding experience that can help deepen your faith while allowing you to explore your creativity by expressing yourself through art. All you need is a Bible and something to write with—no special supplies or equipment necessary. With guided study plans available online alongside plenty of inspiring ideas and tips from experienced practitioners, anyone can get started on this exciting journey into scripture today! Bible journaling is an excellent way for believers to express their faith creatively while deepening their relationship with God through scripture study. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out on your spiritual journey, anyone can benefit from giving bible journaling a try!